Combinations - MDMA + DPT = Niceness

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    Jan 30, 2005
    35 y/o from Germany
    Written on December 15th 2004:

    Just had a very nasty cold for the last week or so. I
    even had to stay at home Friday and Saturday and had to deal with some
    very personal problems (friendship problems you could say), that
    dragged me down at first, but when everything worked out fine and I
    lost my worries about this thing, I started to feel very content again.
    Yesterday was Sunday, the last bad day of my cold and it was quite an
    ordinary Sunday, too. The only medicine I had taken was one application
    of Xylometazoline nasal gel.

    I recently obtained 820mg of MDMA which I had never used in a pure form
    like that. At least I think it is quiet pure. I had to trust the
    dealer's word. Trying a threshold dose of 25mg a week prior to the
    experience made me realize it most certainly was pure MDMA. I rolled a
    couple of times before, 7 at the most. The last time was about one year
    ago at a GOA. I consider myself as quiet sensitive to PEA's. I only
    need to smoke 2mg of 2C-I to see the first visuals.

    I also have a small stash of research chems: DPT, 2C-I and 5-MeO-DMT
    which I have enjoyed a lot in the past couple of months. Anyway my last
    5-MeO-DMT and DPT experiences were very very scary, simply because I
    did not approach them with the proper respect! I had one not so nice
    experience at 80mg of DPT intranasal and with 5-MeO-DMT I've never
    experienced anything that I would call pleasant at all, although the
    experiences were quiet rewarding in their very own way after all.

    Over the course of the day I had vaporized roughly one gram of B grade
    cannabis. I did not feel high at all though. And I mean that. I
    sometimes get very stoned of 1g marihuana.

    Anyway the hole day and even the days before I thought about having another DPT trip, another nice one for a change.

    Between 6:00pm and 7:00pm I had a large meal consisting of one pound of
    curd (no fat), 500cc milk and 2 eggs, some cocoa powder along with that
    and all mixed up in a large shake. Yummy!

    I then decided to ingest 49mg of MDMA for a start. That was at 7:20pm
    when it was already completely dark outside. After that I did some
    reading on Erowid about what people call candyflipping.

    Having no experience at all with this kind of combination, I wasn't
    sure to go for the DPT and thought about having a shorter trip with
    5-MeO-DMT. But I still decided to go for the DPT because that was how I
    planned it.

    After 30-45min the MDMA was coming on very smooth and was barely
    noticeable. No dilated pupils, but still a very enjoyable feeling. No
    bodily sensations at all at that moment besides a general well being.
    Conversations with my brother ran very smoothly of course and I told
    him what I was planning to do tonight. Our parents were at home as
    well, but they usually don't bother me at night. I got everything
    together, like fruits, juice, water, set up the TV (for the comedown),
    the headphones, a nice play list etc. By the time I got all that done I
    was starting to feel a little confused, misplaced things and stuff.
    Nothing out of the ordinary though... [​IMG]

    The only thing that bothered me was that I was covered in sticky sweat.
    Its intense smell made me realize that. I took a bath in the morning
    though... I guess it smelled so bad because I hadn't been able do any
    sports for more than 2 days because of my cold. I also didn't drink
    very much water prior to the experience, less than a gallon I think.
    Anyway as soon as I realized this I killed another gallon of water
    pretty quick which made me urinate like 10 times in a row. that was the
    only flaw of the whole experience. My parents were downstairs and I
    felt very suspicious going to the bathroom so often.

    I then proceeded to weigh out 24 mg of DPT with my 60s lab scale which
    I divided into two lines. This may seem awfully careful, but that's
    what it was supposed to be. After all I had only read one report about
    this combination and previous experiments showed me DPT is not a
    substance to fuck around with, although it seems to be quiet forgiving
    dosage wise.

    Anyway I switched off both my phones, snorted one line (8:35pm) and
    right after that the damn ICQ windows popped up. Should have never put
    that evil piece of software on my HDD. It was, surprise surprise, my
    neighbour asking for pot. The town was dry and I had already helped out
    two other friends and my brother with my personal stash. Oh well, he
    kept begging so I sent my brother over there to bring him a gram. This
    was really disturbing my flow and that's what I told him, too. I then
    shut down the ICQ as well. The only window to civilization was the IRC
    now, I felt relieved.

    While waiting for my brother to come back, I started to feel the drip.
    It was totally bearable and even the smell of the DPT didn't bother me
    at all this time. It started to kick in at 8:50pm. I felt immense
    rushes of energy throughout my body and the music I was listening to
    sounded much much deeper than usual, way better than with my usual 2C-I
    dosages! Despite of these waves of energy I physically remained very
    calm throughout the whole experience.

    Realizing I'd have to snort the other line in the next 5min to maximize the effects, I did exactly that at 8:55pm.

    Over the course of the next 20min the tension started to build up throughout my body.

    I usually get a very nasty muscle tension throughout my body when doing
    DPT, especially in the jaw, the shoulders and quads. Combined with
    negative thoughts and emotions these tensions can lead to very
    uncomfortable tremors. To an observer it must probably seem almost like
    I was epileptic when it's getting really rough.

    But this time the tension wasn't unpleasant at all!

    It was a totally ecstatic feeling, my body felt wonderful and was
    completely covered by goose skin. I got rid of my clothes at that
    moment and decided to masturbate. Well, what should I say, sexual
    pleasure was extremely intensified, a very rewarding dick beating
    followed. [​IMG]

    Afterwards I proceeded to lay down on my large sleeping couch in the
    middle of my room, still without clothes as I feel the most comfortable
    when being naked like most people when they are alone I guess (?). I
    could stretch out my arms and legs to every direction and just the
    movement of my limbs gave me indescribable feelings of well being. At
    the very peak I was listening to Beethoven’s 9th symphony, Molto
    vivace, performed by Nikolaus Harnoncourt and the Chamber Orchestra of
    Europe in D minor. I was metaphorically swimming through my thoughts
    and experiences, recovering old memories from childhood and once again
    getting a lot closer to understanding my inner self and the reasons for
    my actions.

    It was total bliss. The visuals were not very important this time,
    neither were they very strong. Shadows were morphing a lot and when I
    concentrated I could bring out some nice movement in my surroundings.
    But nothing more than that. The colours were of course more intense and
    everything had that shiny overall trippy look to it. Actually there
    were some nice patterns on the floor later on when I was taking a dump.
    Some CEV's when listening to music, mostly blue sparks of energy.
    Nothing special I would say.

    The whole time I was still very lucid and would have probably even been able to chat on the IRC.

    The first time I looked at the clock again, it was exactly 10:00pm, my
    mom and my brother were just going to sleep. I proceeded to sit in
    front of my PC monitor and pondered life. I came to realize that even
    though considering myself as good and liberal and all that, I wasn't
    doing shit to improve anything around the world. I wasn't doing
    anything good at all! I thought and thought and looked for the good
    deeds I had done. But there was just plain nothingness. Without the
    MDMA this would have probably struck me like a fist in the face, but
    all I thought was: Let's change that. I felt totally confident about my
    situation. So what did I do? I know this might sound very silly, it did
    to me at that moment, too. But as soon as the thought came to me, I had
    to find out, what a google search for "I want do do something good"
    would produce. The first result tripped me out: Pregnancy Forum. WTF?!
    I never planned on becoming father...

    If this is what people think when planning on having a child, I might
    be closer to having the child wish than I even know... It seemed so
    clear to me in that second: What more can you do for the world than
    creating life and rasing and educating that life to do good? Than I
    came to realize how these wishes are shattered to pieces for lots of
    couples, another never ending journey into my mind began.

    When I re-emerged from this state of trance, I still had the google
    site in front of me. Now the 6th result drew my attention to another
    page. In the summarization it said:

    ... Once the shark said to the monkey: "You are so good to me that I
    want to do something good for you." The monkey looked down at the shark
    and listened. ...

    This sounded fascinating. I looked right into the story. And it filled
    me with indescribable joy. In a short amount of time, I read most of
    the African fables and they were all of great wisdom and made me
    appreciate being alive. I felt unbelievably excited about what I just
    found. Those fables were the best thing that happened to me that night.
    While reading them I sank so deep that the visuals started to take over
    again at times. The letters were, dancing, morphing, swirling. It
    wasn't a problem though. I could still read everything because the
    stories were very short. You should check them out (!

    When I felt ready to let the journey come to an end, I switched on
    "Pink Floyd - The Wall", a great biographical movie about Pink Floyd,
    his music and his descent into madness. Whilst watching I did a couple
    of Vaporizer hits and ate lots of fruit - Bananas, apples, pears,
    tangerines and 500cc of carrot juice. I came down very smooth, but
    still quiet quick. Very hard to describe, but the comedown was very
    pleasing as well, I enjoyed being back where I belong and the MDMA
    probably added a lot of it's typical qualities to that joy.

    At 2:00 or 3:00 am I decided to take a nice shower because I felt like
    some hippie dude with that nasty sweaty smell all over me. After that I
    felt the urge to shave my face. I've been kind of slacky regarding
    regular shavings the past couple of months [​IMG] so this felt very good, too. I really took my time for it.

    Falling to sleep wasn't easy, I soon realized I'd need a sleeping aid
    and dropped a tiny bit of Lorazepam (.5mg). At 5:00am "Arcade Fire -
    Funeral" smoothly guided me into a colourful sleep that I emerged from
    at 1:30pm. I woke up two or three times in the morning, but that's not
    unusual for me. I have a very bad sleep for a 21 year old!

    Now I feel extremely refreshed, like just coming home from a very long
    vacation. I feel reborn and I hope this feeling lasts at least a couple
    of days... [​IMG]

    One of my top ten experiences for sure despite the low dosage! By the
    way I'd say the ratio of MDMA to DPT was perfect as well, I could have
    gone for another DPT line 20min after the second one, but then sleeping
    would have been more difficult.

    My recommendation for people without too big a tolerance for either one would be:

    T+0:00 50-75mg MDMA

    T+1:15 10-20mg DPT, depending on experience

    T+1:35 10-20mg DPT, depending on experience and overall feeling

    T+1:55 10-20mg DPT, depending on experience and overall feeling

    Be very careful with stuff like DPT, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT! It has the
    potential to mess you up bad. Have everything planned and always enter
    the DPT realms with a positive mind setting.

    A truly powerful, yet very friendly combination!

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    I think I remember reading this report somewhere else, but I'll say
    again, I really like it. Well written and very informative. Post more!

    I agree about taking DPT seriously. I've had several kind of mild
    experiences with it (I think I have a high natural tolerance) and I
    often need to remind myself to keep taking DPT seriously, or I am sure
    one day it will mess me up bad, for real.

    DPT is good as a baseline from which to dose N,N-DMT as well. And I expect it would combine quite nicely with LSD.
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    Feb 9, 2005
    correct if I'm wrong but isn't DPT a MAOI??? And if it is taking it with MDMA can be really dangerous..You have to be carefull with tryptamines there is allot of things they dont mix well with.
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    Feb 2, 2005
    from ireland
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    Aug 20, 2004
    from belgium
    Beautiful. Well written too.
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    Apr 4, 2005
    <DIV>Thanks crook, sounds like a goodexperience. DPT has so much to offer,I've learnt so much from it,as deep and powerful as DMT, Salvia or any other of the true visionary etheogens.</DIV>
    <DIV>Don't be affaid to go deeper with DPT, the possiblities are infinite are generally more managable then most in its class. Its fantasic you practice so carefully so I'm sure you'll be OK. I would alsorecommend smoking freebase DPT or taking 80-120mg rectally, I find it toopainful and wasteful to snort 200mg for equililent effect.</DIV>
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    Apr 7, 2005

    Neither of these is a MAOI. DPT or dipropyltryptamineis a tryptamine. MDMA is NOt a tryptamine it's a PEA. Tryptamines mix well with lots of things. Shrooms are tryptamine for example.
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    Apr 7, 2005
    Very cool tryp report. ;) I was planning on trying this combo. I'm glad to see it worked out so well. I find tryptamines work very well with MDMA. Well, from the trypts I've flipped, shrooms and 4ho-dipt. Mad Fun! I'm definitely going to ordersome DPT and rock it up and smoke up with E!! Great post!