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Combinations - Kratom then 1 Dab then some Etizolam

Discussion in 'Drug combinations' started by Semi Chemical, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Semi Chemical

    Semi Chemical Mercury Member

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    Jun 9, 2015
    27 y/o from California, U.S.A.
    Hello, DF my name is semi Chemical im a long time DF gazer and student, blue light aswell. So with my knowledge in pharmacokinetics and chemistry I thought id fit in just right. hehe, hello everyone.

    Dose of Kratom (Green Malay) : 8.7 grams

    Dab of Golden Shatter (thc) : 0.1 grams *Sativa Dom.

    1ml/2mg Etizolam (suspended in propylene glycol) : 2mgs *Held Under Tongue plus I like the taste

    5 Min Base Check :

    The Dab has really lit me up, felling very relaxed and awake from a long etzi sleep...

    15 Min Check :

    I can feel the etizolam start to slow my mind and breaths very minor, but nice

    30 Min Check :

    Kratom kickin in that green malay is from my best source heheh potent to... nose itching, head starts to tingle

    1 Hour Check : Kratom in full effect, Etzi in full effect, and the Cannabis is still full strength.

    3 Hour Check : kratom tapering almost at the same rate with the etzi, thc high slowly coming down

    5 Hour Check : drozy tired and fell like taking a nap

    6 Hour : nap taken

    Conclusion: I really like to enjoy this high very much... It is my go to cocktail.. the weed combats the kratom nausea, and the etzi just wraps up everything nicely too... like a warm blanket ( I use this combo when I play my video games ahhhhhh fun fun)

    yours truly,
    Semi Chemical