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Experiences - MDMA and Methamphetamine combo?

Discussion in 'Ecstasy & MDMA' started by eloquententrance, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. eloquententrance

    eloquententrance Newbie

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    Oct 19, 2012
    Hey you guys, this is my first post. I thought I should ask people who are more knowledgeable about MDMA than me. SWIM has always wanted to try ecstasy. But this person would rather not take a speedball and have an MDMA/meth combination. But if this person can only get that kind, SWIM will still do it to feel the MDMA and to experience what tweaking is a bit like. Is it crazy to do MDMA and meth at the same time? Like a pill with both in it. Would SWIM freak out and feel bad? Or would this person feel great with an open mind during the roll? Thanks you guys btw

    Oh, SWIM is a 110 lb male but can handle a lot of body stress. Swim doesnt smoke cigarettes much anymore and just sticks with bud. This person enjoys acid, mescaline, and downers every now and then though.
  2. usually0

    usually0 Silver Member

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    Jan 11, 2012
    This sounds risky, both substances are stimulates with long lasting effects. If your experiment goes wrong, you'll have a pounding irregular heart beat going off.

    I'd suggest against it, almost not worth looking into at all, unless someone has any knowledge of the safety of this experiment. Sounds risky to me.

    If you don't want to use meth, why would you subject yourself to this experiement? Trying two drugs for the first time together, and it's not even a common drug combo that's used safely, sounds like a bad way to go about trying drugs. If people are selling meth/mdma combo pills, maybe you should get another source, or just forget bout trying mdma. You should only be looking for pure mdma.
  3. Soma Cruz

    Soma Cruz

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    Aug 15, 2012
    This is definitely unsafe and not looking into. MDMA is an amphetamine, at least structurally, and while it doesn't behave in the same way as most amphetamines, in that it affects serotonin release rather than dopamine reuptake, it can still cause many of the same side effects as methamphetamine (racing pulse, flushing, stimulation). Taking the two together might lead to effects that are more than the sum of the parts, you know? You'd be at risk of dehydration at the very least, not to mention tachycardia and other cardiovascular problems. If you ended up getting a bad pill of MDMA that was doctored with piperazines, or with high enough doses of pure MDMA and methamphetamine, death is a very real possibility.

    I've never tried the two together, but I have combined cocaine and MDMA in the past, which is a close enough approximation to say that mixing dopamine reuptake antagonists and MDMA is a bad idea. I was wired for about a day straight, with a racing heartbeat and paranoia. Even after I passed out from exhaustion I was told that I kept waking up and talking nonsense. Not an experience I'd wish to repeat!

    OP, you'd be much more likely to have a bad time combining these two rather than having a great roll, especially when you don't know what to expect from either drug, like the poster above me mentioned. If you're going to try MDMA, do yourself a favor and get a testing kit so that you can know you have the real deal, rather than any other active drugs.

    Also, this is just a minor point, but a "speedball" is generally used to refer to an intravenous shot of heroin and cocaine, not an MDMA pill containing amphetamines. I've heard those pills called "meth bombs" in the past, but that's it.