Dose - Kratom (UEI) dosage for oxycodone-using patient to "keep well" and for pain relief?

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    Greetings all. I have a patient that is using 180 (3x 60) mg OxyContin (standard, oral compliance) daily for pain management and has been for quite some time. Their insurance company has started to fight paying for the prescriptions, so they told me they heard they could purchase some kratom to use in the meantime that would keep them feeling 'normal' for a few days. Unfortunately, I don't know what to tell them about dosing?

    How much Ultra Enhanced Indo (I am to understand this is the expensive kind that comes in in like 3g or less) would be the proper dosage and frequency to equate to the above with the proper opiate effects? I've read listings online that say something like 1/4 teaspoon or something, swallowed directly as powder is the way to go but I am unsure if that is the dosage for someone opiate experienced or naive

    Thanks. Its a horrible system where patients can't afford all the medication prescribed to them thanks to greed.
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    Re: Kratom (UEI) dosage for oxycodone-using patient to "keep well" and for pain relie

    I cant equalte a dose that would compare, sorry, but i will say that as price goes you might not be any better off using strong extracts like UEI which are very expensive per gram and if you will require a few grams a day the money will seriously add up.

    If at all possible try experimenting with regular leaf, see if you can find a balance you need to deal with pain and and withdrawals you might experience.

    A starting dose of UEI for someone who does not use opiates would be between .5 and 1 gram.
    Someone who is taking strong opiates might not even feel this.

    UEI destroys a persons tollerence to Kratom very fast, it can cost a fortune to maintain it and the withdrawals from it are very intense.
    Regular kratom is worth looking into.
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    Re: Kratom (UEI) dosage for oxycodone-using patient to "keep well" and for pain relie

    Swim only has experience with regular old Bali powder, and has been taking 5g 1-2 times a day (mostly 2 times a day) to stave off withdrawals from methadone. Last month I was on 40mg/day of methadone (a habit swim's had for 2 yrs); today swim's at 5mg, which is a very quick taper.

    I have experienced only minimal discomfort with this kratom regimen.

    Obviously o/cs differ from methadone, but the withdrawal's the same bear with differing timeframes. Swim's past experiences with a taper like this have been horrendous, and the difference is night and day.

    So for someone with zero tolerance/experience with kratom, 10g/day of the regular (relatively cheap) powder has been enough to stave off some pretty wicked withdrawal and allow swim to function happily.

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    Also should add to take into account the differences in dosing - 180mg of o/c a day is a different habit than 40mg/methadone a day. Swim can only report on what's worked for her withdrawal.
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