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Anal use - methods of ingestion Acetaminophen/Oxycodone - can you plug without cwe?

Discussion in 'Hydrocodone' started by evilsmeagol, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. evilsmeagol

    evilsmeagol Newbie

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    Jun 24, 2010
    40 y/o from U.S.A.
    could not find an answer to this anywhere! sorry if it has already been discussed -

    could one simply crush Acetaminophen/Oxycodone by itself, i'm just talking 2 5/325 add 25 - 40 units of warm water suck it up a syringe (no needle obv) and plug? roomates who no not of fun stuff so have to wait a while for cwe. the idea was do 2 that way then 2 more after cwe hopefully at the peak. this would be for someone who has sum tolerance. figure this way would have better absorption that oral and would not damage the liver cuz it wont be processed by it. remember just 1 or 2 then plug a few more after cwe.


    "when using the same syringe to plug and snort, ALWAYS SNORT FIRST!!!! lol"

    Read more: https://drugs-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1061221#post1061221#ixzz1gFVgMUJ0

    evilsmeagol added 94 Minutes and 13 Seconds later...

    so my friend has no patience and also wanted to do this for something in a few hours so my friend took 2 Acetaminophen Oxycodone 5/325 added warm water and stuck it in a cup with snow, she lives in denver and there was just a snowstorm, since fridge and freezer were out. (pretty sure ice water would work too) 10 min later filtered with coffee filter and plugged some then redid the process adding 1/8 cup hot water to warm it but not have too much liquid to increase purity. by that time she already felt a buzz! then plugged more snorted sum and drank the rest! horrible taste so mix or have a chaser!

    question about doseing - ive heard plugging takes 1/10 oral. this cant be right! seems more like a half or third. opinions? i'd like to know with percocet, morphine and Ecstasy

    she would still appreciate advise on original post!

    she takes tramodol and klonopin would these be safe to mix?

    my friends thanks you very much!
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  2. baZING

    baZING Newbie

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    Nov 15, 2009
    from U.S.A.
    First of all, and I don't mean to chide, but a quick google search of "rectal administration of acetaminophen" will lead you mostly to abstracts, two of which are:




    Now, even though both of these studies were done with children, we adults can garner a bit of insight. Without much knowledge on the matter, those studies at least say to me, "If acetaminophen can be, has been, and is given to children rectally at an equivalent dose for their age and size, acetaminophen can, probably, be safely taken rectally by an adult in moderation of both dose and frequency." If you were only taking 650mg of APAP that way (which is only slightly more than a single Tylenol tablet) and didn't do it often, I would guess it's not an issue. Keyword: "guess," not "guarantee," and certainly not "condone."

    Most of us around here are aware of the dangers of APAP and the liver, though I won't pretend to know a damn thing about how the liver gets involved when you plug. The short story is, however, the less APAP you can take the better, so if you were able to perform a fairly successful CWE on 2 5-325 tablets and have a good time, then that's just less you have to worry about.

    As for "plugging takes 1/10 oral," that is absolutely untrue. But it is only untrue because it's a blanket statement. For drugs like hydromorphone and oxymorphone, which have an extremely low oral bioavailability, I could easily see that being the case. Oxycodone happens to have a very high oral bioavailability. I've seen the number close to 90%, which means IVing oxycodone would only get you about 10% (give or take) more of the medication at peak plasma levels. The time it takes to reach peak plasma levels is phenomenally less when one IVs and dose must be altered accordingly. I am not an IV drug user, and I'm not suggesting it here... but my point is plugging lies in something a gray area in between oral use and an IM injection, depending on the drug. You have to understand there hasn't exactly been a lot of research on drug abusers who prefer rectal administration.

    I would say, because of the high oral availability of oxycodone, you are about correct that perhaps a half an oral dose is a good place to start for plugging, since it will come on slightly quicker and last slightly less long. As for morphine and MDMA, they're two totally different ballgames (from both each other and oxycodone) so I would suggest making a post in the forums for those drugs if it ever becomes a possibility that you will plug them in the near future.

    As for your final question, CNS depressants are never safe to mix.

    Hope that helps!