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Drug info - Mermaid's Point of View on New OPs vs OCs

Discussion in 'Oxycodone' started by Becca7, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. Becca7

    Becca7 Silver Member

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    Jun 11, 2010
    Swim gets Oxycontin 80s & Roxies (I.R) 30 among others every month. When the new OPs came out she and the Mermaid had read about them and the new gumball like coating in advance. Since you can't blow those kinda bubbles under water, Mermaid didn't want any of that. She'd never gotten the generics before cuz she didn't think they'd be as good as the Purdue. But she took a chance to avoid the gumballs and found them to be no different from the OLD name brand OC. She also learned sum good stuff which she wants to share:

    Now certain pharmacist is like totally infatuated with Mermaid and wants to talk to her till she can't wait to jump back in the ocean. She stayed and let him have a few peeks under her scales to learn this. This pharmacy which everybody knows for like photo development and stuff WAS carrying generic made by ETHEX. This maker had to stop making them for whatever reason so they are now carrying generic made by APOTEX. Both are green and stamped OC. SWIM and Mermaid found coating comes off same as old (pre-gumball) Purdue and crushed to powder with same consistency under same small effort.

    There are several other generic makers but APOTEX is only one this WAL... pharmacy will be carrying. There's no signs they'll have to stop making it like the ETHEX which was all about $$$ according to pharmacist. He also told the Mermaid there's been HUGE demand for these generics, peeps asking specifically for pills stamped "OC" and NOT wanting ones stamped "OP". Enormous number of complaints the OP isn't as effective, doesn't last as long, upsets stomach, etc...
    More than likely he says, most of complaints are contrived but that's not his problem. NOBODY wants the OPs so the generics are gonna have to stick around. Also unlikely they'll switch to gumball coating as whole point of generics is cost saving and that would boost cost. That's the official story..... everybody knows most peeps don't want gumballs and if they switched nobody would buy them anymore.

    As for SWIM's concerns they wouldn't be as good, pharmacist says in order to be approved as generics they have to be exact same chemical formulation as the original Purdue. The coating, color, shape, etc... can be different.

    There is no plan in the works he knows of to change the coating or formulation of the I.R. Roxies. Demand for those has also reportedly skyrocketed since the gumballs came out.

    May add more to this later, time problem right this minute, have to get Mermaid back to her ocean. She wanted to tell everyone of her experience in interest of harm reduction {peeps using BAD substitutes} and free exchange of information.

    TINAGAM Newbie

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    Aug 17, 2009
    Hi this is my first time posting but wanted to share some info. I just called my pharmacy about the generic brand of oxy by apotex and he informed me that they also have stopped making these pills with OC imprinted on them. he said occasionally they do recieve some from back stock but once those are gone there will be no more. I did not want anyone to get there hopes up. I also have had several problems with the new OP version. I dont fill as if they last as long as the originals did nor do they provide the pain relief I was getting before the change in pills and for the last four months I have been getting stomach cramps. I dont know how but it also seems to be effecting some of my other prescriptions such as my ambian. I can not count on them for a good nights sleep anymore as well as I feel a hangover the next morning after I take them now. This never happend in the past when I was taking the OC's. Hope this saves anyone a hassle at there pharmacy.
  3. LostControl

    LostControl Silver Member

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    Mar 10, 2010
    This is what I've heard from pharmacist friends of mine too - the new OP pills are going to be all that's available - both generic and brand. Here in Canada, the OC pills are still the only ones we have, although they don't say OC on them - they say CDN on one side, and 80 on the other. I believe the US is the only place where the new pills are being marketed. In Australia over the summer I saw the OC tablets (they actually say OC over there - I found it odd after seeing CDN all the time on my usual tablets). I get my prescriptions through my doctor legitimately, so saying "My" isn't incriminating myself in anything illegal. Just passing on what I've heard from pharmacists in Canada, The U.S., and Australia.
  4. MajorTom


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    Nov 21, 2009
    its all about face, perdue didn't want to chang their formula, they had to do something about all the lawsuits, and flack they were getting people complaining, the best you can do is continue to complain to you pharm and docs.
  5. toodarkpark

    toodarkpark Silver Member

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    May 26, 2010
    I am prescribed oxycontin and I just now, last week, had a mixed bottle 20 OC's and the other 40 were OP's. I since have taken a couple of the new, fatter, round, OP's and noticed a drastic difference between the OC and the OP. In my opinion, the matrix effectively restricts the release of the drug making it less potent all around. They have succeeded in making a weaker product and have done pain patients who do not abuse their meds no favors, that's for sure.
    Right now it is only 4 hours since my last dose, and I already feel like I need to take more. something like that never happened before when taking OC's. So, I think that someone will have to continue to make a continuous release oxycdone, right?
  6. msjaguarxj6

    msjaguarxj6 Silver Member

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    Aug 7, 2011
    I chew the ops... I did prefer to snort ocs, but never find them anymore. The ops are fine if you chew them and not swallow it until it's all been absorbed.