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    Maeng Da Kratom Trip Report
    Dose: 6grams Maeng Da Kratom Powder
    Time: 12:00pm

    My friend sent me a trip report about his experience with Maeng Da Kratom. From the report you can see he was very impressed!

    T + 00:00
    Just ingested the Kratom using toss and wash method. I have used kratom before but always mixed it with OJ. This time I had nothing to mix it with so I just tossed the powder in my mouth 1 tsp at a time. Must say it tasted horrid but its down now and im anxious for it to kick in. I have a massive headache and hopefully the kratom will cure the headache while getting me decently high! I have never tried Maeng Da Kratom but it is suppose to be the strongest strain you can buy. If that is true than 6 grams should be a fairly decent dose.

    T + 00:05

    Nothing much yet. Feeling a little light headed although that might be placebo. I heard maeng da is suppose to be the fastest acting, usually it takes like 45 minutes to an hour for Bali to normally kick in for me. Im gonna put on some music to just put me in a relaxing mood. Very anxious for my experience to start, I took the day off from school cause I felt like shit, hopefully I will spend the day in a nice relaxed euphoric state!!!

    T + 00:17

    Feeling a little something but it is coming in waves. It’s a not so intense mood lift. I sure hope this will get more intense. Kratom usually takes a while to kick in for me so I still have hope!! Gotta take a shower but I am deciding on whether or not to wait for the Kratom to fully kick in since showering with a kratom high is fucking amazing.

    T + 00:22
    Ok so I decided to wait it out. Im definitely starting to feel some of the kratoms effects taking place, once again its coming in waves but they are getting progressively stronger. Feeling very cozy and warm much like the onset to opiate high. Hah im really enjoying typing for some reason it just feels nice.

    T+ 00:41
    At this point my body feels good but there is no real euphoria. Im hoping this will come later as like I said before, Kratom takes forever to kick in for me. Definitely feeling good though, nice warm waves pulsing through my body no not so intense, definitely feel relaxed as hell right now and it is getting stronger though pretty slowly. There is no rush which sucks but I can definitely feel it getting more intense. Wish there was something that could potentiate Kratom. Some people say grapefruit juice works some people say it doesn’t. As im typing this my arms are beginning to feel pretty heavy. And just have a nice feeling of pressure on them. I think im gonna take a shower at this point. Hopefully the warm water will enhance the experience like it usually does. Keep in mind I havn’t stood up since I took the Kratom.
    T + 01:01
    Ok just got out of the shower and gotta say things have picked up a little bit but not as much as I would have liked. The warm feeling is there along with a slight mood lift and a mild euphoria that comes every once in a while. Also a little itchy which is normal. I definitely expected more out of this strain. At this point im gonna jerk off and see how that goes.

    T+ 01:03
    Finished masturbating…haha just kidding. Havn’t even started yet.

    T+ 01:40
    Ok well its been 40 minutes and it doesn’t look like busting a nut is gonna happen! Ive got to say I am feeling incredible now. Very very relaxed, very warm and every once in a while a wave of euphoria will shoot through my body. Very pleasant. My eyes feel pretty droopy I would say that I am definitely stoned. But at the same time I feel like I could do pretty much anything. I love this. Not disappointed at all. Definitely want to try a higher dose though at another time. I have pretty much been peaking for the last 30 minutes. Jerking off was great even though I could even finish(gonna get back to that later though lol) not only was the sexual pleasure intensified I felt like it was all through my body yet my body was still very relaxed. I found myself nodding a little bit even while beating my meat! Which was not unpleasant at all though. Ive heard of people having problems getting it up while on Kratom or opiates. My shit gets up right away and infact gets harder but I just can’t bust a nut to save my life! Sorry that’s more than you wanted to hear im sure. Back to the high.
    Ive started watching Jefferson Airplaine playing “White Rabbit” at Woodstock. Its totally amazing. I really find that Kratom increases music appreciation pretty drastically.

    T+ 1:50
    Gonna go take a walk now! I feel so energized yet relaxed. A little hungry though, too afraid to get nausea so im not gonna eat.

    T+ 3:22
    Just got back from my long asx walk and im almost at baseline. The walk was very enjoyable. I stopped to get a cup of coffee which I find synergizes with Kratom very well. Its also just very relaxing to sit down and sip coffee. Next I decided to get 2 burritos against my better judgement. Fortunately the nausea was not very bad after eating. I mistakenly chewed some gum which increased the nausea but still not to an intolerable level. Now all the euphoria is gone and im left with just an analgesic effect throughout my body. I feel a little flushed as well. I would suggest going for a walk or doing something distracting during the comedown of Kratom since its not the most pleasureable thing in the world. Very similar to a weed comedown except less mental cloudiness and more nausea. Now im gonna finish jacking off……hopefully
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    I am very impressed too, both with speed of delivery and with effects. SWIM's mother made some coffee right as kratom arrived, and I ate two teaspoonfuls at around 4g maeng da, and is feeling pleasant, somewhat sedated, motivated, and relaxed. Its a very pleasant mood to be in for him, almost opiated but without the haziness of the opiate rush, but he does not crave for it now, strangely enough. The pleasant effects of the kratom are enough to keep SWIM away until his withdrawals start kicking him in his overly grown balls.