mehtylin (ritalin) ER???

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    May 25, 2004
    I haven't posted in ages, but I need your advice/thoughts/opinions.
    Yesterday my doc prescribed me ritalin extended release.
    When I noticed the pills were different & checked the bottle I was a bit baffled. I know if he were to change my script at all he would have told me.
    Either my doc or my pharmacy screwed up because he has always prescribed regular ritalin for me, NEVER ER. I didn't even know this existed. [​IMG]

    The time release element makes me quite nervous (because, yes, I do snort, although I know I shouldn't).

    The big question: Does anyone know about or have experience with the difference between snorting regular ritalin vs. ER?
    I would assume crushing the ER/time release whould have a stronger(and possibly more dangerous) effect (a la oxycontin). But, to be truthful, I have already tried it this morning and it seems quite the same as regular ritalin. Hmmmm.
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    Jun 29, 2006
    Did snorting the ER pill really work?

    I am curious about this cause I went to the ER tonight to try to talk a doctor into giving him some good drugs, told the old sob story that he'd been out of town for several months and how he needed to find a new doctor but until then he was out of his prescriptions and he absolutely had to have enough of them to last him until he can find a psychiatrist. (I've never seen, or heard of any psychiatrist that can see a patient right away, in fact whenever I have told a psychiatrist I wanted to be her patient the waiting list has always been about a month sometimes more) When I said he needed meds to last me till he found a psychiatrist he knew he'd get at least a months woth. Swim them threw out a few psychiatric meds that he didn't need and would never fill cause obviously you can't go into an er with a story like that and just ask for ritalin, or adderall. Swim said I need geodon, Lamictal, ritalin 20mg 3 times a day, and cymbalta. Of course swim gave the dosages for all the meds listed and the times they were to be taken. After all it would have looked pretty weird if he'd just listed the names till he got to ritalin then said he needed 20mg 3 times a day. After all if your on medication you always know when your supposed to take your pill and how often. If you only knew how often to take the ritalin but had no clue about your other meds the doc would be onto you right away. So swim gave out that list of meds with all the appropriate info about when and how to take all of them and what dosage they each were. But tonight the ER outsmarted swim at least partially cause he made the claim he was out of town for the last few months, but one look at the computer told them I was there a month ago for a bad case of diarhhea oops lol. But they let it go just assumed I was confused I guess. Keep in mind I was high on xanax when he entered the ER tonight he's not normally that incompetent. They asked who his doctor was, I used the old standby oh I had a psychiatrist in hobbs. That was mistake 2 hobbs is only 60miles from swim and the nurse said oh was it dr maddox? Swim just said that sounded like it could be it, and fortunatly they never checked. So things were still going fairly smoothly, but then they asked me what pharmacy I used, so I had to tell them. It turns out they can contact the pharmacy and get a list of every drug you've ever been prescribed there so they know they aren't giving you anything you shouldn't be getting. But tonight swim's luck was with him because at some point probably in the distant past some doctor had prescribed swim ritalin ER pills so in spite of all the mistakes and going in with the worst cover story this I has ever used swim still walked out with the pills he wanted the only problem was the pharmacy prescription was for 2 a day not 3 a day like swim wanted but considering I took 8mg of xanax and was not thinking well at all things turned out really good. Now i'll get to the point I just wrote all that above cause i've already taken 15 20mg Ritalin ER pills i'm one of the ones that get talkative when there that high. But it wasn't completely useless chatter the info above could help other brave soles get there hearts desire at there local ER. But be warned the way I did it was very poor and the xanax has worn off enough that I know now it probably won't work for people very often. There are better ways but I'm not going to share them without a moderators permission. The technique above is so full of mistakes that I made that I figure it isn't really encouraging any illegal activity, and if anyone thinks they can try and do it the way I did and get away with it well I seriously doubt it would work, the whole cover story telling why your there is soo piss poor you'd have to be very lucky and a very good liar to make it work. So don't try it you'll just get embarassed and asked to leave the hospital lol :) I think I said a paragraph above I was going to get to the point, well now I mean it. The point is that swim now has a bottle of 60 Methylphenid ER and wants to know the best way to take advantage of them. Wow I actually could have condensed this whole message down into that one sentence! I'll leave it like it is though in the hope that swims trip to the er will at least entertain a few people out there.
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    Apr 22, 2009
    hey junebug,

    i just came across your post today to give you my feedback between the Rit ER and short-acting tab's sniffibility. i'm almost positive that you've already figured out the answer, since i'm replying to a 4 year old post. haha.

    my whole rationale behind the the effects of sniffing an ER or regular tablet would be no different, whether a crushed ER or a regular crushed tablet was going up your nose. Ritalin ER (brand name) is just built differently to dissolve much slower than Ritalin SA. ER (brand name) always comes in a capsule that we have to open in order to get the beads out to crush. when you sniffed the ER, i take it, you crushed the beads.... right? and when it was all crushed and done, i've always noticed that a 20 mg ER crushed has much less volume in powder form than a crushed tablet. it was always a big pain in the ass to crush ERs, but in powder form, i believe that both had almost identical effects, just not psychologically for me bc i felt i was getting less.

    since the idea of a pill dissolving in my body went out the window and up my nose, i've hypothesized and experimented, as all of us do after snorting Rit.... i've almost recently proved my theory correct when walgreens gave me the generic version of Rit ER. I noticed that they were WAY harder to crush, and instead of beads entrapped within a capsule, they were regular tablets with a very tough outer shell. sniffing generic ER always gave me the worse post-nasal phlegm drip, which was horrific, which meant that i was sniffing the crushed up coating meant to sit in stomach acid longer than it's much easier short acting, cleaner counterpart.

    so my conclusion to ER and SA sniffage was that since both pills were crushed, the pupose of extended release meant nothing but spending more time hammering away the chemical architecture, built for the very few people who actually take it orally. The idea of crushing an SA tab is identical to doing the same to an ER. i believe the only noticeable difference is... the time it takes.

    i always ask the pharmacist if they have brand name in stock, since it's easier on the nasal passages. a lot of companies who produce generics have caught on to its abuse, and added more fillers to prevent people from sniffing.... plus it's cheaper. the only generic that i LOVE, next to brand name is the 10mg SA tablet manufactured by Sandoz. they taste/smell/feel almost identically to novartis. they're even the same bluish/white color. surprisingly, walmart dispenses the 10 mg sandoz's, and they're part of the $4 generics that they're famous for!

    as, i said earlier, you've probably figured out the difference between ER's and SA's.... I guess I just wanted to put in my last two cents, since it's the same amount of Ritalin i have left. i guess i'll be a useless waste of space until i can ask my doc for my next script. i'll b sleeping til my next fix... hope all is well on your end. happy sniffing! xo.