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    Apr 16, 2013
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    I am new here , hello to all , I recently started hearing about this herb called kratom and began to be amazed by what I was reading, so after a great amount of research I decided to buy some kratom. Now let me tell u my drug history, I am using roughly 90 to 120 mg of oxy a day, not everyday because I don't have the money for it but my tolerance is about 120 of oxy, I figured the kratom would be a great substitute for the ocs and boy was I mistaken, I got 50 caps of red dragon kratom, assuming it was a borneo red stain obviously, 500 mg were in each cap and is was active at 2 grams, so it said on the bottle, also they sent me a sample pack of bali 15 caps , and by the way I ordered from a trusted vendor, wasn't claiming to sell legal highs and I kno to stay away from head shops of course, anyway I got my kratom Tuesday morning and was so stoked, I took 4gs of bali at 750am,then another 2 a hour later, felt nothing at all,very subtle results, then 6gs of the red dragon another hour later ! There was no euphoria no change in mood it did help with my withdrawls, but that's it NOTHING ELSE, I was VERY depressed and stressed out, the only thing I could think of is it was a bad strain, I did not take any subs in the past week and no oxys so there couldn't of been a cross tolerance. I don't want to give up on kratom because I know its a amazing herb and can benefit people all over the world, any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Use the guide to buying kratom https://drugs-forum.com/threads/200101

    You have opiate tolerance, so i suggest you start with 5 grams, it could take a LOT more, work your way up slowly.
    If you are looking for strong opiate like effects then you could try closer to 10 grams.

    Take it out of the caps and weigh it. Mix it with some liquid or sauce and eat/drink it.

    Take it on an empty stomach with no other drugs.

    I suggest you find a better source. Im not sure exactly what 'trusted' means.

    Stay away from anyone selling red dragon kratom

    Welcome to the site BTW :)
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    I don't recommend buying kratom capsules - often they've got other stuff in there and are not pure kratom. I buy either whole leaf or powdered leaf, and then either make tea with it, toss-n-wash it with some orange or grapefruit juice, or eat it in pesto (I got that same tip from ianzombie, just like he gave you above :D)

    I'm not sure you'll feel as much with kratom as you would with oxycodone anyway, though. While I've never taken more than 5 grams, I can tell you that 5 grams feels like maybe 5-10 mg hydrocodone to me. Maybe one day I'll try taking more to see what that's like, as I'm an opiate tolerant individual just like you are, but thus far I haven't done so.
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    Dude, I haven't used opiates in a long time and haven't had a habit for like ~18 months and I still need like 14-20 grams of bali to get off. And it still isn't mindblowing or anything. It's a nice high, relaxed, pain free, stress free, but it's not like oxy or heroin. If you're looking for an opiate high, like a real opiate high, you won't find it with kratom. Still, it's a lovely plant but it ain't dope, ya know?

    If I were you, I'd get some powdered or crushed bali kratom (or if you got the money, get maeng da, though it is overpriced it's a strong kratom) and use about half an ounce (14 gs) in a tea. Just seep in hot water w/lemon juice for 20-30 min, strain, mix w/orange juice and chug that shit. That ought to give you a taste as to what it's like. If you need more, wait till the next day or 12 hrs or so and try again.
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    Apr 22, 2013
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    You can give Valerian a shot. (herb or oil)
    I take Valerian oil (5 drops) with turmeric (1 teaspoon), and about 30 mins later
    a teaspoon of black-seed oil.

    The idea is that Valerian boosts 2D6 enzyme which is what i read Kratom uses
    Turmeric blocks 3A4 enzyme.
    after you start getting the euphoria, take the black seed oil
    which blocks 2D6 keeping the effects in your system longer.

    Some may disagree with me on this,
    but it seems to work REALLY good for me.