(?)Marijuana causing physical change in brain.

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    Recently a friend was telling me about a video he was watching. He claims that the video showed evidence that marijuana causes the thickness of the piece of flesh seperating the two halves of the brain to increase in size up to 400x. (In heavy users.) He claims that this lengthens the time it takes for the two halves of your brain to "communicate" and this causes permenant memory damage etc.

    I don't know much about biology and therefore can not provide enough proof (For him anyway.) to convince this friend that this is untrue. Common sense and my own knowledge tells me that this would be impossible and if it were true it would have be common knowlegde.

    Any info from someone more well versed in this subject would be much appreciated.

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    As far as I know, all information linking marijuana with permanent memory loss is either fiction or just a theory. Short-term memory loss is common but permanent memory damage is highly unlikely. Truth is, the effects of marijuana are supposed to be linked with many of the mind's actions both positive and negative but very little has been done to actually prove whether all of this is true.
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    Feb 21, 2006
    someday, the collective concious of this planet will come to the conclusion that pot is one of the safest, most acceptable recreational drug on the planet. someday.

    until then... just tell your parents you missed little tyler's soccer game because you were stoned, they'll understand :)
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    Please try and post a link to the video or ask your friend to find out the name of the video he/she was referring to. I have never heard such claims before and would like to understand how they came to this conclusion in their study.
    Speculation and hear say doesn't count for much......
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    If this is an old video, I wouldn't trust it. The two hemispheres of the brain communicate via the corpus callosum. I believe that is the flesh you are referring to. In the past, there was a procedure where a surgeon would cut the corpus callosum, which prevented the 2 hemispheres from communicating with one another. People would recognize an object, but not recall the name. This happens because one hemisphere is responsible for processing the image, and the other is responsible for identifying the object. Small sections of the brain are responsible for processing specific things, the the brain must communicate to make sense of everything.

    Memery problems could result from this surgery, especially when it comes to identifying things that are right in front of you. If a thickening of the corpus callosum were to occur, problems could probably result, but what kind of thickening are we talking about? If this area were to push into other parts of the brain, definate cognitive problems could result. If this area were to thicken without expanding, than it's hard to say what would happen as well. For all I know, this could make the two hemispheres communicate better!

    To answer this question, I would definately need more information. I have never heard of this theory, but that's not to say there isn't evidence to support it. This is a drug forum though, so the majority of the members are gonna say this is just propaganda. I'm alittle more wary of taking that position though, because the truth is, drugs are generally not good for the mind and body. One standard beer has been shown to destroy as many as 30,000 neurons!!! That is probably more of a theory than a fact though. You must also realize, so much of the crap you hear or read is nothing more than theories. Take everything with a grain of salt I suppose.