Combinations - LSD + Magic mushrooms + XTC

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    Apr 26, 2005
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    LSD + MDMA + mushrooms + reiki

    a while ago SWIBL tripped with a few friends at one of his friend's house. they had 6 tazmanian devil blotters, 1 g MDMA and 1 g copelandia cyanescens.

    first each took 1 blotter, waited for it to come-up. SWIBL noticed changes after 10 minutes already, but nothing special, just feeling "different".

    after about 1h 30 mins. SWIBL was tripping pretty well, he felt the acid after about 45 min., but it only started to become visual after 1h 30 min.

    Now was the time to take the MDMA. SWIBL weighed out 100 mg. for one of his friends, this was his first candyflip, and he had only done X 1 time before. SWIBL weighed out 140 mg for 3 of his other friends.

    by now the acid had become pretty visual, and now SWIBL had to weigh out his own dose of MDMA. usually, that's never a problem, this it also wasn't, at least that's what SWIBL thought. he wanted to weigh out 150 mg., but he spilled a little bit and it was 160 mg, but it looked like A LOT more than what SWIBL weighed out for his friends, but he parachuted it anyway.

    after 30 min. all of SWIBL's friends were rolling really well, except for SWIBL, this thing tends to happen to SWIBL quite often, especially in the past. SWIBL's friends said it was some VERY pure MDMA.

    15 min. later suddenly SWIBL was also rolling, it was really really strong. a bit too strong actually, especially in combination with the acid, but it was bearable. at the that time SWIBL and his mates were outside, they wanted to go inside and listen to music and eat the shrooms.

    they had never done a acid + mushroom combo before, so they were quite excited. when they were inside 1 g copelandia was divided under SWIBL, his girlfriend (this was also SWIBL's first trip with this girl being his girlfriend), and a friend. so they each had 0.33 g

    SWIBL's MDMA was definately too much, SWIBL couldn't concentrate on ANYTHING, if someone talked to him, it was very hard for him to keep up, and he also interpreted things the wrong way, his lower jaw was shaking like hell, which made it unable for SWIBL to even kiss his girlfriend. talking was also very difficult.

    about 15 min. later SWIBL could see the visuals changing, something new and beautiful and natural was added to the visuals. but the mindtrip of the shrooms made it even more of a mindfuck for SWIBL.

    SWIBL heard some really bad news from a friend, in the middle of a trip, so now next to the too much MDMA which bothered SWIBL like hell, there was also this other problem on his mind all the time, by now SWIBL trip was pretty much completely fucked up.

    He heard from his friend, that he was able to do reiki, this was a big surprise for SWIBL. Normally SWIBL doesn’t believe in these kind of things, but after his friend did some reiki on him, he did believe. He sat in a chair, his reiki friend was standing behind SWIBL putting his hands on SWIBL’s shoulder’s, after a few seconds his shoulders began to become warm, but not normal warm but very pleasant warm. He started to feel some kind of energy passing through his body, everything was tingling and felt strange, he got this pleasant warm feeling in his stomach. His visuals started to become a lot more colourful, beautiful and more “alive”. SWIBL’s thought finally settled down, he became relaxed, worries were completely gone, this was the one of the most fascinating things SWIBL had ever experienced. The reiki had healed SWIBL, he sat back down next to his girlfriend, he felt like he was back to normal, more normal than he had felt in a long time. After the reiki the MDMA was completely gone, thank god.

    Ater this SWIBL and his friends smoked some more MJ, and had fun, finally everyone was acting normal again, and not acting completely like someone who took too much MDMA (after everyone received reiki)

    SWIBL really recommends You to try reiki in his/her trip if he/she gets the chance, it’s definitely worth it.
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    Aug 10, 2006
    I am going to be attending the Infected Mushroom: Fire rave in Dallas this coming weekend and has come upon X + lsd + mushrooms in the past few days. Swim thought mabye at the rave one could take 1gram mushies , 1hit lsd and 1 molly. I have taken all three more times than I has fingers and toes.
    Has anyone tried this mixture ? How'd it go?
    Do you think I am out of his mind ?
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    Re: LSD + Mushies + X

    I have combined mushrooms and MDMA. The come-up is quite intense but it mellows out and becomes interesting after a while. Very visual I found it.
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    Jan 16, 2007
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    Re: LSD + Mushies + X

    I have tried LSD and X and it was AWSOME thats the only word he said he can decribe it as