Combinations - Low dose DXM + Codeine + Low dose Cocaine + Marijuana

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    -Stomach contents: Big meal of 200g Turkey breast, 2 eggs, 2 Flax/grain muffins, 1 Potato, 1 nectarine, and 1/2 Grapefruit +2 Tums, 30 minutes before DXM.

    Possible tolerance/interactions :

    -Strong Codeine tolerance, last dxm dose approx 3 months ago.

    150 mg dxm ingested via Robitussin gelcaps (the ones with dxm as the only active medical ingredient) and swim proceeded to watch Sarah Harmers save the Escarpment dvd.

    t+45 min: dxm effects starting to become quite apparent in the form of slight auditory lag, and mild euphoria. Now as planned I take his 320mg dose of codeine and another 1/2 grapefruit.

    t+1hr: Codeine can already be strongly felt as it was taken dissolved in liquid.
    Euphoria is coming along very nicely.

    t+1hr 30 min: Swim notes that everything is coming along splendidly and decided to smoke some marijuana and insufflate 25mg of cocaine. Effects of the cocaine come on immediately and are much more sustained, yet the anelgesic euphoria of the codeine which is usually overshadowed by the dopamine assault of the cocaine, is not effected this time around.

    t+3hr: Euphoria is still blatantly in swims face, and he does not mind the intrusion at all. All vitals are very much within safe levels, in fact there is virtually no difference in heartrate from normal.

    Closing Comments:

    The cocaine is never re-dosed again on this night, and of course with such little insufflated a crash is not expected, but I will note there was no need for more.. the euphoria of the codeine / dxm carried out the cocaine brilliantly. The marijuana as well was just the cherry on top of the icing of the already delicious cake.

    In short, this exact sequence of events will definetly be further repeated. I would even go as far as saying this was the most synergestic combination he has ever had the pleasure to try.

    And on a further note I just wanted to add:

    "DX and DXM also have the indirect effect of raising dopamine levels in the brain, which will have an antidepressant/euphoric effect even at relatively low recreational doses.[3] The dopamine response is likely the cause of most of the "1st plateau" effects of recreational DXM use, since those effects generally consist of euphoria more than hallucination or dissociation."

    -I feel since the dxm is a great vessel for raising dopamine levels, and cocaine's stated ability to increase dopamine half life, that these 2 substances are just made for eachother, and when opiate receptors are played with via the codeine and the mj slightly in conjunction with dopamine, the result is pure drool. Has You anything to say? or maybe has tried this and can relate or bring forth insight on any matters?
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