MDMA Antidotes: Can Charcoal Stop The Effects?

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    Swib had a friends who consumed 600mgs of mdma to avoid LE. The LE said they saw what this person did and took this person down to the station. At first they tried to make this person vomit. Said person refused. They than forced what the person said they told this person was liquid charcoal. The person stopped rolling shortly after.

    Can liquid charcoal do this? If not, what can?
    swib answered swibs own question with a little googling

    Activated charcoal has often been used since ancient times to cure a variety of ailments including poisoning. Its healing effects have been well documented since as early as 1550 B.C. by the Egyptians. However, charcoal was almost forgotten until 15 years ago when it was rediscovered as a wonderful oral agent to treat most overdoses and toxins.

    Could it be used with other substances in case of a bad tip or od, if so does anyone know what substances? Is it just mdma?
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    (Liquid) charcoal absorbs many substances, but it won't stop the roll.
    When someone takes MDMA and shortly after the charcoal it will absorb the MDMA which is still in the stomach, the MDMA which is allready absorbed in the body can't get absorbed by the charcoal.
    Once it it absorbed and in the bloodstream it's too late, though there has been a test with nantenine in mice which proved a very good MDMA antogonist.
    Here's some more info on nantenine:
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    Some files have been uploaded to the archive:
    Documents about nantenine. There is a great one on structure-activity relationships ('the most potent 5-HT2A antagonist' has been discovered), as well as two on behavioural effects and pharmacology. Does anyone have experience/has encountered nantenine?