Mescaline Hemisulfate Monohydrate, what is it?

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    Hi - I posted a few weeks ago (Some for all) about some old empty bottles and vials I found, including LSD and Mescaline HCl. Here’s another one. It was produced by CALBIOCHEM in a 1gm bottle. The lot numbers are on the bottle and it also says “A Grade”. This one is empty too.

    I’m just trying to find out exactly what it is (was) before I stick it on eBay. It’s easy enough finding info on Mescaline Hemisulfate, but I’m not a chemist and I’d like to know if the Monohydrate changed anything. I would guess it’s just got an added molecule of H2O and is basically no different than Mescaline Hemisulfate. Right?


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