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Methamphetamine Experiences

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine' started by Sitbcknchill, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. Sitbcknchill

    Sitbcknchill Retired Platinum Member & Advisor Donating Member

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    Feb 5, 2004
    110 y/o from U.S.A.
    Please post your experiences with methamphetamine (not amphetamine) here....please be as descriptive as possible...including periods of use, dosing, method(s) of use, after effects (noted side effects) etc....
  2. Brugman

    Brugman Newbie

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    Jul 30, 2005
    First time, well we smoked a whole bunch. About .5g between 2 people.Talkative, energetic.. all around feeling of well being. Stayed up for 2 days, and only smoked on the first day. So it will keep you up for a while. Umm.. comedown wasn't too bad, just kept my mind off it by doing something.. reading, playing a video game, whatever. Then I slept for a while.

    Second time, well... still experiencing it ;)

    It seems the gak this time around is slightly lower quality, since we've smoked a bunch and we aren't very tweaked. Gonna try snorting some more, even thought it is a hellish experience, in regards to the burning and bitterness.
  3. Motorhead

    Motorhead Platinum Member & Advisor

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    Feb 22, 2005
    44 y/o from Canada
    This past thursday i got home from work and my girlfriend said she had a surprise for me in the bathroom. It was a pill crusher, which is cool but i was a little disappointed because i was thinking it was some dope. Then she said my big surprise was coming that evening. Im thinkin dilaudids cuz she knows thats my drug of choice and she just got me a pill crusher. She tells me its crystal meth which, yes, surprises the hell outa me because there is no meth here where i live. Turns out her sisters friend has flown in from western Canada(we are in eastern Canada)and has a bunch of meth.

    Im deffinately up for this as I have heard and read so much about meth, and It is one of the few major drugs i havent yet tried. I prepare by calling in to work and telling them i wont be there tommorow because i know i will be up all nite. Sosisters freindarives and we get a gram, more money than i really want to spend but this is a rare opportunity i have to take advantage of. In the baggie is crystal meth-almost clear shards, slightly off white, some of the smaller dots look like sugar. The bigger ones look like glass shards.

    Said friend pulls out two glass bulb stems and gives us one then shows us how to smoke. She puts some crystal in the bulb and begins heating with a butane torch lighter, she says they are better than bics for this, and shes right. The crystal begins to melt and she starts drawing once the smoke begins. When the crystal is all liquid she takes the heat away and slowly rolls the stem from side to side, the liquid now turns to smoke on its own from the heat of the bulb. All this time she is slowly drawing the smoke into her lungs from the stem. She exales and tells me not to hold the smoke in long like weed or crack. There is nothing left in the bulb but a little stain.

    So I attempt this with a bic ligher. Ha not quite as neat as her but I get the hit going. I am wondering how this will compare to crack and am surprised that the onset doesnt come almost instantly as with crack. It doesnt come until im done my second hit. Both blasts were of conservative size, couple of shards,as i am new. This session began around 9pm. I do a third and am feeling pretty good now. The high is not as euphoric as crack, but the feeling of awareness/alertness is remarkable. Its as if every action i perform can be done perfectly as in slow motion, yet actually is performed quickly.

    The girlfriend takes said friend home and when she returns around 10:30 we just hang out. The girlfriend is feeling very fine, she seems to enjoy it more than me actually, likes it better than coke. She is energetic and very talkative. Like coke i am not very talkative at all. So we hang out and smoke a hit roughly every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. We engage in some deviant sexual behavior for about 6 hours(pm me if you want details......j/k)then just watch tv, hang out, and talk for hours. Evening had become night, night rolled into friday morning, then we ran out just after lunch on friday. We wasted some by burning it(god awful taste) due to our novice smoking skills, but what the hell, we were tweeked and didnt care.

    Sleep didnt come till about midnight. Food was forgotten about, I hadnt eaten all day friday.The comedown was not nearly as bad as I had feared. Just a gradual receding of energy and alertness. It was more phsyical than mental,apposed tocrack, and the aches and pains of tensed muscles began to appear. Sleep was there eventually, but it wasnt the best. Saturday came and we had no mental cravings for more or major depression, just extreme lethargy and lazyness. We spent all day yesterday lounging around watching tv, grabbing the odd snooze, avoiding movement, and eating. Food helped greatly and we felt much more revived by that evening.

    Woke up today feeling back to normal for the most part. Is meth better than crack? Ha i dont care anymore, im into downers nowadays not uppers. Would i do it again? Yes, under the right circumstances. How would i rate meth? about 8 out of 10. However i can see how this stuff can mess you up if you have a life. The tweeking takes forever then it takes forever to recover. I cant imagine going more than 2-3 days on this stuff, very taxing on the body.

    Long post for what was a rather mundane experience, just kicking around the house, but i felt like sharing today. cheers
  4. morrison

    morrison Silver Member

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    Feb 7, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    I started doing meth more or less because coke wasn't as easily gotten. I snorted it at first because as I stated, it was a replacement for coke. I eventually got turned on to smoking it on foil and finally graduated to getting bubbles. I usually get anywhere between $50.00 to $100.00 worth with the most at once $200.00. As with coke my preferred activity is watching smut either dvd's, vhs or on the computer internet and all.I do like fucking on it also but am drawn to good old hardcore nasty smut. Recently the wife tried doing some coke with me, but I'm keeping this away-she has found the pipes and asked what it is, crank? She is not up on her knowledge and that is fine w/me-the longer she is unaware it is one and the same the better. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
  5. Gas Da ShizzO

    Gas Da ShizzO Newbie

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    Aug 17, 2005
    I remember the first time I was actually "Geeked out of my mind."With 20 gs of dope(friend and I shared from a batch a few of our buddies made,free sample)I remember it like it was yesterday the line i chopped out for myself was like no other,no less than 5 inches...Heated the tip of my glass,hot lined my dizzope,Fogged my room completely out...You'd have to see it to believe it,After I blew that smoke out I couldn't handle it man I couldn't breathe my head was spinning like it never had before,thejar(meth) was so potent,instant nose bleed.Doing our regular routine,snorting/hotlining,fill thetube with jar smoke out of the glass,A trip that was fucking awesome untili realized i had been up for5 days straight,thats when things got complicated.....Seeing shadow people outside my house that night made me stay in my house for exactly 48 more hours...Still doing our routine with a few grams of dope left,I have no fuckin idea why I thought cops were outside my house,I was so pissed and paranoid,me and a couple of my buddies cut down all of our trees in the front yard(Cops hiding out in my god damn trees)I still wasn't satisfied,I still felt like I was being hunted...it was the worse feeling,I couldnt overcome the feeling of someone is after me,i was at the point to where i foiled up all my windows in my house....still nothin would cure that feeling I had,everytime someone knocked on my door i thought it was a cop looking for me,i was getting so paranoid about cops,I would just stay inside the house and clean,draw,downloaded over 900 songs,made lots of paper airplanes,talked my head off,even to myself,scratching crank bugs(only time this ever happened)i colored approx 50 books(Spawn,Batman,superman,fantastic 4,x-men,dbz,i could go on forever,i memorised every one of them)...

    Finally,all thedizzope was gone and I was up for14 dayswhen it was all consumed....after it was all consumed I convinced myself to lay down and try to sleep...After exactly 7 hours and 37 minutes of laying in the middle of my bed staring at the ceiling thinkin about the bugs crawling over me,i slept...I slept for 53 hours straight,Woke up,and I looked like a completely different person,the amount of weight I lost was amazing....Not that I needed to...went from 135 pounds to 120...it was crazy...I'll never forget it...and ill never forget how many sores i got on my arms from it...
  6. Beltane

    Beltane Palladium Member

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    Jan 28, 2005
    from California, U.S.A.
    Never thought I'd be posting in this section.

    Chem: methamphetamine

    Dose: .2g

    Method: IV

    I did meth for about 1 calendar year, progressing very, very quickly
    from 2-3 times/wk. to everyday. His usual patter was up for 3
    nights, sleep for one. Sometimes he stretched it to 4 or 5 days
    up tho never slept more than the one night and then usually only a
    couple hours. I got promoted 2 or 3 times that year and was
    making a lot of money by almost anyone's standards, so everything
    seemed find. Short version: he decided to quit for a while,
    realized it was realy, really tough, went thru rehab and eventually
    quit. Spent about 3 months barely getting out of bed after
    that. He had no idea how deep he was in as NO ONE he knew (but
    his dealer) did it or know much about his use. OK, so fun part of
    the story.

    Last nite SWIM's (new 6 year later yayo) dealer was out of yayo and
    SWIM needed something very
    badly to wake up. So SWIM's acqiesced to SWIM's begging and
    pleading to go shot up w/ meth. The dealer smokes but hast shot
    in a year, but they've become so close he won't let SWIM go alone, they
    will slam together.

    Fucking Wow! Powerful! Nothing even remotely resembling
    snorting. I was feeling shitty from a couple other substances and
    this cut right thru them. SWIM told him I felt a clarity that was
    beyond clarity, which was interesting b/c I couldn't speak right.
    Dealer handed him pe and paper and said "write." Got some interesting poetry down and it's likely I'll try it
    again, tho I'd probably only do it w/ him and might have to wait
    another year. It's something I had a massive respect for BEFORE I
    slammed it, now I'm even more cautious. No way I'm going down
    that road for real again.

    SWIM and dealer did one powem together. SWIM cherishes it even
    now. SWIM wishes that wasn't one of the best writing nights of
    his life.


    - B
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  7. Fuzz

    Fuzz Newbie

    Reputation Points:
    Nov 1, 2005
    29 y/o
    When i first tried it i snorted, I felt a strange sensation, like a wave of total bless, from the left nostril to the right one. My eyes were wide open looking into the mirror, that odd smell that it leaves behind. I think meth outdose coke by far. I havnt done either one latley but if i would have both in front of me, i bet i would pick meth.

    can anyone relate to that smell am talking about. coke just numbs you out and your nose stuffed. Meth clears your nostrils and leaves a smell that is very disticnt, to me atleast, and i had been trying to find in every snort after. sometimes i got sometimes i didnt.
  8. tekkerz_inc

    tekkerz_inc Newbie

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    Dec 18, 2004
    The first time I did speed, I took on the world, I ended up satying
    awake for about a week, doing nearly an 8-ball in the process, Im not
    bragging,Im disgusted by this fact now, I went to a rave, doing
    mushrooms,ecstacy and dmt,whippits in the process, had the time of my
    life, had never been higher and not scared about anything. Went home
    after the rave, passed out instantly.Woke up the next day feeling just
    a little hazy and tired, so I slept it off. 48 hours later I woke up
    and went to my friends house and started again.

    Flash forward 6 months ahead. At this time I've moved onto injecting a
    solution of 15-20 units of speed,filling the gauge to about 25-30 with
    water. Yeah, and I told myself the first time I tried speed that I
    wouldnt make it a habit. Well guess what? Im addicted as hell, had 2
    heart attacks and died once.I weigh 98 pounds ( Im 5'9 1/2),2 of my
    friends just od'd,I havent talked to my family in nearly a year,Ive
    dropped out of school,Im living with who ever will let me spend the
    night, eating maybe once every few days, sleeping maybe 1 or 2 night
    every 2 weeks? Ive been diagnosed with lung cancer(i smoked it for a
    long time too)Im going to die here...I know it.


    Im now 64 days clean,and never been happier, Im 135 pounds(which is a
    bit big and gross to me, but im healthy so I dont care) I sleep every
    night,I eat every day, Im back in school, working, and living with
    awesome roomates. I did this on my own, I didnt go to any detox or
    rehabs, just will power and alot of cigarettes.

    You guys can do it too.

    Just trust yourself.

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  9. Starz

    Starz Newbie

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    Nov 3, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    Swim's boyfriend had a bad/good binge over the weekend that might help some of you realize that meth is some nasty dangerous shit.... well it started with Swim's boyfriend talking her into taking her $1000 and buying 18grams of ice and let him turn it over and make some money off of it. She finally agrees they sold 11grams of it and her boyfriend decided he would start smoking. (She made him promise not to start until she at least had her $1000 back) well within5 days he smoked 5 grams of it on his own. Early on that 5th day he started tweaking hard swore up and down she was cheating on him and that everyone around him knew about it but they wouldn’t be honest and tell him the truth. He accused her of being a prostitute. he accused her (who is pregnant with his child) of being a liar and the baby wasn’t his... well later that night I guess about 5 hours later he got worse and worse to the point that he thought the cops were coming to get him so he decided to eat the remaining 2grams. About 30 minutes later he flipped his wig. Swore she had people outside hiding and waiting to kill him. Used her ad a human shield dragging her all around the house by her neck. Took the bed in their bedroom and threw it across the room not noticing the fact that his 15 month old step-son was sleeping on that bed. Then he takes the dresser and throws it up against the door Swim and her kid had no way out. The he takes a hammer and starts knocking holes in the wall screaming he wouldn’t be taken alive. and saying "come out and be a man stop hiding" mean while all swim can do is cry and beg him to just calm down and smoke a joint he refused and pushed her across the room then takes the drawers from the dresser and start throwing them at her and her 15 month old son. finally she pretended to see and hear the same things he did to make him feel like she was scared of it too so that he wouldn’t think she was in on some big plan to have him killed and finally he lets her and her kid out of the bedroom and he takes off running as fast as he can down the road she lays on the couch with the door locked hoping he didn’t come home even though she loves him with all her heart. about 45 min later a car pulls up in the drive its a cop car and her boyfriend is in the back seat luckily it was a cop she knew he asked her if he had been smoking dope she didn’t know what to say deep down she wanted him to go to jail and sober up. But she couldn’t do that to him so she just tells the cop that he had been out all night and came home and they started fighting and he left that’s all she knew. Well the cop explained that he was found down the road standing in someone’s front yard screaming "they" where trying to kill him. So the owners of the house called the cops and he came and got him. He asked swims boyfriend if he had been smoking meth the boyfriend admitted to it the cop explained to him that it was all in his head and he needed to go try to go to sleep and get off the dope before he kills someone or someone kills him. then turned to swim and asked her if she wanted him to take the boyfriend into the jail until he sobered up she sadly said no. and the cop let the boyfriend out of the handcuffs and told him to get in the house and not to leave until he had slept and ate and sobered up... so they went in to the house and the boyfriend still swore someone had been after him and the cop was in on it. So swim told him to walk around now that it was daylight and find proof and wake her when/if he found anything and swim and her kid locked themselves in the guest bedroom and went to sleep. 5 hours later the boyfriend is knocking on the door she answers and he is crying and saying sorry and saying he felt like the worlds biggest retard. Swim still isn’t sure what to do but she knows if her boyfriend can’t stay away from the dope then swim can’t be with him anymore which means he will never see his unborn child or see the child grow up. He will loose all that he has because I am all that is left that hasn’t given up on him but she is to the point she almost doesn’t care anymore..... all of this on top of the fact that he traded his crack addiction for this new meth addiction…..he was a crack head for 10 years and now a meth head for 1 ½ years<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

    Meth is bad.....weed is good indeed
  10. bewilderment

    bewilderment Drug Geek Extraordinaire Platinum Member & Advisor

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    Oct 29, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    I've done crystal meth twice: each time snorting around 5 lines
    throughout the night and and smoking more shared bowls than I
    counted. It doesn't do much to me other than keeping me
    awake. It's nice, but I wouldn't pay for it with my own
    money. Then again, stimulants don't do much for me, for example:
    adderall actually puts me right to sleep.
  11. ergoamide

    ergoamide Titanium Member

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    Dec 28, 2005
    from Australia
    Well I had my first big experience on crystal just the other night so its fresh in his mind.

    Swim and my friend (we'll call him swimf for this sake) had 3 points of crystal which were swims and 5 points of meth cut wiht glucosamine not sure of purity.

    I shot up first off staring wiht a point of nice pure crystal (100mg). please not I has no tolerance to it last time he tries it was months ago and that wa sonly his 2nd time then wiht pooey quality whizz.

    Rush came on immediately after the needle was out if the vein, you juts feel it all over your body and it feels so good. So I was rushing and swimf went and smoked 2 points of his cut meth took him ages and he didnt get all of it out of it knew it.

    So after that swik was rushing pretty hard and fast btu my friends feeling awake and that was it. Anyway I want more and they were sharing there shit equally basically so swim rails up a point of swimf's whizz.

    Swimf is gettin annoyed now coz it wasnt doing anything so he decides he'll pay me for my point of his whizz and east the remaining 3 points of it and a point of my crystal. (he couldnt snort coz he just got his septum pierced and didnt shoot coz he is afraid of needles)

    Anyway we sat around and i sat buzzing out of my head then about 15 mins later i feel the whizz i snorted kick in, i started go even harder and faster. but i still craved more, i couldnt use my other point of crystal i had left coz that was for later when the 1st hits started 2 wear off. So i went and found the resdue from swimf smokin on the foil he had left it on after he had scraped it out of his glass pipe.

    So swim wantin more smoked the reidue form the foil usin the straw and foil method and he got a couple real big hits out of it 2 surprisingly. Couple minuts later that kicked in and I was happy wiht how it was all going.

    about an hr later swimf is finally feelin it and is pretty buzzed. all is going so good, but we want more ppl 2 tlak 2 we call about 25 ppl but only 1 out of all of them comes round but that was good we just needed another person around. He had a few beers as he didnt do drugs, and swimf had sum beers to. I could barely stomach drinkin water at that time, nto to say i was sick, i wa fine as long as i didnt eat or drink much. So the other guy that came round got pretty pissed and swimf had about 9 heavys and was feeling real good, liek not pissed in the head just the body.

    So anyway its comes to 11 at night and I feel the high cummin down the slightest bit, this is about 4 1/2 hrs after the 1st shot so I go and shoots the remaing point of crystal up and returns and feeling better than ever. Anyway to cut it short coz this is takin ages, we walked the friend of ours home and walked back with a bit of parnoia about snakes after i nearly stepped on one. Didnt sleep that night or the next till about 4 in the morn, (also had an xtc that folowing night), and didnt eat till lunch the night after the xtc. Great time but use it wisely it has a habit of popping up in your mind and u think i just want a bit more.
  12. HandyMan81

    HandyMan81 Titanium Member

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    Dec 7, 2005
    from The Netherlands

    5 years now I have Czech Republic as vacation country, and in this 5 years (being married to Czech woman) Swim met a lot of interesting people there, including Cookers.
    Pervitin as Methamphetamine is called in these areas is used only for snorting.
    In the first 4 years I took a line occasionly and jeez what a rush, though never Swim bought it himself or did more then 2 or 3 lines, which kept Swim awake for 3 days.
    Last year Swim bought his first 1 gram and enjoyed this with My good friend and giving to a lot of people since people always gave Swim the gram was finished a day later. Being able to not eat and not sleep didnt bother Swim to go look for some more. In like 4 weeks vacation I did more then 10 grams and slept only short times a day. After this vacation I went back to My homecountry where amphetamine is only available, I feltdepressed and cried without any reason. This could happen any time of day. So I went back soon for a weekend to the village in Czech republic, and ordered 10 grams with one friend. The idea was to use that weekend only 2 grams and smuggle the rest back home. Sunday night only 2 grams was left and Swim and fiend were still awake. even home I didnt sleep 2 days after. So having 2 grams only left I decided cooking himself. No Succes btw.
    Now I use amphetamine instead to keep the depressions away, but wouldnt Swim like to go to Czech soon, HELL YA!
    pervitin is tha shiAAAt!
  13. Octo42o

    Octo42o Silver Member

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    Sep 14, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    Swim first expierce with METH:

    Method:Snort of Course

    Well I was binging on cocaine for 8 months, he was up to 8 grams a week. Then I was getting over it. Well one night Swim picked up some friends, and on of his friends told swim he had some meth. Being that I wanted to get fucked up, swim asked to lay some out on a cd case. Swim and his friend layed out .5, Swim crushed it made 2 lines and 2 bumps, the lines were pretty decent. As swim offers his friend to snort, his gf tells him no, you did it last night. So Swim Snorted the line, felt the intense pain, then a rush. Couple seconds later he sucks it through and gets the drip. Hooked. He snorts the bump. I was instantly amped. He proceeded to drive around listening to hardcore thrash metal. driving around with shit layed out on a cd case. So then Swim decides to finish it off. He got the same feeling, he loved the pain, it was a rush. The whole night I was blasting music and drove to a party. Around 1 am, swim and his friend had to pick up one of their friends cus he had been doing gooms for about a week straight, not the first time his friend has eaten a quad a day for week. Anyways the drive to pick him up. Swim snorted the lines around 7-7:30. As they pick up his friend, he starts to come down, the worst part is his friend keeps running his mouth cus hes jacked up on no-dose and is talking about life on gooms. I had a bad headache for about 2 mins, then swim learned just to block him out. Swim loved his first experience. Swim will post his Worst and probably most fucked story laer, probably not as tweaked as Starz but still fucked.
  14. MizzWhizz

    MizzWhizz Silver Member

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    Jul 26, 2006
    I was shooting base (amphetamine) and occasionally would use meth. I didnt even at the time know what the difference was, as swim just went from snorting speed once in her life straigth to shooting it the second time. swim always preferred base and didnt like meth all that much. but after a while the base ran dry and meth was plenty, so swim lived on meth. swim now lives in a country where she cant find meth and she misses it greatly. I do believe that meth has a much greater affect on your personality than base. swim also says that when she shoots base she has a wonderfull head rush and when she shoots meth she feels it in her chest. meth works great in the bedroom! I has run out of inspiration now...I has had a big day!!:crazy
  15. izzy31

    izzy31 Newbie

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    Sep 16, 2006
    from turkmenistan
    Swim hardly ever uses methamphetamine, and any type of stimulant he takes is always pharmaceutical amphetamine, legal and safe. He decided to try the higher potent drug methamphetamine this morning, after thinking about it deeply.

    Orally taken, not snorted or smoked or anything like that because he doesn't want to put in that much effort into something he really shouldn't be doing in the first place. He also isn't familiar with those methods of taking something, and knows very little about how it works. He decided to keep it simple and just fill 2 30mg empty capsules with the drug, taking them at around 11 AM.

    For the past few hours, he has felt euphoric at a constant, stable level. He does indeed notice that the effects are much stronger than adderall and other legal stimulants. He is not hungry, and feels a sense of energy and stamina. Positive thinking and a huge improvement in his ability to concentrate and think clearly. Side effects are currently dry mouth and slight anxiety, but aren't a problem to him right now.
  16. Vikernes

    Vikernes Newbie

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    Oct 2, 2006
    32 y/o
    Long Term User

    After a long time of doing meth, I just recently began to hallucinate. These evil faces that I see are everywhere, I control when I see them by concentrating. The same thing happens when I take MDMA (ecstacy), the only reason I take these drugs is to see these demonic faces, they are always the same and I believe I see them because I have found what I am, spiritually, and am no longer blinded like all these other fools in the world that depend on scientific explanations. These faces don't look like an actual object, but more like a cartoon...made out of a bright light. A person just coming into the use of meth will not see this at first or maybe ever...you have to be very open minded. I can see how some people would say this is a sign of schitzophrenia but I control when I see them...
  17. Jatelka

    Jatelka Psychedelic Shepherdess Platinum Member & Advisor

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    Oct 16, 2005
    from U.K.
    Vikernes: Before proceeding further: Please READ THE RULES. They can be found here...


    Do NOT incriminate yourself. Please Use SWIM (Someone Who Isn'T Me) or something similar when discussing extra curricular activities.

    Bear in mind that not abiding by the rules here can and WILL get You banned.

  18. tweakerbell

    tweakerbell Newbie

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    Jan 5, 2007
    29 y/o
    well about a month ago, I had been up for about 11 days or so. great dope by the way no msn(fake meth). I was walking past the park at about 4 in the morning, and I saw like 9 people having a picnic! swim turned to swim buddies and siad look, theres 9 people haing a picnic! they said, no, I am just really high..... took them 10 minutes to convince swim that they wernt there! lol, that was funny...
  19. arman

    arman Titanium Member

    Reputation Points:
    Feb 3, 2006
    from Germany
    I am on the meth now (while typing this post). I want to tell you of his hardest meth experience but let him tell you about his feelings right now and the current experience first.

    BTW, I am a 21 years old, ~125lbs guy.

    Today's Experience:

    T+0:00 - Smoked ~20mg meth over few minutes cause he doesn't have a nice vaporizer available right now!
    T+0:05 - I am feeling the nice feeling as he is smoking, there is no rush perhaps because he smoked it a little at a time not all at once
    T+0:10 - feeling happier and very fast, listening to fast SOAD's music enjoying it so much!
    T+0:15 - I am happy and can't standstill but feels a little anxiety, he always fear using too much meth and get addicted to it or damaging his brain, which is the worst drug to become addicted to in his opinion. also he promise his parents not to do any drugs (at least) for a while
    T+0:25 - I should go to his family's (parents) floor and is nervous about smell, dilated pupils and a lot of stimulation, which may be noticed by family member especially his mom which exactly knows the meth use signs
    T+0:26 - I went to his family and ate something right in front of them and just pretending to be hungry, but he was not hungry enough to even be able eat, also the dry mouth cause him to be unable to swallow his cake. Almost choking, but finally managed to swallow it, quickly grabs a cup of milk to help swallow the cake, really bad feeling when he is high and should be with his parents. which just cause anxiety althought a few weeks ago I had some very nice and positive conversations with his father while high on meth. Meth makes me speak like a hero, maybe a general officer or Hitler himself.
    T+0:35 - I am still in his parent floor and just can't stop talking with whoever there, I thought he should stop talking and go back before revealing how much high he is, but when talking he feels fucking good (also when writing this report), no matter what is the subject or who he is talking to, even chatting feels nice, he final managed to give-up talking and come back to his floor in which he lives alone there, I should remind himself that meth can be fun when going out not that fun when sitting and programming. (althought it help speed-up the programming but it makes him less creative in his programming)
    T+1:00 - I think there is much less effects comparing to T+0:05, but still very speedy and the mouth is dry no matter how much water he drinks, it comes back in few seconds
    T+3:25 - it's the time of writing this article (now), I feel he should speak to someone, but no friends available for talking, and it is almost impossible for him to go out without a nice reason to be explained to his family and they may check my pupils, etc after returning to home.

    SWIM's hardest meth experience:
    (sorry, it is really long report! but Sitbcknchill said "please be as descriptive as possible" and this is really descriptive.)

    The following report is an experience between SWIM's most enjoyable days of his life. Going out with his girlfriend, doing meth (and many other drugs) together and really enjoying them while speaking with each other but all of those days passed by one blink. :( Althought SWIM may find this positive later in his life.

    Environment and settings for experience:
    I am in his room alone with his girlfriend (lets call her H, and should say SWIM really loves her) and they both decided to smoke some meth. so they started making a vaporizer (using a light bulb), and finished it in 15 mins, they had a lot of meth available at that time, so eye-balled two 50mg meth but started eye-balling from a known 1 gram. actually I used a mechanical scale (1 gram sensitivity, but goes down even by 100mg, but this doesn't matter cause things didn't go as expected) . They decided to smoke it talk a little then go out so they enjoy their meth experience much more, not to waste their meth and more importantly damaging their brains for just a little fun. It was their second time smoking meth in their absolutely meaningless (!!!) existence. (so absolutely no tolerance)

    [Note: the reason for telling details about H (SWIM's girlfriend) and the chat story is that these events really changed SWIM's meth experience, read to know why]

    T-0:05 - I smoked one or two hits of meth to test his light bulb is working correctly, H do not smoke it now.
    T+0:00 - I smoked ~50-70mg (at least 95% pure) meth over a few minutes actually smoke it together (one hit SWIM, one hit H, and some kissing for her to forget meth's bitter taste which she hates (BTW, she likes the taste now;)) ), he was feeling some rush but very little perhaps because he smoked a little bit a few minutes before. But H felt a little bit more rushing, she actually hates meth's taste and gives herself rest between each hit.
    T+0:02 - H decided to not to smoke meth anymore and thinks its enough for her, but SWIM continued the smoking for a total of 50-70mg over 8-9 mins.
    T+0:10 - SWIM finished smoking his meth and thinks no matter how much more he takes its not going to make him feel any better, and there can't be any rush with this larnge amount already preset in my body, in this duration H is chatting with her friends on ymessenger and seems to enjoy it so much, as she did not respond to my questions or just answers using as few words as possible, SWIM become a little bit upset and nervous cause SWIM loves her so much and expect her to pay attention to him.
    T+0:15 - the last ten minutes H still chats with her friend and SWIM just washing some of his labware. SWIM enjoys washing them so much that they got cleanest labware he had ever seen, then SWIM looked at her chat window and quickly read one of the sentences her friend sent her, then I thought the conversation is not a normal chat (which was not the case, I didn't even read it fully) then I thought that the other person can actually be her other boyfriend (SWIM actually knows that person before). SWIM becomes highly suspicious to her, althought when she started chatting (I was busy smoking the rest of meth) she asked SWIM several times to sit beside her and read her conversation (perhaps cause she knows I am very jealous about her). Now when remembering those moments I know for sure that the meth impaired his judgment at that moment (due to high dosage) and made him suspicious about H. Anyway I was able to control himself not say anything about reading her conversation for a while so he can think and decide what to and what not to say. It is surprising for SWIM how did he managed to stay calm as he was really high and had a lot of self-esteem along with anger which can easily trigger a real fight. Time should now be around T+0:25.
    T+0:30 - About 5 minutes later she finished chatting and they decided to speak with each other. She seems happy and relaxed. SWIM asks a little about that guy which she was chatting to. She told SWIM that the guy actually loves her (as they were friends before) but there is no relationship between them now (she seems to be very honest when I remember that conversation while writing this) surprisingly she explained it to SWIM very openly without getting nervous and/or angry. I did not believe her words and decided not continue talking about this to avoid any possible fight (which is proven to be wrong decision, I should solve it then and there somehow) and felts very anxious and uncomfortable (althought being really high on meth). I think althought meth can make ppl happy but when they become sad and angry while high it just make it worse.
    T+0:35 - SWIM can't get his father's car for going out, cause he was really busy. SWIM become more angry and upset and realized that this day is not his best day but perhaps his worst.
    T+1:30 - During the last 1 hour, I was talking to H about a lot of interesting subjects which caused a temporary relief. Meth always make SWIM exactly the opposite way in communicating with people by making SWIM very talkative, but normally I am very quiet and loves to just listen or be alone.
    T+1:45 - H decided to go to her home.
    T+2:00 - H is not in SWIM's room anymore. SWIM hates being alone while being high on meth, this time even worse as it was a really high dose for second time. Then he realized that a lot of crazy thoughts attacking his mind, I was just lying in his bed and thinking about every possible way H may be a liar and does not really love SWIM, even his brain was able to provide a lot of prove that she just wants him for fun, for doing drugs and she doesn't have any emotion in her relationship with SWIM.
    T+3:30 - I am going for lunch to his parent's floor.
    T+4:00 - SWIM somehow managed to eat his lunch like other days and do not make his parents more sucpicious about him. It was really hard to eat lunch when you really hate eating. SWIM returned to his floor.
    T+8:00 - I was still very high during the last 4 hours, not only his mouth feels like a dried river, he feels a lot of energy, a little bit paranoid and the thoughts is a lot faster than normal and quickly ends to a negative result. SWIM constantly thinks about H, and it seems like the more he thinks the more he hates her. Althought SWIM worked with his computer for sometime during this 4 hours, he was thinking about how to find the truth about her and even thinking about taking revenge from her because of her lies and betrayal. I think that the meth enabled him to find the truth about her evil.
    T+12:00 - SWIM leaves his room for dinner. Still feeling very up and energized but anxious. I think if there was still a little moodlift (after reading H's chat) remains is now gone and there is just sadness and feeling really down. During the last 4 hours the same thoughts exists and I think he will find a way around it sooner or later if he think about it while on meth (WRONG WRONG WRONG!). Althought he actually found some ways to try the next day to be sure she is a liar (I thought H is almost certainly just a liar )
    T+12:30 - Finished dinner with a lot of effort to eat at least near as much as other nights, althought +12 hours passed from smoking meth.
    T+14:00 - Shit! I don't have any benzos left and he can't go to his friend's pharm to buy some benzo cause it's too late, it is around 00:30 AM and I am unable to sleep and still thinks about H. I am feeling more hate about her.
    T+14:30 - SWIM decides to don't think about H anymore (which he thinks is going to make him a real insane person by morning) and just turned-off the lights and lie so he can sleep. As SWIM turned the lights off and the room becomes really dark I started to see a lot of hallucinations, colored dots in black and mostly meth's white vapor everywhere (which I think was due to mental craving for meth). Althought I had meth available in his room, he satisfied himself not to use it again (pooh!) at least for a few days. When SWIM's eyes used to dark and he became able to see things in his room the nightmare began. Everything was moving and/or breathing and this events raised his anxiety/paranoia to its maximum. When I was able to see things in more details, I saw that all pictures on his wall started moving, as they are TV's instead of paper. All this may sound funny and cool but I was feeling a strong paranoia/anxiety and hate all these hallucinations. I even saw H a few times, she gets out from back of refrigerator, looks at SWIM and sometimes laughs (fortunately without sound). Which made SWIM hate H more and more. Finally SWIM decided to just close his eyes and don't think about anything so he can get at least a little sleep to help reduce the part of paranoia which caused by the lack of sleep. If I had some benzos he can easily finish this nightmare (3-4mg Clonazepam was enough for SWIM to get down from meth)
    T+19:00 - The sun rises and lights up my room, but I was still unable to sleep. SWIM never thought meth effects to be able to remain this long. Unability to sleep surely partialy due to my thoughts and my anxiety, but I felt a little bit better when he saw the sunshine. The sun wakes him up from his nightmare. Hallucinations still apear when SWIM can't see the details of something (e.g far objects)
    T+23:00 - I am still up and didn't feel physically tired at all, there should be still some meth on his body but he definitely feeling better althought SWIM can't sleep and was clinically insane all night. Now SWIM can think about H better and decided to just go out with her and speak about what I thought about her and the yesterday's chat. That was a wise decision and proves that meth caused all of those wrong thoughts/decision which was labeled as logical by me's insane brain. SWIM then had his breakfast after he felt a little hunger after almost 24hs.
    T+24:00 - SWIM still can't see any need for sleep but it seems like his brain is crying for few minutes of rest, but his body is still full of energy althought he can feel some pain in ceratin muscles which is probably due to being tight for 24 hours. SWIM finally called H and he went out with her. After speaking openly and peacefully about this event for few minutes SWIM becomes fully aware of his wrong guesses/thoughts was actually due to being high.
    T+28:00 - I ate his launch with no problem. SWIM can still see those hallucinations but now they are cool and fun to play with. SWIM opened H's picture (also other interesting pictures which seems to be nice if they become animated) fullscreen on his monitor and took some distance from monitor so SWIM can't see it in full details then it start moving/living and she even speaks with SWIM, althought SWIM can't hear her sound clearly just a very gentle unclear sound. But all movements and facial expressions was exactly like she is here. At this point I was questioning his own sanity.
    T+29:00 - Finally I started to sleep.
    T+31:00 - Just 2 hours of sleep it was. It seems like I had afull night of sleep as he was not tired by any means. SWIM looked at the pictures on wall to find out that he is still hallucinating. SWIM realized he probably still doesn't havw enough sleep to be normal and all these hallucinations are from lack of sleep rather than meth (which should be very low in his body).
    T+37:30 - Its now the night of second day after smoking meth, I am really feel tired and still can see those funny halluciations often at SWIM's own will to see something move. It does move/change but always a little different from what SWIM expects to see. SWIM spend a lot of time playing with his pictures in computer to watch a movie instead of motionless picture, plus SWIM can alter these movies the way he likes (not always). Going to bed with H's picture filling the SWIM's monitor and speaking to her till he fall asleep and sleeps a good 9-10 hours after these two extraordinary days. Althought hallucinations were fun in the last few hours SWIM sleeps wishing not to see any kind of hallucinations the next day, just wants to be like before and be able to do everyday things without any doubt of paranoia and hallucination.
    T+47:00 - I feel completely normal and does not feel particulary bad or good. After finding out that I do not hallucinate anymore he felt good and decided not to use any meth (at least) for the next few weeks.

    Pooh! Thats all, SWIM warned you that he is high on meth! :crazy

    If you just skipped this long post and is reading this you should be like most people who never have enough time to read such long posts, sorry!

    BTW, this is the longest post SWIM ever posted.
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    Jan 8, 2007
    41 y/o
    Drug: Meth
    Quantity: first time not much, about 2/3 of a line (everybody here is snorting only, I have never seen anyone here smoke it or inject it)
    Quality: pretty poor, but it was a free line from a friend so I could stay awake at work.

    Effect: Awake, talks more. Wasn't that great, but still very good. Next week my friend had some meth which was very high quality, so SWIM and his friend rated it 7/10 (first SWIM rated it 9/10 but he rated it down because SWIM also had a 8/10 which was better, and 10/10... I think 10 of 10 points is only for the last travel into the light, and hopes that acid will be somewhat the 9 of 10)

    so the 8 of 10 points in my rating system just blowed him out of the water. actually, SWIM gives full points for the best feeling he ever had on any drug ever.

    feeling totally alive, being aware of just about anything, talking and changing topics two to three times in one sentence. I am a big pothead, and I remember nights of joy, him being totally stoned and slow as a slug because meth is a no-no if you have to sleep the next day.

    two people stoned like apes playing a tambourine, talking so slow and thinking through every word slowly, and tree people on meth talking with SWIM and SWIm just could believe they are human - no one can be THAT fast.

    But I got his revenge, being on meth and talking with the same friend on bud, asking him every single question SWIM's meth speeded brain could think of. maybe 2 or 3. per second. very hilarious pothead vs. tweeker contest, especially enjoying both sides.

    SWIM counts the 8 of 10 points meth his first real meth experience, and I did meth before he ever tried any other amphetamine, and I thought that the Speed he snorted is sugar because he pretty much didnt feel really that speeded up (yeah I was high but only the body... where's the giant sunshine feeling candy lollipop clouds and happiness and allmighty power? so basically, SWIM only uses Speed if there's nothing else.)

    SWIM loves crystal meth, so much, that he has enough respect of the long course effects.

    oh but you could help my other friend SWIM in the hallucinogenics thread he started, really needs some good advices on his horror.