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    Feb 11, 2005
    I was1st year in uni about 5 years ago now and the "mushy" season came about so taking full advantage of the fact that I was sharing my own flat with other "students" and not living at home I spent that entire year statisfying my ravanous appetite for mind altering substances..

    I had picked approx 300 liberty caps the previous weekend and it was to be my 2nd trip that season.

    The first had involved some friends of one of my flat mates [Mike and Ollie] who I had never met before calling around each with their respective stash of freshly picked fungi. Bob my bi-polar flatmate also had a bag of dried MM's.

    All went into our only decent sized saucepan with some water and 2 tea bags for flavour. We boiled it and everyone had a cup or two of the concontion.

    More MM's were produced by Mike who was a somewhat brash individual and again we consumed natures goodness.

    Splifs were rolled and passed around while we waited for the majic to begin....and boy did it come on fast...The entire room was alive the indoor arial on the ancient B&W TV [that was rarely switched onincidently... My other flatmate, Mervs Vision decks, mixer and vinyl formed the soundtrack to our trancendial experiences] was twisting and writhing like a cobra being charmed by some egyptian magi....I picked up a battered old sony walkman and the headphones were alive like a basket of snakes in my hand.....I begin rolling a joint as I can no longer look at any one else or around the room and the tobacco is alive the joint takes on an oblong shape and my hands look like the hands of a hobbit...small stubby one stage I lit a joint and my hand was transparent so I could see the flame through my hand..Mike is kneeling at the toilet bowl spewing and laughing simultaneously....

    I go to the kitchen to brew more magic tea and in my deluded state I think that the fridge had been pushedin towards the wall so I pull it out into the centre of the room....the handle of the pan seems really long and I pick it up almost dropping it as in reality I'm barely holding it by the end of the handle...I see a vision of Ollie who I have begun to mistrust sitting on the sink legs crossed sneering... I realise that being Monday evening tha landlord may call to collect the rent. Then I realise I need to pull myself together and take control of this trip. So I strain the remaining liquid from the mushroom pulp that remains and drink it noticing the tiny maggots that were in the shrooms that we have been consuming also...but hell the maggots are full of psycilocybin and one can only wonder what there existance must be like being so small and blind and yet completely intoxicated on a colossal dosage per lb of this potent hallucinogenic...

    When I go back into the room I go off on a rant about what a great trip I'm on and I become the dominant personality in the group...I roll another joint and we head off to visit a number of bars...Tripped out freaks oblivious to our own dementia...

    Getting back to the second big trip of that season...I decided to eat the magical fungi on this occasion so in order to gain the maximum impact I ate 300 fresh mushrooms [well I chewed them up and flushed them down with cheap larger to be accurate] on an empty stomach after lectures on a wednesday evening. I cracked open another can of Hoffmans Ironically and puffed on a nice strong reefer while I waited for my friends to arrive. Soon they had all arrived and I felt like crap...I was really drowsy barely able to keep my eyes open and breathing soooo heavy...The guys thought this was hillarious and Made comments like "Jeez you look phucked"

    I puffed each joint that was passed to me and after a while I snapped out of the subduded state I was in and the trip became absolutely perfect. We headed off the the nearest club which was only 500yds down the dodgiest street in the city...We chilled out in the club and the whole night seemed like 5 mins perhaps...When we got back to the flat the ambience created by the long tied dyed sheet hanging over the door, the candles I lit and the aroma of fresh hashish made me feel that I was in a tent in a mystical arabian desert. One of Bobs abstract paintings on the wall took on a whol new life and became a living crimson sea with lapping waves..The curtains breathed as did tha door and those little red and green lights were every where as if they were the true components of the entire universe....Eventually most of the group crashed and only my longtime druggy buddy Mike and I remained in that chilled out relaxed part at the end of the trip..We went on a mission to the 24hr petrol station for Rizzla and munchies and then strolled back to the flat where we veg'd out watching MTV in black and white until we finally crashed..
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    Sep 15, 2004
    swims largerst dose was half ounce, of dried P Cubenis I belive, swim remeber watching spider plants grow, and watching his head illongate in a mirror. IT was quite a nice trip ner the end swim and his frend were in a hit tub swim smoking a nice spliff and his friend smoking a mushroom joint. Probably one of swims favourite trips, if not a little expensive
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    May 10, 2005
    from ireland
    My largest dose was around 30-40g of fresh McKennai in tea though I'm not exactly sure. Pretty damn intense. At one stage, I just sat glued to a chair, my mind felt like it was travelling through dimensions while about 20 of my friends were running rampant throughout my house also shroomed up. I was so out of it I thought the whole thing was some sort of bizarre dream.
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    Jan 11, 2006
    You posted this great story in May 05 and I enjoyed it here in Jan 06. You could have written that story about our old neighborhoods in the US in the 60's and it would've read much the same. Tapestries on the walls, lingering clouds of hashish, and freakachinos tripping out in the world.

    ah man, you took me back! :)
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    Sep 24, 2005
    31 y/o
    The largest dose SWIM ever took was 18grams dried, unknown species, in combonation with syrian rue . Took 10grams then 6hours later took the other 8 grams.
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    Sep 28, 2005
    31 y/o from U.K.
    My highest dose - 3.5 grams dry of Golden Teacher P Cubenis
  7. raven3davis

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    Jan 6, 2005
    my largest dose was several hundred wet p cubes cooked up into a tea. It was one of the scarriest trips ever but he learned how to respect the shroom and how to just let them carry you off into their world. You cannot fight it. It felt a lot like DMT except it lasted several hours. Looking back, it was probably one of the most frightening experiences I have had but it taught him a lot about tripping. Hopefully I will be able to take such a large dose again but the fields have not been producing nearly as many shrooms.
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    Feb 4, 2006
    from U.S.A.
    my largest dose is unknown.... he had a quarter pound bag of dried ecuadors and just started munchin until the effects kicked in.... so a nonstop munchin for about 15 to 20 minutes.... whoo good memories.... for SWIM of course
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    Jun 30, 2006
    41 y/o
    codex encoding

    after a lay off of 7 years SWIM anulled all responsibilities and went out to the fields,having collected approx-200 fresh 'shrooms SWIM retired to his house/shack in the middle of the forest,swept and cleansed inside and out,then counted out each little friend until the number felt right,which as it turned out,was 75.up to this point I had only ever taken 5-10(southern aus-'shrooms are paticularily potent)and this was to be SWIM's defining journey,a strong need to reconnect with the other had been building for a while,an never had I tripped alone.......
    retiring upstairs SWIM lit a candle and expressed what he wished to recieve from his journey,namely a definition of role,a revealing of all/any otherworld helpers and a way to connect with heart in the psycedellic realm.having stated this SWIM drank the brew(digestive herbs an "shrooms)and set about rolling all necessary smoking stuffs in anticipation of being unable to do so in tne ensuing hours.SWIM than relaxed in a sitting position and focussed on breath an light.approx 20 min-later the first effects were felt,tingling soft waves of euphoria and trepidation followed almost immediatly by a desire to go downstairs and be by the soon as I was on the couch,accompanied by much psycedellayawns a series of quite frightening convulsions wracked SWIM's body,two things became apparent immediately,one that I was alone,his mobile had just that hour died,he was incapable of driving and had informed no-one of his intentions with this journey(no need for any tsk-tsk's I am quite an experienced voyager and knew full well what he had let himself in for!)and also that there was a palpable feeling of entities swirling throughout the room,an so to task,SWIM stopped fighting the convulsions and invited the entities into his being,immediately the discomfort stopped and what could only be described as psycedellic surgery began,concentrated mostly on the solar plexus,the feeling of many beings fine tuning SWIM from the inside out.when this subsided(20-30min)I was left cleansed and clear,every part of his body,mind,and spirit in touch and receptive,a sense of deep strength and contentment-a trial had been passed!
    SWIM now stretched and danced,very flowing and sensous,pleased with his own innate sexuality and strength.
    SWIM than decided to retire to the comfort of upstairs,bed and a pre-rolled spliff,which having lit,he had to chuck,along with his entire supply of tobbaco,into the fire-the overwhelming sense being that tobbaco was an anaethma to his being-so he rolled a pure green and having smoked lay down.what happened than was an almost textbook entry into DMT land-acellerating hum,kaleidoscopic montage etc-until entry into a familiar red cave?/room/grid and a meeting with two old friends(a shadow clad short dark masculine entity and a amorphous white energy female entity)who welcomed him and made him aware(again!!)that they were indeed his designated helpers and always would be,they than reached inside his core and precipitated a strange rollercoster ride indeed!words at this point fail SWIM(as well you all would know an understand)but he'll try.
    basically there seems to be a state(accessable through various chemicals and technique-dmt,ketamine,mushrooms,meditation etc-)that is timeless,eternal,very intense in scale and scope-like becoming aware that you have spent your life on a single patch with few colours than all of a sudden the rest of the quilt reveals itself, in all its alien,brain bursting colour and splendour,a rolling blanket of eternity where your place is to be and to love ,to be love with all the abilities that go with.anyway I had been to this place on a few occasions(most notably on ketamine but thats a different story)but this was different there was a definite agenda that became apparent when what can only be described as a codex decoder time bomb implant!was placed inside of SWIM along with the information that the very same device had been inserted in human beings the world over at the same time to activated at the appropriate time-to serve as a guide when the map is,to SWIM the whole journey had been laced with an almost joking sci-fi edge,very serious but gently self effacing,but now coming out of it I felt impregnated with the very serious need to prepare self and loved ones for the turbulent times ahead(heal head heart and spirit and in all senses of the word get his SHIT TOGETHER!)you may read this and condemn SWIM for delusions of granduere,pompostity,whatever,it is however not my place to judge SWIM's overall intent in recollecting this journey,i am,simply curious if others have been given the same information at around the same time(approx sep-full moon 05)thank you
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    Mar 23, 2006
    from U.S.A.
    Do people really need several hundred cubes?

    How many grams would say a hundred cubes be?

    I never though of that..
  11. Voices

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    Jan 5, 2006
    Not at all. I heard of a FOAF who had some home grown Puerto Rican Cubes and he (the swim I speak of) got nice results from 850mg.

    Nice was taken to mean pleasantly off baseline but not overwhelming, the whole experience spent alone in complete darkness and silence.
  12. gEaKeDuP

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    Jul 12, 2006
    the most SWIM ever ate was a half ounce of gold cap lab grown mushies. Lets just say I saw a gobblin do the little gobblin laugh then jump into a lake. Kinda like that gobblin off of Lord of the Rings.
  13. Sklander

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    Jul 29, 2005
    from congo_democratic
    I took ten grams dried Psilocybe Cubensis grown by me from brown rice flour and vermiculite.

    It was a highly visual trip. SWIM frolicked around the university campus at night as the buildings blew in the wind. The trip lasted 5 hours... Then I went to a party and got trashed. It was a fun day.
  14. peregrin23

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    Jun 30, 2006
    41 y/o
    Re: My largest shroom dose

    a friend had a similar experience,4 or 5 hours of time behind the veil his experience was ,whilst very very intense,quite beautiful.
    the strange thing however,was that while 4 people ingested the same amount of tea containg approx 20 fresh shrooms,the other 3 had much weaker experiences.
    is this abnormal?
    he thought perhaps prior experience with DMT may of left on a switch,and than been triggered by the shrooms,there are a lot of similarities between the two beyond just their chemistry one feels
  15. th3p4rtyguy

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    Nov 15, 2005
    Re: My largest shroom dose

    I went to John's rave with Ron and Dave
    And met a new wave blonde babe with half of her head shaved
    A nurse aid who came to get laid and tied up
    with first aid tape and raped on the first date
    Susan -- an ex-heroin addict who just stopped usin
    who love booze and alternative music
    Told me she was goin back into usin again
    I said, "Wait, first try this hallucinogen
    It's better than heroin, Henn, the booze or the gin
    C'mere, let's go in here" *knocks on the door*
    "Who's in the den?"
    [R] "It's me and Kelly!"
    "My bad, (sorry) let's try another room"
    [G] I don't trust you!
    "Shut up slut! Chew up this mushroom
    This'll help you get in touch with your roots
    We'll get barefoot, buttnaked, and run in the woods
    [G] Oh hell, I might as well try em, this party is so drag
    "Oh dag!!"
    [G] What?
    "I ain't mean for you to eat the whole bag!"
    [G] Huh?!

    Yo Sue!"
    [G] Get away from me, I don't know you
    Oh shoot, she's tripping..
    [G] I need to go puke!!
    I wasn't tryin to turn this into somethin major
    I just wanted to make you appreciate nature
    Susan, stop cryin, I don't hate ya
    The world's not against you, I'm sorry your father raped you
    So what you had your little coochie in your dad's mouth?
    That ain't no reason to start wiggin and spaz out
    She said,
    [G] Help me I think I'm havin a seisure!
    I said, "I'm high too bitch, quit grabbin my t-shirt" (Let go!)
    "Would you calm down you're startin to scare me"
    She said,
    [G] I'm twenty-six years old and I'm not married
    I don't even have any kids and I can't cook
    (Hello!) My over here Sue, you're talkin to the plant, look!
    We need to get to a hospital 'fore it's too late
    Cause I never seen no-one eat as many shrooms as you ate

    Susan wait! Where you goin? You better be careful
    [G] Leave me alone dad, I'm sick of gettin my hair pulled
    My not your dad, quit tryin to swallow your tongue
    Want some gum? Put down the scissors, 'fore you do somethin dumb
    SWIM be right back just chill baby please?
    My gotta go find Dave he's the one who gave me these
    "John, where's Dave at before I bash you?"
    [J] He's in the bathroom; I think he's takin a crap dude!
    "Dave! Pull up your pants, we need an ambulance
    There's a girl upstairs talkin to plants
    choppin her hair off, and there's only two days left
    of Spring Break, how long do these things take to wear off?"
    [D] Well it depends on how may you had
    "I took three, she ate the other twenty-two caps
    Now she's upstairs cryin out her eyeballs, drinkin Lysol"
    [D] She's gonna die dude
    "I know and it's my fault!"
    [D] My god!!!