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Effects - Long term effects of spice? (Bad trips)

Discussion in 'Cannabis' started by beyoutiful, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. beyoutiful

    beyoutiful Newbie

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    Apr 22, 2013
    Female from U.S.A.
    Here's my story:

    My first time using spice, I just got a great high that wore off pretty quick. My second time using spice, (a few months later) at a party, I took probably over 80 hits. Suddenly I had no control over anything I was doing or saying. My body was doing things completely different than what my brain was telling it to. I started pushing through people, wandering the house. Every sound scared the shit out of me. The music seemed so loud and the people's voices sounded like they were yelling in my ears. It was so scary, I began to cry. People were laughing at me. So (still having no control over myself) I started to cuss them out and push and punch them.

    A few moments later I walked out back and blacked out and fell on the ground. My eyes were wide open but I couldn't see a thing. Everyone was trying to get my attention but I had no idea where they were. They began dumping water on me, but that did nothing. I just sat there on the ground crying my eyes out.

    Once my vision started to come back, I was still just as scared. I came to the conclusion that I was dying. I told everyone not to call an ambulance or anything because I didn't want my family to find out what I had been doing. I was so scared and since I was sure I was going to die I wanted to get it over with. I jumped in the pool trying to drown myself. Soon after, others jumped in to get me out. The rest of the night was a blur. But that bad trip still haunts me til this day. I swore I'd never smoke spice again.

    About 9 months later I was at another party. We we all really drunk, and my friend talked me into doing spice again. Being aware of the previous trips I had from spice, I only took two hits. Soon after I had the exact same trip as I had the last time. (Losing control and assuming that I'm dying)

    It's been about 3 months since then now. And ever since that night, when I try and fall asleep I drift into a really bad trip. It's like I'm in a nightmare that seems incredibly real, and then it starts to mellow out some and I realize I'm having a bad trip. I try to get up and I lose control again only this time I can't move anything. I can't even lift my hand up. I'm just laying there in a panic, not being able to move. Once I finally come out of this trip I'm very dizzy, out of breath and paranoid for the following 20 minutes. This happens almost every night. It's so scary.

    Has anyone else had these effects? With spice, or any other drug? I'm wondering if the spice may have been laced with something. I don't know what to do! Sorry for writing so much, just needed to make sure I didn't leave out any details that may be needed.
  2. [éS]Infinite

    [éS]Infinite Silver Member

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    Mar 11, 2008
    Male from Canada
    Spice is a blend of herbs infused with synthetic cannabinoids, so in that sense yes, what you smoked was laced with something. That something that it was laced with is an unidentified research chemical(s) which have not been studied for long-term effects.
    By taking 'over 80 hits' you massively overdosed on whatever synthetic compounds were sprayed onto the herbs you smoked. You have to realize that cannabis with it's almost impervious track record on health, will not (likely) be consumed in amounts upwards of 80 tokes throughout a night, let alone a day. Not to mention the chemicals applied to these herbs are not necessarily done so with consistency which results in hugely different concentrations of the active compound(s) applied throughout the herbs (known as hot spots).
    My advice to you would be to no longer consume unknown synthetic drugs. If your claim of 80+ tokes is true, I find it pretty reckless and disturbing, and you should be happy that some trouble sleeping and anxiety is all that came from it. There's a long list of chemicals that are applied to herbs and sold as spice with no information on them regarding median lethal dose in humans.
    If your problems continue, see a healthcare specialist. If you do decide to ever try smoking synthetic cannabinoids again, please order the chemical and herbs to make the blend yourself so you can at least be aware of what you are consuming and in what amounts.
  3. ianzombie

    ianzombie Platinum Member & Advisor

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    Jun 12, 2007
    41 y/o Male from ireland
    These drugs are not designed to be smoked in the same way you might smoke cannabis, and this is what usually leads people to having very uncomfortable experiences. It really is just too easy to overdose on these blends.

    People need to stop buying what are basically just lucky dip drugs.
    You dont know what research chemical you are getting, you dont know how potent it is or how to actually dose it.

    Just because they are sold over the counter does not in anyway make it more or less safe than a stranger giving you a mystery drug that could contain anything and could have been made by some teenager in their bathroom.

    People who smoke these blends are just guinea-pigs.

    If you insist on smoking research chemicals they at least skip these blends and go straight to the specific drugs you want. There are plenty of experience reports you can read and figure out what you want.
  4. leegrow

    leegrow Newbie

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    Jun 6, 2013
    Male from U.S.A.
    Dont overdo it with spice this is becoming a common fact. A friend of mine smoked blunts of it a day for a while; I recently found out he has hullucinations even after quitting for a while. People think hes schizophrenic...
  5. baileyscheesecake

    baileyscheesecake Newbie

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    Mar 20, 2013
    Male from ireland
    Yeah... is spice, like, synthetic cannabinoids? Like head shop stuff? Urgh, I look back on those days and feel sick. Really not worth it. I had so many bad experiences with them, that even though they were legal (the initial reason to go buy) I switched back to weed before all them shops were closed. Constant anxiety, paranoia, weird hallucinations, vomiting. I've come to the conclusion that weed cannot be copied, too beautiful a drug. All those attempts to copy it just mess with your head.