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Mad Hatter withdrawal

Discussion in 'Unidentified blends' started by justplaindumb, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. justplaindumb

    justplaindumb Newbie

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    Mar 31, 2012
    from U.S.A.
    This is about "L". L has been a habitual marijuana user since she was in high

    school many years ago. L went on vacation last summer and hooked up with some

    friends. They had Triple X. L had never used herbal incense before so L was a bit

    aprehensive at first but L tried it. It was great. L was high!! Then L decided

    to buy some herself since she knew where to go buy it. Life was good with Triple X

    for L. Then L went home from vacation. She went back to smoking her marijuana but

    kept remembering the high from the Triple X. Lo and behold the BP right down the

    road sells herbal incense. L bought some. Life was good for L for a few months.

    Then L tried Mad Hatter. L quit smoking marijuana. L loved it and smoked it every

    day. Then more and more everyday. L was up to using 3g a day of this stuff. L was

    craving the Mad Hatter. She wanted it so bad it made her sick to her stomach. L

    would wake up 3 or 4 times during the night just to take a toke so she could go back

    to sleep. So to ward of the sick feeling L started smoking more and more. Now L

    was getting worried. She decided to quit cold turkey. That was this past

    Wednesday, L smoked the last she had. She was quitting. Thursday L went to work

    and thought she was having bad hot flashes. L has no appetite and is sick to her

    stomach. So bad they she would profusely sweat and face would turn red. Then

    Thursday night L got home and was looking in the ashtrays for hopefully some that

    didnt all burn up. Yea....she found a bowl. All symptoms of hotflashes went away.

    Then L went to bed. She couldnt sleep, legs were cramping up, lots of coughing, hot

    flashes turn the fan on....cold sweats turn the fan off, get up walk around legs are

    cramping, start coughing muscles around rib cage cramping. L feels like she is

    dying, L realizes that she is having withdrawal symptoms. L buys some marijuana to

    help her cope. It helps aleviate some of the withdrawal symptoms.

    Friday morning comes and L is so tired since she couldnt sleep more than 15 or 20

    min at a time. L goes to work and it having lots and lots of hot and cold flashes,

    L gets sick and throws up. L has to sit in her car with the air conditioner on full

    blast just to get some relief. L had leg cramps before she went to sleep but none

    that woke her up. She slept about 6 hours. L slept better last night. L took a

    tylenol pm to help with the pain and the pm to help with the sleep.

    Saturday L is feeling a bit better and hungry. L gets a bacon cheeseburger and

    fries and ate about 1/2 of it. L has realized that just because it is legal does

    not make it better. L said from now on she is using the real stuff.

    L is Home from work and feeling much improved tonight. L had a couple of bouts of hot flashes and feeling sick to her stomach but 100% better than yesterday. L has had a few cramps in her chest area tonight but nothing too bad. L can't wait for this crap to get out of L.
  2. P1-O2

    P1-O2 Silver Member

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    Oct 16, 2011
    27 y/o from U.S.A.
    You really should consider tapering off of a substance, rather than going cold turkey next time. The consequences to your health are readily visible in how your body reacts. Unfortunately by now you're either completely rid of the substance or back on it.
  3. Legalhighbyby

    Legalhighbyby Newbie

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    Nov 15, 2012
    from Canada
    Mabey people should have some compassion, like good job lol . L should lay off spacing. Fuck spacing good for you and l should look into sticking to the real deal
  4. WokeUp2AM

    WokeUp2AM Newbie

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    Nov 30, 2012
    from U.S.A.
    Instead of starting a new thread, I thought I'd mention here that the active ingredient got changed in the last bag. My pet can barely feel it and I'm pissed I bought it. This used to be my pets favorite spice ever, too.
  5. firehouse

    firehouse Silver Member

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    May 24, 2011
    from U.S.A.
    I agree - Mad Hatter is as weak as Scooby Snax now.
  6. Deadhead86

    Deadhead86 Newbie

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    Jan 4, 2013
    31 y/o from U.S.A.
    The hatter my friend tried she loved... Too much. She quit smoking herb and was spending twenty five dollars a day at the gas station last year. Herb just doesn't cut it anymore. My friend wonders if she will ever be able to feel herb again, as right now she thinks its worthless.
  7. F1st_Burger

    F1st_Burger Silver Member

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    Sep 21, 2013
    from U.S.A.
    I don;t know what Hatter you guys are smoking but I have a "Merry Christmas Motherfucker" blend in 2X, and the shit is straight up poison. Send you straight to a seizure before you get stoned. or instead of getting stoned. Not quite what I expected.