MDMA with Panic Disorder?

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    Jul 10, 2006
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    Hey all! I have a few questions on MDMA if thats ok? so bare with me!

    First off, I haven't dabbled with any illegal substances since I was 15 when I smoked cannibas occasionaly. One night whilst smoking it triggered a sevre, all night panic attack, I had the feeling of being out of my body and not with reality ! at the time I didn't realise it was a panic attack (i thought the cannibas was laced and i was tripping bad etc) now at 15 this scared me alot, but I got over the after effects of the panic attack on my own (anyone familiar will know what i mean, anxiety, and such)

    Now I didn't have a panic attack again untill, yes I smoked weed again!!
    again it triggered one, and I had therapy for it and got over it totally. I am now in my 20's and panic free, (may I add that I have never had a panic attack that wasn't triggered by cannibas)

    I have always had freinds who dabble with ecstasy, and I have never touched the stuff. But lately SWIM have become really intrigued by it!

    I have been doing ALOT of research about it's effects good and bad, and am even starting to think SWIM may want to try it sometime.

    I am a Trance producer and he enjoys trance (and similar genres) so much and would like to experience his favourite trance whilst on the effects of E ( SWIM hears so many good things about dance music and XTC )

    Also I would like to try it for therapy issues. I have a very happy life with good parents, background and friends. and He is happy with himself as a person also but there are a couple issues (though VERY minor) that I would like to acknowledge to himself, He is in tune with himself mentally and physically would like to try E to help him evaluate the 'niggles' in his life! (maybe offer a different perspective on them)

    The only thing that puts him off trying now is he is worried that it could trigger a panic attack, I know this is unlikely but it was unlikely with Cannibas but it happend.

    Do any ecstasy users know or know of someone who has suffered from panic attacks in the past but sucessfully take E?

    I don't want to be a hardcore user, he just wants to try it to experience it!

    Many thanks for listening to this MAHOOSIVE post!

    appreciate any advice you can offer!
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    Jun 27, 2006
    interesting post. let me just say i commend you on wanting to know the facts before trying this drug. that factor alone tells me that you are definitely ready to try ecstasy.

    I has had "panic attacks" on weed simply because the paranoia factor is extremely high with her on weed. swim, however, has NEVER had a panic attack on ecstasy. there is virtually no paranoia in her mind when on this drug, only empatheogenic feelings.

    if you think you're ready for it, then you probably are. if you're going to be around people who have experience with it, then thats even better.
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    Dec 10, 2005
    The only panic attack SWIM ever had was after smoking superskunk.
    I have tried MDMA,MDA,M1,4-aco-mipt and he was fine.
    For SWIM it is weed which can give him panic attack.
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    Apr 13, 2005
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    Almost every instance I've read of psychological problems occuring on MDMA have involved anxiety or panic. I recommend you think longer about this issue and read some more. Taking MDMA with a real psychiatrist is very different than taking it by yourself for vaguely "therapeutic" reasons. I have known several individuals who tried this, actually, and they all ended up in a worse state after taking MDMA. MDMA therapy involves more than just taking the drug and experiencing the effects. It involves actual therapeutic work, by a trained professional.

    If you are set on this course, I highly recommend you seek out an underground psychedelic therapist. They do exist, though obviously they are very hard to find.

    BTW anxiety is VERY common on cannabis.
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    Feb 26, 2006
    You should use caution with any stimulant. anxiety and panic, after all, are usually the result of the sympathetic nervous system operating in overdrive, and drugs like MDMA tend to excite the nervous system in a similar fashion. so its conceivable that using MDMA could actually trigger a panic attack or anxious state.

    I has had panic attacks in the past and later successfully used MDMA, but this was only after he did actual therapeutic work and made lifestyle changes in order to get rid of the attacks. had he not done so, he would have not touched MDMA or any amphetamine for that matter. perhaps You should look into some of these options before attempting to use a drug which can be pretty hard on the body.
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    May 1, 2005
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    I am going to have to agree with radiometer here, MDMA is a psychoactive drug possessing stimulant and hallucinogenic properties(some people dis-agree with it containing hallucinogenic properties) but at any rate you must remember that it is a "mood enhancer/elevtor"

    In most educational information about MDMA you will find that anxiety, paranoia, and panic attacks fall right under the OVERDOSE section followed by high blood pressure, faintness, and in more severe cases, loss of consciousness, seizures, and a drastic rise in body temperature.

    If you google "panic attacks on MDMA" you will find alot of people's stories about their experences of having an attack on MDMA, I strogly suggest that you do a lillte more reseach before considering use.

    BTW, good job on trying to get information on something before trying.
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    Dec 22, 2005
    I have never had a bad experience/panic attack while one MDMA, and I am diagnosed with OCD and experiences general anxiety. I felt that MDMA completely melted away all his anxiety and inhibitions. The real problem with MDMA for I am the day(s) after.

    The first time I did MDMA, he dosed 1 pill to start with and a second pill about 2 hours after to prolong the roll. He felt great after it wore off, a true afterglow, and spent the rest of the night chatting with friends and then trying to get some sleep. The next day he felt "frizzled" (can't think of a better word to describe it), but was able to go on with his day without many negative effects. That night he did another 2 pills in the same pattern, one to start the roll and then another to prolong it. He ended up passing out while he was peaking on the second pill because he was absolutely exhausted from a long work day and was still worn out from the ngiht before. He woke up feeling like absolute shit; the "frizzled" feeling had noticeably increased. He experienced nausea and headaches that day at work and went home sick because he felt like he just couldn't deal with his job and the people he worked with that day. The next day he had one of the worse panic/anxiety attacks he has ever had, one that lasted for about 30 minutes until he found his chlordiazepoxide that he had been prescribed. The rest of the day went by without any more panic attacks, probably because of the chlordiazepoxide in his system. After this day, he returned back to his normal mental condition.

    So although SWIM never experienced any panic attacks while he was on the MDMA, he experienced them the day(s) after. This was most likely due to the seretonin depletion and lack of fluid intake when SWIM passed out the second night. This is just SWIM's experience. Like I said, he is diagnosed with OCD and suffers from general anxiety, and he did 4 pills of MDMA spread out over two nights, so these are all possible factors of why he had such a bad MDMA hangover.

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    Jul 10, 2006
    from U.K.
    Hey all, Thanks very much for the informative replies.

    Let me say I have ad treatment (cognitive therapy) for the Panic attacks and got over them without the need for meds. I had to make lifestyle changes to assist him in this.

    About anxiety the day after, this is to be expected. I can suffer minor anxiety on a hangover from alcohol but i can always deal with it. I have measures and reasurances that help me through any small anxiety patches that crop up. One thing that therapy taught me is at the end of the's only a panic attack, and as mine were only triggered by cannabis I was living in fear of the fear if that makes sense!!! my therapist once said to me this "whats the worst that can happen?" i answered, I'll have a panic attack, she replied " yeah...and ? " it made me think. The end of the day it is just a panic attack and at it's worst it feels like hell...but it won't kill you, and I always keep this in mind (one of the main aspects of panic is you think you are dying or going to die if you sleep etc)

    as you can see by the mixed replies, this is somewhat a dilemma for myself so I really am in two minds about it.

    I am thinking if swim were to try some E I would start off on an ultra low dose (maybe quater of a pill) and see how it goes. I was even thinking of having a benzodiazapine handy incase any panic/anxiety should surface.

    Do you think this is a feasible idea?

    Again many thanks for the informative replies, this is truly a great forum!!
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    Aug 2, 2005
    Swim's had a history of panic attacks and he claims a proper dose of quality MDMA makes him feel extremely at ease around anyone at any time.
    The 2 problems here being the quality and the good dose, low doses of MDMA can feel anxious on the comeup and finding good quality MDMA is basicly one big guessing game (even with test kits).

    Swim however is pretty sure that if you feel you can control your attacks even a bad experience is managable, still quite unpleasant but nothing like that first big one that has you doubting your sanity/health.

    One last important tip, try and keep busy while the stuff is coming up. Dont go and sit on the couch examening every little new feeling your experiencing.
    One of the things MDMA does is releasing more adrenaline then normal, so there is some hightened anxiety at one point but trust swim when he claims this will past and a good pill will have you in heaven at about t+1.30.

    As a music producer(or just a lover) MDMA is a must, you'll soon know why ;)

    ps: just read your last post, I has never had any anxiety problems on a MDMA come down, he has after amphetamines and alcohol. I have 2 main triggers for his attacks, fatigue and an upset stomach. After MDMA I has no trouble sleeping and although it does reduce his apetite it doesnt actually hurt his stomach, unlike the above mentioned substances. Alcohol messes with your sleep paterns and body temperature and leaves your stomach very upset, amphetamines are very heavy on the stomach and swim often stays up for 48h + on em so....
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    Mar 10, 2005
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    swim suffers with anxiaty and panic attacks a few have been whilest coming up on xtc but since being diagnosed by there doctor and put on apropriate medication this has not happend but seeing as You panic attacks where from canabis it is likely that xtc will not cause a problem worrying about it though will maybe look into medication to help with this for You and give advice acordingly. swim found taking his medication a few hrs befor going and doing xtc greatly helped.
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    I tried ecstasy for the first time at 21, previous to that all she had ever done was drink and smoke pot. Like many peoples first experience with MDMA, she had the best night of her entire life, she had suffered from depression and she was just blown away that this type of happiness even existed, let alone that she would ever experience it!

    As you can imagine, swim wanted to feel like this as often as possible and started taking Ecstasy 3 to 4 times a week. She suffered severe depression and mood swings on the come downs, and about 3 weeks after her first E she experienced her first panic attack. Swim thought she was about to die, it was the day after an E party and out of nowhere swims heart rate just went through the roof, and she had this completely overwhelming feeling that she was about to die. She didn't feel like "she could die", there was no maybe about it, she was 100% convinced that her time was up, she was about to die. Her pulse was so fast, and so hard her whole body moved with it and she was convinced she was having a heart attack or something brought on from taking Ex the night before.

    swim knew nothing about panic attacks, and neither did her boyfriend, he thought she was about to cark it too and took her to the emergency room. He told the Dr I had taken E the previous night and even the Dr thought I had just taken too much Ex (she only took 1 pill). By the time she had been admitted and hooked up to the monitors etc, her heart and slowed down considerably, and a few hours later she was discharged and advised not to take drugs like Ex again cause it would probably kill her. WTF??

    At the time I had very little knowledge of drugs, and combined with her lack of knowledge with regards to panic attacks, the whole experience freaked her out totally. She and her boyfriend made a pact to never use again, which of course they broke a few days later, and though I was never admitted into the ER again for this reason, there were a few times over the next few months where her boyfriend would drive her to the hospital and they would sit out in the car park waiting for her to OD. Madness....

    About a month later swims boyfriend's mother witnessed her having an attack and guessed right away that it was a panic attack. I had a lot of shit going on in her life at the time, so this seemed plausible and a visit to the local Dr confirmed this and she was prescribed with Xanax to take as required.

    swim only took Xanax the one time, as the day after she experienced sleep paralysis with some trippy hallucinations, which just freaked her out more, and swim stopped taking drugs altogether (bar pot) for the next 6 months. Her panic attacks stopped within a few weeks. Go figure.

    Sorry this is so long winded, I'm just not sure what info will be beneficial and what is just meaningless. ok almost finished, almost 3 years later SWIM began taking Ecstasy every weekend again, a habit/addiction swim maintained for the next 3 years.... without experiencing a single panic attack.

    Then she got addicted to methamphetamine and GHB, pretty much at the same time, and experienced a few more panic attacks, well that is what she originally thought they were anyway. Same heart racing, impending doom etc but not so scary cause she knew, or thought she knew, that it was just a panic attack and would pass.

    But these attacks lasted much longer than in the past, sometimes hours and her heart rate seemed to be even faster and harder, which she didn't think could be possible. One time she tried to walk across the room but she was so exhausted it was like she had just run a marathon, so she lay down and fell asleep for about an hour, but when she woke up her heart rate had not slowed even slightly. I was ready to do the ER thing again, when suddenly, for no apparent reason, her heart slipped back into its regular rhythm, no slow decrease, just went from mad fast to normal in a split second.

    My Dr said that what I was experiencing did not sound like panic attacks, and were more likely to be something called “SVT “ (Supra Ventricular Tachy Cardia) which is basically an arrhythmia, or abnormal heart rhythm. Almost any stimulants can cause it, from chocolate to the more obvious methamphetamine and is often observed in young people who suffer from anxiety or from severe fatigue and even more commonly, those who consume large amounts of coffee, use alcohol or smoke heavily.

    At this time I was no longer taking Ex as it no longer worked on her, and she figured it was the meth rather than the GHB or the cigarettes. She continued to have theses attacks about twice a month, usually after a big night on it with no sleep, then months later when she stopped daily use of GHB the attacks ceased too. I have not had an attack in a few years now, even though she suffers from severe anxiety due to PTSD.

    There is not a lot you can really conclude from the erratic patterns of swims anxiety/panic attacks/SVT except that you really cannot predict which drugs will cause anxiety attacks, you really just have to weigh up whether the urge to try ecstasy outweighs the fear/dislike of anxiety, cause I think you can pretty much assume that your anxiety will return. But Ex is incredible, and even with all the crap associated with my swims use, she would probably do it all again. But then she has experienced how good it is. You haven’t, and believe swim when she tells you it is much, much harder to resist the temptation to use Ex once you have experienced it.

    Respect for searching out the info on it before you try it instead of after like swim, and good luck with whatever you choose. Knowledge, power, freedom, choice.
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    I hate to say anything as fact, but I have suffered from horrible panic attacks much like you in the past. Smoking weed has triggered panic attacks you seriously cant even IMAGINE unless you've been there, and personally I dont think all that many people have been.

    But X is just in such a different category than say, tripping, where people with a history of anxiety and panic attacks are much more prone to freaking out on the drug. With X, part of the time its like you're not even on a drug, you just feel UNBELIEVABLY good. Other parts of the time you definitely feel that you're on a drug, but its just good good good feelings. Theres no paranoia, no "oh my god what if I freak out on this" type shit thats common for people who have panic attacks and/or anxiety. Its just not like that.

    Again, I'm not saying its 100% sure that you couldnt have a panic attack on X, because everyone is different. But I would say its HIGHLY HIGHLY unlikely. X is one drug I have never had to worry about doing cuz of her anxiety, because its just not there when rolling.

    The only thing is the comedown... since anxiety often goes hand in hand with depression, the comedown can be pretty bad. It was for SWIM the first couple of times. But its a small price to pay and although everyone has a comedown, for some people its really not that bad. Really all you should have to do is sleep the next day, which you'll be wanting anyway, and you should be good. Might still experience a little depression but again... small price to pay. BUT, if you take antidepressants, DONT ROLL! I'm not going to say it'll kill you but the threat is there. Besides, if you take antidepressants everyday X is NOT going to effect you like it does everyone else. That's coming from SWIM's own experience.

    Best of luck, and btw, if you do decide to do it, dont just take part of the pill. Its not like that. Just take the whole pill. Chances are you're just going to be wanting to take another one a couple/few hours into the roll!