Lortabs and cocaine

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    Dec 19, 2005
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    I snorted a few lines of coke earlier and has some lortabs to take to help with the comedown. Is this dangerous to mix uppers and downers? I have heard of the dangers of speedballing and was wondering how long he should wait after taking the coke until he pops 3 or 4 10mg lortabs. Sorry if this has been answered already I tried using the search features but couldn't find any information on this topic.
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    Ok, Firstly dont cross post, it's against the rules and wil give you bad rep and eventually get you banned. Fromthe way you are using SWIM im guessing you have already read the rules, it might be worth rereading them.

    Also in answer to your question combining Uppers with downers is a very dangerous practice. It puts tremendous stress on the heart and cardovascular system. Using this combination regularly will cause irreversable damage.

    THat said, most polypharmacy is dangerous and generally should only be practiced when one is very sure what he/she is doing.

    If SWIF absolutly had to take both he would leave as long as possible but definatly not shorter than 4 hours.