Experiences - Kratom tea vs. toss and wash

Discussion in 'Kratom' started by Cousin Merle, Jan 1, 2013.

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    Nov 1, 2012
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    Hi, just wanted to share an experience and wonder if anyone else has experienced anything similar.

    I have used kratom off and on for 4 months or so. Up until recently I would brew tea with the leaves - 15 minute slow boil, drain the liquid off then boil the leaves in fresh water 15 more minutes and then drink all the liquid. Recently, I decided to try the toss and wash method. I wanted to try this because I heard that with T&W the effects of kratom would last longer. However, I experienced some unexpected effects.

    Effects from kratom tea

    -Onset of effects within 30 - 40 minutes
    -Appetite suppression
    -Muscle relaxation
    -Strong mental stimulation
    -Sometimes dizziness with higher doses
    -Duration of peak effects - 90 - 120 minutes with a fast comedown

    Effects from Toss and Wash

    -Onset of effects within 60 - 90 minutes
    -Appetite suppresion
    -Muscle relaxation
    -No euphoria, but a sense of "well-being", relaxation
    -Very pronounced sedation and sleepiness - could have taken a nap
    -Duration of peak effects 90 - 120 minutes with a gradual comedown

    I used the same batch of Bali kratom for both methods. With the tea method I used 4 grams most times. With the T&W I used 3 grams once and 4 grams the second time.

    Basically, many of the effects were similar, but the main difference was that with the tea, there was a strong element of mental stimulation and euphoria. I never felt sleepy or sedated. With T&W, each time I tried it I was very sleepy and sedated to the point of wanting to lay down and take a nap. There was really no euphoria either- just an overall sense of well-being.

    Both methods produced pleasant effects, but somewhat different ones. I wonder if boiling the leaves changes the chemical makeup/proportions, thus accounting for the different effects. Anyone else experience something similar?
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    Been doing kratom daily for 7ish months. I used to only make tea for like the first month, then I moved to the kratom/applesauce combo for a month or two, then I just went straight T&W. For me the tea hit a lot faster and lasted much shorter as you said. I don't get euphoria any more, just the sense of well being, but I think that's because my tolerance is really high. If I wanted to take enough to have euphoria I'd have to take so much that I would get dizzy and end up incapacitating myself.

    I don't think tea necessarily gives more euphoria, I think it's just the fact that it's hitting faster. Your brain quickly making a transition between mind sets may be interpreted as euphoria, but I think both tea and T&W give euphoria.

    I unfortunately can't do tea anymore because of the taste. I think I would instantly vomit if I tried ingesting some. Because of this I can't do much testing of my own, but just look back on when I first started using for experience.
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    I like to alternate between methods, i find it keeps the effects fresh.
    Sometimes i just cant take it a certain way any longer and i give it a break for a while.
    I agree with the tea hitting stronger, i believe its because the alkaloids are already extracted into liquid and can be absorbed faster and all together, where as with powder the body has to break it down and the alkaloids are absorbed at a slower rate. I find tea kicks in harder but the effects don't last as long.
    With an alcohol extraction i find the effects are slightly different. Its more sedating and relaxing and it can be quite euphoric, the alcohol (vodka or gin usually) synergise well.