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Opinions - lsd detectable by sniffer dogs??

Discussion in 'LSD Discussions' started by kumar, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. kumar

    kumar Newbie

    Reputation Points:
    Mar 26, 2007
    27 y/o Male from Australia
    swim was just wondering...
    is lsd detectable by sniffer dogs...
    if swim for example had one blotter tab on his person rapped in foil and he was in the vacinity of sniffer dogs.. would he get done??
  2. bloot

    bloot Gold Member

    Reputation Points:
    Sep 20, 2007
    Male from earth
    No, SWIY will be fine carrying around a few hits.. And would even be fine with sheets..
  3. Terrapinzflyer

    Terrapinzflyer MDMA, RC & News Forums Platinum Member & Advisor

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    May 10, 2009
    Male from U.S.A.
    Swims turtle once talked to a DEA agent who confirmed that even large quantities were undetectable by dogs. Swims turtle has also known a trainer quite well, and she said most dogs were trained only for the biggies- heroin, coke, weed, and meth, and explosives- and quite often not even for all of those. She also stated most dogs were not cross trained- ie- were either drug dogs or explosives, but rarely both.
    Taken with a grain of salt of course.
  4. Samadhi

    Samadhi Gold Member

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    Sep 27, 2007
    Male from U.S.A.
    Swim had a small amount of LSD and MDMA in his suitcase hidden in a tiny sewn in pouch (swim wasn't bright at the age of 16) and the plane was boarded with a drug and explosives trained dogs and they got nothing...

    Swims vacation on the beaches of Los Barriles was achieved without a hitch.

    this is not saying that some couldn't detect it, especially the MDMA, but the safest way to do any personal drugs is to either leave them at home or carry very small amounts; while understanding fully the concequences of swiys actions if they are stopped.

    Swim has also read anecdotal reports of drug dogs not being trained for LSD.
  5. Potter

    Potter Platinum Member & Advisor

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    Apr 1, 2005
    Female from U.S.A.
    While the dogs may not pick it up, a piece of foil can set off a metal detector. A few years ago the Doktor was traveling and had forgotten to remove a screen from a wooden bowl, luckily the raver pants the Doktor was wearing were to complicated and the pocket was not found and the Doktor was let go with out an embarrassing incident.

    So yeah, don't bother with the foil.
  6. searcher

    searcher Newbie

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    Apr 23, 2004
    Male from Massachusetts, U.S.A.
    LSD is tasteless, orderless and colorless
  7. EscapeDummy

    EscapeDummy Palladium Member

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    Apr 15, 2009
    Male from U.S.A.
    Orderless? I'm sure its pretty ordered...

    Anyway, when people say that, it's implied "... to humans". Other animals could very well be able to smell an 'odorless' substance, or taste a 'tasteless' one, hence the OP asking about sniffer dogs.
  8. Valseedian

    Valseedian Silver Member

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    Apr 30, 2009
    Male from U.S.A.
    the crystals do not throw a scent... LSD cannot be traced by sniffer dogs, it does not throw an aromatic compound, and the very little that does proliferate into the atmosphere will be very little use to drug dogs.

    in all fairness, the drug dogs don't sniff out the 'drugs', they sniff out the impurities that aren't alkaloidal; in the case of meth and cocaine, and mushrooms/weed are natural... dogs sniff out the terepines in marijuana, and definitly would not respond to 100% pure psilicybin or psilocin.
    heroin does however have a distinct scent when pure (as far as swim's research shows).

    another good note is that drug dogs need to be seeded, just like cadaver-dogs and bloodhound trackers, they need to sniff what they need to find... if the carrier doesn't have a 'ball' for that scent, they'll be out of luck, and since it'd be almost impossible to know what impurities would come in any given batch of LSD, and the absolutely miniscule amounts nessesary, I'd be confident in saying you could have 50milligrams of LSD crystals in the open air and dogs would not be interested.