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    Apr 23, 2004
    from Massachusetts, U.S.A.
    So the ceiling turned into a big smiling clown face, there was butterflys, fractal flowers, everyone I looked at had neon stripes, trails and tracers.

    The ground moved with fractals and patterns of various forms. The sky moved with rainbow sheen and an ever moving aura and sheen. The trees certainly were different looking.

    I never had anything "talk" to me, just some very heavy sirens, bells, and audial disorientation.

    Ever see the gears in someones head spinning while they are thinking about something? Acid........
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    Dec 11, 2004
    38 y/o from costa_rica
    Some one who isn't swim, ate a blotter last night. He took half at t+0
    half at t+2 hours. He went into a nice little dance with Alice, it
    wasn't that moshpit dance from the good old days, but rather seeing
    things in a more beautifull way. Everything looks as if new. As if the
    world was just created yesterday and all our lifes where just an
    instant in time. There was no trace of the old ultraviolence.

    He told me it wasn't a very visual, but a rather deep, intelectual
    trip. Though he did meet with some good old friends from ages past.
    Like the caterpillar ad the cat [​IMG]... they where there, just looking with curious eyes. Observing, watching, smilling.

    He told me that the reason it took such an amazing turn, probably had
    some to do with a little vanlafaxine that someone who isn't I take
    every day. It was much quieter inside his head, and thoughts came much
    more ordered they didn't come at a single time, like a waterfall of
    thought, but as drops of knowledge into the mind.
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    Apr 17, 2005
    when phish came to miami for a concert at the miami arena was the only
    time i found acid in miami. they were beautiful ranbow colored hits
    with a sun in the middle. i didnt even know phish had come to concert
    until i was an hour into my trip. we walked out of my friends apartment
    in downtown walking with my 4 freinds passed the miami arena and
    noticed a city of trailers populating the giant empty lot on the left
    of the arena and also the park next to it. it was an amazing night for
    everyone. i had taken 2 hits of those sunshine tabs and they were very

    last summer i was in rome looking for acid everywere. i rented a moped
    and rode around the drug areas and finally found 2 guys who had some
    who had just got back from amsterdam with them. they were sunflowers on
    the 2 tabs part of a feild of sunflowers probly with the whole
    sheet. i took them the next day in a park called villa borghese in the
    afternoon with my schizofrenic friend who refused to trip with me
    because he had never done acid and had his problem. i had never tripped
    in the day time. they were also potent yet not as potent as the
    sunshine tabs. visuals were not as intense. wereas on the sunshine tabs
    i saw my car melting in with the street.

    last two times were this year a tab and a liquid hit different days.
    the tab i found at a rave and i was very doubtfull on wether it was
    real stuff but i bought 2 hits. they were
    plain white with a dot in the middle. the girl who sold them called
    them matrix tabs. they were on canvas paper thick and white on both
    sides which i had never seen. i took them at a concert thinking they
    were fake and to just get rid of them being in my wallet wrapped in
    foil for a week i licked the foil also. the concert sucked and after
    what i thought had been 2 hours nothing had happend. i got home and
    everything went into percpective or rather out of percpective in a
    flash. i went to walk around ancient rome. the hit wasnt very strong
    probly the softest acid iv taken. it was still good though. i remember
    that night i went into my bathroom and started to masterbate not
    thinking about anything, just thinking about having an orgasm. i wasnt
    thinking of sex or my girlfreind. i was just thinking of the climax and
    had the longest orgasm iv ever had felt like 30 seconds or more. soft
    acid though. the liquid one i explained on another post it was heavy
    and good quality. 2 drops came out of an eye dropper onto my tongue at
    a rave. i was with the wrong people in the wrong atmosphere for that
    sort of powerful stuff but i could not refuse.

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    Jun 4, 2005
    A couple weeks ago was my first time trying acid. I found a nice guy who was willing to trade 2 hits LSD with 8 DXM pills (500 mg each).

    Alright, so abot 9 o'clock that same night my parents go downstairs to watch a movie. At this point I decide to eat one tab. 30 minutes go by and I feel funny, but with no visuals.
    At this point I at the second tab and in about 10 minutes, I go to look in the mirror to see how large my pupils were. This is quite an impossibility considering my eyes were now
    getting bigger and smaller, bigger and smaller. My mirrorturned into a sea of reflective glass in which I could morph with my hand. My hair was standing straight up and dancing
    around and waving to me. This freaked me out thoroughly. I am now seeing double vision. I would stare at an object for about 10 seconds. I would then look away, and I would
    see two of that object I was staring at. Everything is patterned. There is multicolored swirls and patters everywhere which is very amusing. It is about 10 o'clock now and my
    parents are still downstairs watching a movie. At about midnight, they are done and come upstairs. Shit, they come up right at the peak of my trip. I found it quite easy to talk
    coherently to them though. They did not notice anything at all which calmed me down and kept me from having a bad trip :D. At this point I shut the doors to my room and put on
    some music.

    Music is a whole different experience. The music moves the patters as if it were an AVS in winamp. I do this for awhile and time passes.

    At this point it is 3 AM. I am infantized and find everything in my room immensely interesting. For a good hour I sat on my floor playing with a #2 pencil. I could bend it and morph it
    to take the shape of baloon animals (think clowns.). I then proceeded to look underneath my bed.

    The underneath of my bed turned into a cave. I crawled into that. I layed in the cave for about 15 minutes. I then proceeded to crawl around.

    At this point it is about 4:30 AM and it has started lightning and storming outside. This is a very scary experience. Everytime the lightning would flash, it would blind me as if someone
    just took a picture of me with the flash on. I peep out my window and find that my neighbor's porch light is strobing. I then look at the clock, 5 AM.

    Shit, I had to get to bed because it was saturday night and if I did not get any sleep, I would be tired for school on monday. Sleeping is an impossibility with acid.

    I lay on my bed tripping for another good 4 hours. I managed to get about 1 hour of sleep that whole night. I tripped hard for 12 hours straight. It did NOT die down at all at any
    point in the night. All in all, it was a good experience and I am doing it again tomorrow.[​IMG]
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    Apr 11, 2005
    Nice report!

    But again tomorrow, does it make sense? You might have effects, but you
    probably need to double or tripple the dose, I think. But even then,
    for me it just produces a kind of stoned high. Less Euphoria.

    I recommend at least waiting a week, better 2 weeks and the best doing
    it once a month (or less). Tolerance is making the trip much more
    unenjoyable ... in my opinion.
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    Apr 19, 2005
    Ive been doing it every week for the past several months, and every trip is good. Been giving it a break for the past several weeks though (aka i ran out). After 3 days your tolerance completely dissipates, but I'm sure waiting several weeks between trips makes each one more enjoyable and keeps that novelty feeling alive.
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    Apr 11, 2005
    Okay...I agree this was the same for my in my "beginning years" of
    acid. In this time I did it also weekly over a period of several
    months. But if you go on with it the tolerance might get bigger each
    time. I found out (at the moment) that 2 weeks it dissappeared
    completely, after 7 days the tolerance is weak but still something

    Well there will come times when you can't do it weekly (even if available) ;)

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    May 3, 2005
    Tripping IS a trip. The world (or, my world) does what I want it to.

    My first couple trips were more mental (thinking big thoughts, in many directions), than psychedelic (noticing things have changed from their normal ways).

    My first time was on a sandy beach, a few hours before High Tide. As I sat there, the waves came ever closer to me. The scene was real, my feelings about it were excitement and wonder.

    For my fourth trip, I prepared differently. I wrote down some hallucinations I would enjoy seeing (and hearing). I re-read a couple stories about people having intense, personal hallucinations, which changed their life. I know (deep inside) that my trip can be anything I want it to be.

    When I was about 1 hour in, I began to hear Gregorian Chants (they were on my list, thank you for this miracle). I sang along (droned along, at times I didn't know the words). Here I am. I am in this 14th Century Monastery. I am singing with all of these wonderful monks. I am a monk. I feel the weight of my robe. I smell the mustiness of the Sanctuary. My feet are firmly planted on the floor. Wow! This is Great.

    A little later I realized: I became that existence, and lived in it, fully. This is a miracle of the psyche. Hmm. Now that I have THIS miracle available, I will use it some more.

    I waited through some other realms, thoroughly enjoying each one, knowing that another Life is coming. A year before this trip, I went to a Creedence Clearwater Revival concert. They played all of their best 70s hits. I was fully enveloped, for minutes at a time.

    Another List item: Re-create that rock concert. I recorded the songs which had sent me off; I am ready for this trip.

    I turned on the stereo. Suddenly there were 1000s of people around me. I feel the heat of our bodies, the cool breezes flowing through. The music reverberates through me, like a freight train. Ising every note, with all my heart.

    Song-after-song, one million volts are crackling all around me. All of us, living through this, sharing this once-in-a-lifetime experience. This patterned itself with greater, and lesser, periods of clarity. One second I am truly there (20 feet from the stage, the speakers powering through me), the next minute I am back into the sanctity of my room, and still fully enveloped in singing, enjoying this too. I got to hear the songs to fuel my hallucination, ANDhearing my own voice, singing with the band.

    The trip continued. Lots of fun. Hours later, as I was analyzing the HIGH points, I realized that those 2 concerts (one religious, and one down-to-earth) both were spiritual. My spirit can arise with anything, as long as I perceive it as spiritual. Music is the language of the Universe, words tell me the story.

    Now I know: Hallucinations are available. I can dream of things the way I want them. This is enough.

    From now on, my trips will be different (and the same): I will live in the world where I am. But, I will become fully enveloped in thethings I am doing. Doing This (right here, right now) is the most important thing in my Life.

    Since that day I have a never-ending Ideal during a trip: Hey, remember, I am grateful to be feeling this Magic existence, and my place within it. Here I am, focused clearly ... positive emotions surging through my veins. This keeps the whole experience uplifting.
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    Jan 14, 2003
    117 y/o from The Netherlands
    Please post your experiences with LSD here. If possible note way of use / route of administration, dose, onset, peak, duration and after effects.
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    Apr 26, 2005
    Date: 6/9/05

    Time: 1445

    Place: Bryant Lake Park, MN; a friends house; a car; Hwy 212; Cub Foods; etc.

    Dose: 5 white perfed blotter, 2 white unperfed, 1 pill MDMA (blue trucker woman, Bad Boys II)

    1300: I decide today seems like a good day for acid. Good
    vibes, finally nice weather, and nothing else to do. I call a
    friend (John), who also is in the mood to trip. We decide to meet
    at Bryant Lake Park, at 1500.

    1445: I eat 5 hits entering park. They are perforated white
    blotter, and are reportedly quite good. John is already there,
    and has just eaten 3 hits. His are tie-die, from the psychedelic
    cali coastline print.

    1510: I am sitting on a picnic table, watching the 20+ paddle
    boaters. Most are overfilled, and look like they are going to
    sink. The hits are coming on strong. Feels like I'm
    electrified. I can identify amazing patterns in the motions of
    the paddle boats. I definitely need to go paddle boating with the

    1600: Landscape melting; the reflections of the sky on the lake seem to
    create a sense of infinity in the world. Very cool. I am an
    experienced psychonaut, but John has only tripped a few times. He
    seems very overwhelmed .

    1645: Still very strong. The landscape is nothing but a meld of
    colors, patterns, and textures. I am struck by how beautiful
    Minnesota is when its not snowing, raining, or under construction.

    1650: I recognize a group of people sitting on the beach. We do
    not get along...last time we met, I performed a little impromptu dental
    work on one of them (lighter punch to the mouth...). There are a
    lot of LEOs around as well, and if either see me in the state I'm in
    life will be shit. I am forced to make the decision: I have to
    leave. Luckily a friend (Ray) calls who also happened to be
    frying. I decide to go to his house; I bring John with me.
    I eat 2 more hits upon arrival.

    1945: Have been sitting in friends basement, listening to music,
    smoking bowls, for last few hours. People stop by occasionally to
    pick up hits. Still frying strong. Ray and I decide to take
    some MDMA, with rolls I have tested. We each drop one.

    2045: Now frying and rolling hard. Amazing visuals, which we
    discuss avidly at speeds no one could possibly comprehend.
    Our (Ray, Me) girlfriends show up. Decide to go grab some tequila
    and oranges...they need some fun too! Unfortunately we have to
    bring Rays giant, ill tempered, unleashed pit bull with. In the
    words of Err from AquaTeenHungerForce, "Thats a mistake!"

    2100: Major intersection at Hwy212, a veterinarian office near
    the road. Stopped at a light, I am first in line. Windows
    are all open...the dog spies animals being walked at the Vet. And
    promptly decides to play. He launches from the car, and crosses 4
    lanes of traffic. Ray's girlfriend runs after, leaving the door
    open. There is no way she will catch him. Break in the
    traffic, and I run a red light. This dog has to be stopped...he
    will kill the other animals. He has history. We cut him
    off, and despite much snarling get him back in the car. Death and
    destruction are barely averted. I'll stick with cats.

    2345: We return to Ray's, and begin boozing. John leaves, looking
    weary. The rolls are coming off, and acid visuals are limited to
    some color blending and tracers. Everyone is quickly wasted.

    0245: I am almost baseline, sitting around a fire with a bunch of
    friends. Me and my gf decide to retire to the comfort of my hot
    tub and couch. I find a soak in the hot tub is the only thing
    that can allow sleep, save for benzoos, after a good fry or roll.
    It was a fun day.

    Afterthoughts: There was a nice afterglow, very upbeat and
    happy. My old cat died recently; I was contemplating a dog.
    Fuck that. Also, don't drive while under the influence of any
    drug. Dangerous.

    Trip score: 8/10. That was a fun trip, no introspection or
    problems solved. But very enjoyable. The MDMA made even
    driving like a pirate enjoyable and non-stressful. Except for the
    dog it was uneventful. LSD and MDMA meld well.
  11. BrandonAA

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    May 2, 2005
    I am a 21 yr old male, who when he was 14 and 15 experimented with LSD and DxM quite a bit. as i got a little older i stopped liking the introspective parts as it made me seriously depressed because my adolescence wasn't all the great. when i was 17 and 18 i did K quite a bit but also didn't really enjoy the experiance 100%. I actually get the same undesireable feelings from MDMA as well. Anyhow i am now a proud father and although life isn't always great, i have learned somewhat to cope with this while being alive.

    around 6 months ago someone brought books (literally) from Canada. I used to be in the party scene alot in my younger days but lately with family life and working i didn't pick up an awful lot of the stuff. I came upon 20 doses for 60 bones. SWIM made some bucks and ended up saving 4 doses. It was originally intended to save for the movie "the Devil's Rejects" (the sequel to "House of 1000 corpses" by Rob Zombie). anyhow on the night of June 14th, i ended up dosing my me and boy with 1.5 hits (cut one in two, licked scissors haha) eating them at 8:15pm est. i had heard conflicting reports about this acid, and didn't know what to think so i actually ate one blotter probally 2 months ago, with my pupils not getting very large yet still felt a come up and weird thought process but don't remember visuals from the dose. i had actually done a little bit of opiates that morning and got drunk in the afternoon, both possibly having an effect on the trip. so i assumed these were 100 - 150 ug's a piece. i now believe probally 200 -250 ug's.

    at 8:15 we dosed 1.5 hits each. by 9:00 we both thought we were coming up a bit. keep in mind we are both thinking these are low doses, so at 9:15 we each eat another half hit. we bought a 12 pack of Bud Ice and had about 2.5 grams of chronic to blaze. we couldn't get any benzos or opiates to come down on which i really wanted. so we rolled a couple fatties, smoked one and chugged a beer each around 9:45 definantly starting to trip, my pupils getting somewhat large. we then walked thru the woods by his apartment, a public park actually, and smoked another joint. very weird laughing feelings not very intense though, once out of the woods it was about 10:15 the sky looked very differant, almost moving and bright patches of light. we get back to his house after two hours or so from dosing i had full on tracers, walls moved if i was stationary and at one point uncontrollable laughter. by 11:15 my pupils were full with almost no retina, and i may have been feeling more than my boy maybe because he is taller and about 20 lbs more, and he likes acid way better as i enjoy downers more. anyhow my girl calls and we are fighting so i go totally introspective at this point and she is refusing to try to make me feel better so i am hang up and start not liking the acid anymore. so i grab two more beers hoping that the alcohol can get on top of it, which it cannot. we take another walk outside this time into the city a bit, and thru a very large park where the city holds festivals. at night bums sleep about every which where in this motherfucker, and at one point i was checking out this naturally acoustic stage and jumped on top to maybe run around ( i was trying to make the trip good, it was hard) and i ran up on some sleeping bums. anyhow i start getting paranoid thinking every car is a cop when we were walking back. it was a far walk and i was very introspective thinking about emotional times in my life, not really talking anymore. we get in the house at 12:30 and i am having a full on panic attack, total visuals (not hallucinating but walls melting and any movement slowed) this is the most intense part of acid, some of my other friends came over at this point. i asked my trip buddy to take me home, he couldn't that was asking too much from a crazy tripper. i thought about calling my mother but knew how angry she would be if i explained the situation. i realized i just have to wait it out. i have had bad trips before.

    at this point between 12:30 to 1:00 pm or so i am shaking irractically, and i swear i was feeling every emotion, every physical feeling, every thought you could think while being alive. my friends put on the Smashing Pumpkins DVD with all there videos and it was so crazy too watch, then an old roommate came by, and knew i was grillin' so he gave me a blanket which immediately stopped me from shaking, and started asking me questions about my trip and really brought me out of the bad part. by 1:00am i was enjoying the trip, still having visuals but subsiding a little. no more panic attack. so the strongest trip peak was from midnight to 1:00am and i didn't really enjoy 11:30 to 1:00 am. we finished the DVD and smoked another joint, then watched the "Big Lewbowski" drank beers and had great laughs using up the rest of the trip to talk and have fun. by 3:00 am i was almost sober (not really sober but not tripping anymore) so i ate some muchies at the gas station and by 3:30am i tried to sleep and maybe fell asleep at 4:00 am it still being dark out, thank god.

    it was all around a good trip, and the emotional insecurities that you face while on it are just part of it. you have to deal with them and not deny the stuff, but thats life and you move on. i don't think i would ever eat acid again but i'll never forget that night.

    thanks for reading.

    by the way i had originally had five doses.
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    Sep 19, 2005
    I'll add more to this later, this is only the sensory part of the trip,
    the thoughts running through my head at the time are much more
    important I think

    4:30. Arived at jam band festival, bought a 10 strip of unmarked
    white blotters, and found my group of friends who arived earlier.

    5:00 pm: I put a single blotter under my tounge. I think I
    tasted a slight chemical taste, but it could have been a random
    smell. I let it sit under my tounge for about 10 minutes then
    chewed it for a while and swallowed.

    5:20 pm: We decide to check out the venders area. Wandered
    around looking at all the glassware, tyedye, and other
    paraphenalia. Many of the venders were selling hash brownies out
    in the open, so I bought and consumed one. We watched one of the
    bands on the second stage for a while, and headed back to our campsite
    at around 6:00.

    6:00: I am feeling a little goofy and high, but it does not feel
    like a marijuana high. No visuals or profoud experience yet.

    6:30: I am laughing at almost everything. I find myself participating
    in conversations and realizing halfway through my sentence that I
    either forgot what I was talking about, or the other person is not even
    talking to me, but to someone else. I seem to be talking to
    myself. It would be nice to have a good friend with me, as I dont
    know the peple I'm camping with very well.

    After this point I pretty much loose track of time. I will try to
    recall things I saw and thought, although it will be incomplete.

    In the moonlight, the tree in out campsight has almost a purple hue,
    against a cloudy sky. I stared at the tree, and the
    leaves/branches/spots of sky seemed to turn into what I can best
    describe as worms. Maggot like, except with smooth bodies.
    I could blink it away and the tree would look relatively normal, but I
    could let the worms come back if I lookd at it without blinking for a
    few seconds.

    For a while I was seeing vivid, detailed, rainbow like kaledioscopes with my eyes opened or closed.

    We eventually went up to the main stage to see The Schwag, who are a
    Grateful Dead cover band. I can best describe the show as a
    complete cascade of stimuli. The music was amazing, the lights
    were unreal, and everybody seemed to share the same sense of awe.

    At one point I was towards the back of the mainstage area. There
    was a booth selling trip toys like color-changing glowing swords, which
    are completely arresting when waved in tempo to the music. Several
    people in the croud were doing so and it took me forever to figure out
    what they were, but it was completely beautiful. Also, this booth
    was outlined in electroluminecent wire. They had what I think was
    a balloon tethered with the glowing wire. That glowig blue line
    in the air, attached to the booth, had me captivated. I stumbled
    over to examine the wire up-close and play with some fans that had
    color-changing LEDs in the blades. Most of the other people there
    seemed to be doing the same thing though, so I didnt get any weird

    At one poit the glowing wire seemed to be blinging rapidly, changing different colors, but I dont think it really was.

    I remember stumbling as some glowing object went by my head (Probably a
    lightstick or something like that) and seeing it as a series of
    different colored boxed in a row

    I got bored with the show and wandered off. I think I went in
    circles for a while before fiding the way back to the vendors.

    There were a series of trees or telephone posts or fenceposts, I dont
    remember exactly, bordering the venders from the mainstage. They
    were about 15 feet apart and I kept seeing a barbed wire fence between
    me and the venders. On second thought, I dont know if the posts
    were even real. It took what seemed like a long time to find a
    hole in the nonexistant fence where other people were walking.

    I stopped in one of the booths to play with one of the fans described
    in an above paragraph. I reminded myself of Johnny Depp's
    portrail of Raoul Duke in the way I examined things.

    I somehow found the bathroom, did my business, and went back to the
    mainstage. I checked my watch and it was around 11:30pm.
    Most of the visual effects were gone, although I was still facinated by
    glowing objects. The mental, psychological part of the trip was
    still going strong. After watching the band play a few songs I
    was tired and found my way back to the campsite.

    Midnight: I layed in my chair looking up. I could hear the
    music coming from the mainstage slightly. I also heard another type of
    music that I can hardly describe, and I dont know if it was real or a
    product of my mind. The phrase "Song of the woods" came to mind
    at the time. The notes were seemingly too clear and omnipresent
    and nondirectional to be from any sound system. Notes were long,
    transparant, smooth, and seemingly random. I dont know if some
    type of instrument was making the sound or what. It was pretty
    confusing, but plesant.

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  13. 7102

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    Sep 22, 2005

    Try this,

    Mix: a semi experienced "psychonaut", two hits of reputable acid, and
    amassive conspiracy; shake violently, serve grilled.


    I had two hits of decent acid, which is my personal holy grail. Saint Louis, MO is a shitty town for such things and high school is even worse. After a year and a half I finally achieved Nirvana.


    Called my buddy D the night before and told him to be there at ten tomorrow. I woke up at eleven the next morning. I made him my sure-fire morning glory brew and brushed my teeth and gums vigorously. I dosed at 1130.


    To start it out right, we smoked a bowl (bowls rather) when D got there at about 1230. By the second one the floor of my garage was tiled. By the third, so was the air. I remember distinctly looking at my watch so it would change colors, being a trustworthy watch it did.

    After that point the afternoon becomes a blur. I was only capable enough to watch T.V. and nothing else at the point. Every show seemed a parody on human behavior because that’s what entertainment is, right? D found a program on the (/!! conspiracy, which alright, I thought it was CNN anyway.

    What followed was one of the harshest mindfucks I have ever received. After realizing that the country had been taken over by the embodiment of evil and was out to get anyone in their path to riches, be it warlords or innocent civilians, my trip started to go bad. I was led into hours of paranoid introspection interrupted by moments of disgusting revelations on humanity, all under toned to the mourning of the recent passing of my ego.

    Humanity was raging sea that cast my lifeless body high upon a synthetic pinnacle. Waves sought to tear me back again. Rocks yearned to dash me back to dust and water. An electrical Pan wired to my wall lured me back into the water again. Leary bent over and whispered in my ear "Told you so."


    1700, there I lay on a hammock, admiring the last fall colors of July before, the leaves changed. The death of Summer, and therefore Hope played on a five minute loop on the sky. Trees looked just like they should on LSD, this was nice.

    At 2100 I could still feel a residual buzz from the acid. I felt as though someone had driven large metaphorical spike through my brain and left my head hollow, heart left its post to fill the gap and as expected failed miserably; I needed to get high. The weed took the edge off as well as it could and at 0130 I slept.

    Next time, I'm buying a sheet.

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    Jul 20, 2005
    slamming beers peeking. well swims chilled out alot since that 7
    grams of fury post in the mushrooms. this is about a year after
    that. so I go to see some friends. swim moved away
    from where he would call home, so this was a special occasion
    already. I was schedualed to leave this night already but was
    convinced into going to another friends house for the final stop.
    this friend says "eat two hits." so I take the two hits to
    find that the friend is trying to slip swim 4! I take the
    two, then gets licked and has a hit slapped on him. I was
    dosed up early in the day, like 4 pm. swim starts to freak out
    since swim always gets freaked out from the acid. so about 2
    hours from the freaking out then everyone shows up for what i would
    describe as a "mad hatters tea party." beer was then supplyed and
    I started to drink like a fish. the beers didnt affect swim
    half as badly as the aphex twin cd playing did. I felt like a
    robot in a metal factory stamping metal parts out. the title of
    the cd is 26 mixes for cash. this was a very very mean cd.
    the beers tasted good, but did nothing for the buzz except make the
    acid even more funny than what it already was. I was shooting
    the shit for hours previously to everyone else dosing, and this worked
    out very well. it seams as if since I was already chillen,
    then everyone came into swims trip chillen as well. I will
    note this experiance as a good time in my life and never forget
    it. [​IMG]
  15. northsky

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    Oct 15, 2005
    Hi there everyone....
    New to the board def not new to drugs.
    Acid is my drug,fuck I love that shit...
    Anyways "heaviest" trip till now was my first:
    - 2 sugar cubes which were prepared rite b4 I had em,fresh as fuck.
    I had had a speedball that day for the first time which was a good ,albeit
    extreme experience,but obviously even after sleeping for couple
    hrs(strangest fucking dreams ever),I still felt shaky and unwell,not too
    sure at all bout having that acid....but had it anyways couldn't resist the
    freshness they radiated.

    Tripped hard for couple hrs,no heavy hallucinations,but strong vibe,all
    ppl with me(3)seemed as if they had taken on a different facet of their
    self,not bad or heavy or anything but their faces had changed,which
    everyone noticed.
    Had one big line of strong K,which fucked me up....

    After feeling as though I was lying beside myself, I stopped breathing,my
    heart stopped beating and my eyes rolled back.I (best explanation for"I"
    would be my soul) started drifting/wavering down and out of the room.I
    know all this because shortly b4 this had happened I saw a big
    switchboard with all my body functions on it(hi hi tech style)and i started
    switching everything off.The ppl in the room slowly started freaking...

    But as I was about to shut off completely drifting from white to red to
    utter and total darkness...I saw this red,blotchy smileyesque thing and
    BANG I flew back into myself breathing heavyly...
    After this I had a couple lines of coke to spice things up a bit.
    Next thing I knew the acid had really fucking started to kick in as huge
    fucking bloody spears started rising through the room + me.
    Everyone had left...It was just me now....as I realized that(in combination
    with the speedball earlier)I was starting to experience an oncoming heart

    This is pt I of this trip...It get's heavier and more profound with a
    beautiful ending....
    I will only write the 2nd part if there is true interest in it(even if it's just
    one person)....

    - Northsky
  16. pabel_giboon

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    Jul 11, 2005
    113 y/o
    It was 29/10/05 and I got (that’s amazing where I live) 6 Hoffmann’s blotters. Took one at about 22.00 and relaxed talking tohis wife, which did not take or was intended to notice I was tripping.They stayed at bed with my two cats watching animal planet and About 23.30I started feeling the metallic taste, the salty runny nose. So I started encouraging his wife to take a bath, eat as soup and go dancing. As I was reaching the 2 hr of trip he decided to drop a 2nd blotter. That one kicked really fast and hard, not that visual yet, but mostly dizzying. SWIM decided to go to bed for half an hour or so, and as he was reaching his room started to hear scales of sounds like the ones produced by old synthesizers. Y stayed in darkness at bed while the sounds became stronger and stronger. Sweet bubbling scales of synthesizer sounds filed the space surrounding HIM. By the same time bubbling or flapping things started travelling my neck and throat while a feeling of epiphany become more and more clear. Sounds and flappingstarted coming from same places, gathered resembling fairies but mostly in an abstract/alien way. By that time, +2.20 hs from 1st blotterSWIM freaked for a moment, thinking thins particular 2 blotters were too much for a night ofdancing. Quickly SWIM pulled together and decided to enjoy what was going on. The room was mostly dark but light started entering from the window through the blinds. Red, green and blue light element seemed to start separating clearly. From the darkest corners of the roof descended medusa like tentacles, unravelling to me. The average feeling of alienness of the situation was so intense that SWIM though it might be a better idea to stay home, that Hoffmanblotters were surely very potent and fresh, because many times I took from 4 to 16 blotters and had no need to go chilling out to bed at all.After another minutes +3 SWIM decided to get up, have shower and go party. The warmshower was very pleasant and noalien jellyfish followed me from the room. Sonoric hallucinations declined leaving place to more patterns,tracers, glittering particles floating inspace, etc. From that on +3.5 hs the trip became pretty much like a common LSD trip and I was able to get dressed, walk to the club and socialize with no problems, except for an ambiguous moment in which SWIM really wanted to go back home again to lie in bed, but holded on for a couple of minutes and could manage to enjoy the club until closing time at 7.00 am, had breakfast in a café and went to bed still having some visual pulsing and patterning at + 10 hs. Bad choice, he decided to drop 2 more blotters to see if alien pulsing synthesizers could come back. That leaded mostly to a long insomnia with no really valuable effects at all. Got completely asleep at +16 hs of first blotter. At 24 hs of first blotter there was still some visual morphing, not any the next morning.
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  17. Silence_Inc

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    Nov 5, 2005

    I'm new on the board - and this will be my first post.

    i was at the time 21 years old. let's say it was the year of 2001. I had been experimenting with LSD for over a year before this trip i'm going to tell about happend. Let's say i used it about 7 - 10 times before. i also had experience with mushrooms for about 5 years.

    that year i got back together with an old friend.and met new friends.they too where experimenting with LSD and we became again close friends. This also due to the fact that wefollowed classesat the same school since the year before.

    ME fre and lez (whom i ment during that year)decided it was time to do anLSD session at fre's place when his parents would leave the house on their next holiday. And as the future unfolded - the date was set around halloween 2001.

    we got together for the whole weekend ... friday was a night of movie watching. we talked chilled and smoked alot of weed. the others drank also some beers - wich i don't drink because of it's effects. i went to bed early thinking of the trip the enxt day. When i got up the next morning i arrived in the livingroom ... here lez and fre were sleeping. i went to the bakery - got some bread and we had a nice meal.

    the afternoon was spend with chilling and preparing the room for our trip. we hung psychedelic drapings on the walls ... installed the black light ... got my 2 cd players and mixing gear ... installed the 2 monster speakers with the crystal clear sound system and cleaned up the mess we made while doing all this.

    the house is btw a renovated farmerplace - with alot of dark wood and a fireplace and reddish floor. thick walls and small windows. and place right on top of a big ''leylijn conjuction'' ... it means energies are expected to be higher there.

    my mind set was to have a great night with talking - watching a movie or so (fear and loathing ;) ) - and mainly - listening to psychedelic chill out and psytrance music.

    it evolved - not how i expected.

    We strated of at 22.00. with a half blotter of gratefull death acid trips. they where fresh and after an hour i really felt it working. after this hour we decied to dive deeper into the rabbit whole - and took the other half.

    fre and lez where having all sorts off talks about buddhism - about Osho about metafoors for life and all that stuff. there was alot of under current energy ... you know - what is said and the interpretations are sometimes diffretnly - it becomes a mirror of how you percieve the outer world trhough the inner being.

    anyway - i was quite outside but followed the converstaions in my inner being. my mind soemtimes agreed with stuff that fré said ... i never read anything about osho or buddhism - but what was said sounded true - so in my mind i agreed ... and it felt good to ''UNDERSTAND'' what was said. to undertsand it in my mind.

    the topics where that one cannot understand soemthing truly - because his understanding is an mental image and not the actual thing wich he was trying to understand ... and words - words are not the thing but are a sign pointing to an actual thing in reality.

    i also began to feel some sort of mental fight that was going on between Fre and lez ... like opinions fighting with opinions ... fre kept strong while lez was beginning to become a little confused. to mean - he was the weaker opponent in the mental fighting.

    i didn't like the undercurrent of this energy - i saw it really as fighting. and i started to focus more on the music ... while still hearing all the buddhist stuff and the sarcastic jokes and the fals-truths and the mental games played between lesley and fre.

    so my mental awarness was still bussy with the talking of fre and lez while i tried to focuss on the music.

    than at one point fre looked at me and i looked at him and he said "Auuuummmmm" ... and suddenly something happend ... my mind tried to agree with the understanding of what he said ... but something else in myself new that I canot undertand it! ... it was a feeling of total honsety - and being humble ... this all happend in a split second ... and than ... pow! my mind stopped ... it just stopped ... and i awoke from a dream that was going on for 21 years till that point.

    i was in total awarness.

    sometimes a thought passed my mind - "is this enlightenment" - and than i knew that - when i'm thinking my enlightenment stopped .. so i fell back again in mental silence. the mind is an illusion and truth can only be seen when the mind is totally absent.

    soemtimes when the music stopped i even did not care that this happend ... i would just stay in my BEINGNESS ... than a thought would appear ... " the music has stopped" ... than i would choose to get up - put on something else - use my mind - and after that - sit down again and let it all float again.

    we listened to infected mushroom and mr peculiar ... very good music - but also very full of sounds ... this music can really become a mindbreaker on acid - but i onlyheard it as pure beauty ... it was so easy to listen to music - it was all good as it was - perfect as it was (and i say this now in words - but at the time it was an awarness outside the mind) ... also - i thought later back again about this fact - that when the mind is silent/absent - nothing sounds bad ... cause - first: there is no opinion about what is heard - so you just hear it ... second: there are no sounds inside your head ... so it is easy to listen to it - cause it is the only thing you hear. while when thinking in your head and having that voice talking inside your head - you hear the music AND yourself - and that can get pretty messy together.

    i saw fré as my teacher at that time ... he was the teaching ... his word got me to this place ...i experienced the teached. all had meaning - one meaning - and the meaning cannot be expressed in words...

    i remained in this state for 5 hours - total silence - inner and outer.

    than at morning my mind came back with a question - Who is osho? ... and i said it out loud - and gone was my awarness ... i had given in to a mental question ... and started to think again. to explain - to grasp - to know.

    this experiencechanged my life totally!

    i contemplated it for years ... and now i'm finally loosing it - LUCKILY ... cause my contemplation is about a past memory - created as mental image - and it keeps me from seeing the now - the present moment as it is.

    i am eternally gratfull for this experience.

    ...in silence i am...

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  18. Nature Boy

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    May 10, 2005
    from ireland
    SWIM's story:

    "I dropped acid for the first time in well over a year last night. It is a tad difficult to obtain these days but the place has been flooded with the drug of late and strangely enough it is very hard to find XTC which is usually very easy to find. My intention was to candy-flip with XTC and LSD but unfortunately the MDMA was unattainable.

    Instead I decided to go with the blotters on their own. I dropped my first blotter at about 10pm. The come-up was quite slow but I felt the effects kicking in before most of my companions who had decided to drop a second blotter each before they felt effects. I sat myself down on a sofa and watched some Monty Python and all of a sudden the LSD began to work its magic. Having only done magic mushrooms over the past year as my psychedelic of choice, I was pleasantly reminded of the smooth LSD come-up without the nausea caused by psilocybin.

    Within an hour or so, the trip was well under way and although I was considering dropping another blotter, I was satisfied with the effects of the first one so I decided not to drop anymore acid over the course of the night. I threw some cushions on the kitchen floor, laid down and listened to some music on my portable CD player for about an hour or so. I assume the dose in each blotter was quite high because I never remember achieving such psychedelic heights before with just the one. As the music flowed through the headphones and into my mind, energy rushes ran through my body and I felt quite euphoric.

    With the trip in its peak, I decided to go for a walk outside as I was on a college campus and being a Friday night, I knew the place was pretty much deserted. Two of my friends and I strolled around the college ground smoking joints and appreciating the vast freedom. After about 30 minutes or so of strolling around, we thought we heard a security van so we decided to head back to the apartment which we had been tripping in.

    I laid back down in my little corner and stared at the wobbling ceiling in awe. At about 4am, I felt as though the peak of the trip had passed but I was still quite fried. The comedown involved the usual hazy vision where the room appeared to shimmer a little and everyone's face looked purple and distorted somewhat. We stayed in the apartment tripping mildly until we decided the after-effects were beginning to wear off. At about 9am, we left to get some much needed food and I went home. I got home at about 10am but to my surprise, I was still tripping ever so slightly as I jumped into bed.

    Having slept off the remainder of the trip, I woke up late in the afternoon feeling fresh and revitalised."
  19. GDxCAT

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    Jan 19, 2005
    from U.S.A.

    Last friday there was a Grateful Dead cover band playing in a little rock club in NYC. So after my college classes were over i went to hang out with this chic, drink some beer smoke some pot, y'know.
    I left the girl at 8 and at around 9 o'clock arrived at the rock club, already feeling a pretty nice buzz because i have been smoking and drank a few beers just a little while ago. I meet my friends A and B and they tell me that there is a guy there who we have seen at other shows and he has alot of acid with him.

    So we go talk to the guy. He offers to sell us some but we are all broke. After talking to him for another 5 minutes he tells me to open my mouth and he drops 2-3 hits on my tongue. Then he does the same for A and B.

    Through out the night our hippie friend, who also took some acid, drank copious amounts of alcohol and on one of our journeys outside to smoke a joint he decided that he would dose everyone in the club who wanted to be dosed (his altoids tin contained ~10 sheets of acid). After having that idea he told me open my mouth again, i happily obeyed him, and he put another 3 hits of acid on my mouth (the first 2-3 hits had not been working all that well because i had taken 2c-c a couple days earlier). And again he did the same to my 2 friends.

    Once inside the club he must have dosed at least 15 more people (out of about 30 that were there). He dosed me and my friends with multiple hits through out the night. Toward the end i ended up spitting a few out and saving them because i was tripping very hard.

    The hippie was dancing around the club throwing hits and strips into the air. Those who were smart enough ended up picking alot of it up. Me, well, i was just sitting on the floor watching some amazing visuals. At times i actually experienced hallucinations, like flowers growing out of the floor, blooming and then vanishing.

    I fell asleep 10 hours after my last dose and woke up 5 hours later still feeling a wonderful buzz. I have been feeling an excellent afterglow for the past week.

    Oh, if any of you know who the merry pranksters are, well this dude said he was close with them, and just judging by his behaviour and what i have heard of the merry pranksters, i dont doubt him.

  20. Urban

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    Aug 11, 2005
    this is a report from the first time swim tried acid. it was a while ago and swim found this trip report whilst clearing up her room.

    swims not 100% clear on the exact details of it but is sure she took at least 2 blotters, a lot of alcohol and about 1/2g of coke.
    the trip lasted about 3hours and then it trailed off (at least thats what I remember...) but the night was a bit fuzzy.....

    (bear in mind this is an extract from swims diary so its writted in a stange way!!!)

    *.......THE FIRST ACID TRIP........*

    My not really into drugs… she’s smoked the occasional joint at parties, snorted some coke, but shes just not really into it. Swim guesses she just like being in control! So anyway… the party. Flashing lights loud music, Swim’s lost her friend already. All on her own sipping on her Southern Comfort and Lemonade swim see a guy walking over to her… “You look bored”
    “Um…..” swims not really sure how to answer this!
    “I’m X” he starts. swim looks away… alcohol has already slowed her reactions, and she feels dizzy and sleepy.
    “Fine be like that” X huffs. “Here, take this and find me in half an hour… I’ll be waiting!” Jake presses a colourful tab into swims hand. The cartoon on it makes her laugh. “I don’t do drugs” swim starts to call after him but he’s lost in the whirl of people, all high on adrenalin, and swims suspects, ecstasy. Swim looks back at the tab…
    Before swims know it she whirling through the air… spinning, dancing, colours, sounds, it all mingles into one. Her heart is speeding, her mouth is dry, she try to claw at reality, but the trip becomes more intense. she rise’s up and touch the stars, they talk to her. The stone walls are breathing. She’s a dragon, a witch, no wait is that a giant octopus? Swim grab its tentacles, its her friend W. What’s she doing? Why is she sniffing at snow? Her eyes are large, she’s got that “look at me” thing going on. swim bends down and snort some of her snow through a £10 note. They are both bouncing off the walls or are they people? Swim hears her heart beating faster and faster… she sees it! I see her heart! No wait… that’s a jumper. Swim closes her eyes the snow is gone… it has worn off. Swim want to sleep she’s so tired. Swim cant sleep. Her head spins. She feels like she is on a roundabout. “W……W?” swim calls out but her voice sounds like a Teletubby. She needs the loo… “help……… W?”
    Swim falls deeper into the trip. She lies down. The room is still breathing, her heart sounds like fire racing through her veins louder and louder. She try’s to call out again but she cant. My brain is spinning. she blacks out