Question - Micro dosing magic mushrooms for benzo withdrwal

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    Hi I have read a couple of threads on a Benzo forum where people are Micro dosing Shrooms during tapering and after being off the Benzos for a while as well and found they helped with the withdrawal in in some cases stopped the symptoms dead in its track.They decided to try it after reading research that Magic Mushrooms can grow new neurons, and another person did it after being told ''So I have a friend that had a brain injury from a fall.

    ''Some of her symptoms are similar to benzo withdrawal. I was talking to her and she mentioned that she took mushrooms once a month to help repair her brain damage. She had done a good bit of research on it before deciding to do it, she's said it has helped her heal some''.

    Anyway a quick bit of info about myself as I feel an explanation will be more helpful in trying to gain an answer. While I know all about the hell that is coming off of Benzos, I recently had to updose as I have a neighbour from hell moved in above me 18 months ago when I'd gotten myself down to 3.45mg from many year's at 20mg. I had to updose back to 10mg 8 weeks ago as there was no way I could continue under these circumstances, its really bad.

    And also was advised to do so by a Benzo withdrwal and recovery help line when I rang up in a terrible state and explained my situation was making life impossible, let alone carry on a taper on top of trying to survive and ended up very disabled in this hell environment.

    I already intended to try up-dosing prior to ringing them and told them this and they agreed that the only way I had any chance was to up-dose hold, and get myself moved and try to get my Doctors backing but I've managed to resolve it without having to wait on a Doctor who was no help in the situation previously.

    I'm now waiting on a moving date, but want to try micro dosing the Shrooms after I've moved and my life is a lot calmer and more stable than it is now, I'm not insane that I'd attempt it while living here no way!!

    Anyway, I have some golden teacher spores coming but am not well informed about Shrooms, I mean I know what they are what they do under normal circumstances, not being in Benzo withdrawal where the brain isn't functioning as it should. I took them a few times (Liberty caps) many years ago, and enjoyed the buzz when I ate 30 fresh ones for the first time, but not when my friends idiot BF made Coffee' with a few thousand boiled up the second time.

    Even the long time trip heads who were present, the idiot included, found it difficult to deal with the trip at the start him and his friend decided they ere going for a walk and couldn't get past the garden gate plus paranoia was spreading like a bush fire. Except for the one guy who was able to control the trip, also I knew no one in the house so apart from my friend whose house it was they were all strangers to me, knew each other but that wasn't any help to them anyway.

    They were still freaked out, my friend was yelling all sorts and I don't know how after a few hours I had held myself together a lot better than the die hard trippers. And eventually felt pretty good when I peaked and even managed to help the ''experts'' calm down by talking to them and reassuring them but I never want to go there ever again. I then took more after that and enjoyed the trip each time, but weed was my thing and I just forgot about the shrooms as most of my circle weren't into tripping or like me had tried it, enjoyed it or hated it after one time and left it alone.

    Anyway as the year's by I wanted to try it again but thought there was no chance as I was now in Benzo withdrawal and didn't want to shoot myself in the foot and wasn't aware that people were micro dosing them for the same reason and having positive results. Some were using them dried in capsules, some eating then fresh and another guy who used to trip regularly in his pre- Benzo days after trying these two methods opted for making team from 100mg up wards to 500mg and drinking 1/4 of a cup each time.

    He's in protracted withdrwal but him and a guy who had just began tapering both said as they began to go up they felt not so great, a rise the anxiety symptoms for the one .They didn't ''trip'' they only took micro doses but the doses bought about changes

    And the other guy said he just didn't feel good for a while, but when the change hit them they felt great and ALL the symptoms went away and this would last for quite a few days after taking the shrooms, with no up tick or worsening of symptoms. They even found the micro dosing stopped cluster headaches form hell in its tracks and pulled them out of the wave from hell where the symptoms would flare up to an unbearable state.

    Another guy was able to taper what should have taken year's or at least many months in a few weeks with out much problem at all and not the severe symptoms you would expect him to go through and there are women who swears its helped them with the Benzo withdrawal as well as well. I am also aware that many peole micro dose on a daily bases for different reasons, but most of them doing it for Benzo withdrawal didn't do it daily, it was every few day's to a few days a week.

    There were also others who said they just ate one cap or one stalk each time and that helped them, no one's saying it ''cures'' Benzo withdrawal but it helped them get through withdrawal easier. And helped them cope with symptoms as well as alleviate or totally get rid of others. I would like some advice and suggestions from those of you who have greater knowledge about Shrooms than I obviously have, any input at all is welcome. . Thanks Zzann
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    Did you try this, and if you did, did it help? Could you provide some in depth information if you did make an attempt? Thanks!
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    You apparently haven't tried microdosing yet--sounds like all you have tried is OVERDOSING. Mushrooms in large amounts often result in severe paranoia and I'm not surprised that your little "coffee" indulgence lead to extreme results. You're lucky to have survived that unscathed.

    So it sounds like the "one stalk" approach might be worth trying for benzo withdrawal when it comes to that for you. I have only microdosed once (other times taking average doses) and the microdose was really quite pleasant.

    Please keep us posted, and do be careful. You don't want to drive yourself into psychosis!