mini blunts

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    Jan 4, 2005
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    I bought a box of swisher sweets to roll some blunts with my dad, first
    time i did the rolling (before hand its always been a friend doing it)
    but now its just me and my dad, whos cluseless too.

    so anyway, a lot of experimentation went down on the cigars (as i am
    one to learn the hard way, instead of just checking out the net) but
    anyway, theres an inner layer and an outter layer of the cigar, the
    outter layer is the one that is ravelled around the cigar, anyway, i
    removed the outter layer and unpealed the seal closing the inner layer
    around the tobacco, which was real easy, the tobacco fell right out (at
    times with swisher sweets i experienced a lot of trouble removing the
    tobacco without tearing the layers of cigar)

    so anyway, im looking at this perfect looking square of inner layer
    cigar, and then look to my joint rolling machine (those 6 dollar
    rolling things they have at head shops) and of course the square was
    too big, so i cut it up, real small actually (narrorwer than a joint,
    but just as long) and rolled up a real small "rail" (as my dad calls
    skinny joints).

    And let me tell you, this is pretty fabulous. its got all the fun
    flavor and pizaz of a cigar, but good for a personal smoke and less tar
    in your lungs as well.

    also, i made a roach clip out of a paper clip, and (youll have to use
    your imagination how) i made it so it stays firmly in a beer bottle,
    but can be removed when squeezing part of it, so that it can be easily
    removed from the beer bottle to ash into the beer bottle.

    keeps the ashes together(inside the beer bottle,which looks neat full
    of grey ash), and makes it easier to pass, plus no accidently squeezing
    too hard and breaking things up.

    i wonder how many beer bottles full of ashes i produce a month,

    oh and you can get 3 equally pleasant smoking experiences from this operation, from just one blunt.

    if youre smoking with a bunch of idiots, or if stupid shit is going to
    go down, the only way to smoke for many reasons, is out of a black and
    mild with the tips.

    first of all, its instant to make one, and takes no skill.

    second, its real firm, you can throw it around, go outside, do whatever without worry of it falling apart or going out,

    hits real great,

    doesnt require anyone to lick it and be all spitty and nasty.

    only real con is, for me, i dont really like the taste over some other
    things, its too heavy for me, but everyone should try it out.


    first, you just need weed, a black and mild (thats the brand name)
    cigar, a pen or any other long pointy penis looking object, and while
    you can break it up with your hands, a grinder is really amazing and
    should be used for all smoking events.

    now you have you stuff,

    take the black and mild upside down, and with your thumb and pointer
    finger squeeze the cigar at the bottom, and fiddle with it, rolling it
    between your fingers, so that some of the tobacco will fall out.

    i find that widdlling from the tip of the cigar to the back works best,
    but it porobably doesnt matter, just get all the tobacco out by
    wiggling it between your fingers...i hope that makes sense...

    now the tobacco at the very end, by the plastic tip, is actually just
    about impossible to get out, so just leave it in there (the very last
    inch by the plastic tip, can be left full of tobaccoo, but dont worry
    were not smoking it)

    ok so now you should have a plastic tip, with a hollow cigar tube
    sticking out of it, resembling a long sleave shirt, suspended by a
    shoulder outwards, but with no arm.

    now after youve ground/tore your weed up,

    step 1. pinch weed, drop into sleave of cigar

    step 2. take penis looking object and simulate anal sex on the weed into the sleave, packing it very firm into the cigar.

    repeat steps 1 and 2, until the black and mild is full of weed.

    Now you have to choose, are you going to have a real nice smoking experience, or a faster, less enjoyable experience.

    if you dont care about imrpioving the situation, light up and enjoy.

    To slightly improve the situation, take a pair of scissors and cut the
    plastic tip off of the cigar, (remember the plastic tip is full of
    tobacoo) now with a paper clip poke out the tobacco out of the clip,
    then, shove the weed/cigar back into the plastic tip.

    its surprising, but to me, not having that tobacoo filtering the weed smoke, as i inhale, vastly improves the experience.
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  2. The_Great_Sage

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    Feb 10, 2005
    whoa you just went through a very long agonizing instructional thread and i knew all of what you said but i do thank you for speading your technique on how to roll them the way i roll blunts or mini blunts or joints is just to know the dynamics of wht your rolling so you know what to do and what not to do and then you smoke it i dont have any beer bottles filled with ash but i do have a really cool roach clip that i use every weekend practically
  3. Qish

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    Jan 4, 2005
    63 y/o
    i also find that writing things down helps me remember them

    forums encourage me to think, and write thoughts down
  4. kj_hash420

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    May 1, 2005
    30 y/o from Canada
    i like to use colts for mini-blunts, i just take the stick part off of 2 joints and attach it to the colt paper after i empty out the tobacco and roll the blunt and lick the sticky part as i would with a joint, and if u buy a gram, it fits perfectly in a colt
  5. boredINbuffalo

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    Sep 9, 2005
    SWIM often likes to buy blunt wraps and then roll blunts with them about the width of a cigarette, pack them down tight, and cut a section about the length of a cigarette, so what he has, in effect, is a cigarette made out of a blunt wrap.

    He finds it's a nice measurement for trips, as it's about all he'd need and is relatively disposable.
  6. Metalhead

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    Dec 19, 2005
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    Yeah the mini blunts work great. I will need to take the tobacco out next time i do it.
  7. blackbastard

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    May 19, 2005
    from afghanistan
    can someone define "mini blunt" for me?

    swim always thought that a blunt was just an amount of weed in a paper, regardless of size. has swim been wrong all these years?
    I would usually roll a blunt with a small rizla for swimself or for a small hit with one friend. or I would go to a normal kingsize rizla for a blunt/reefer for a small group of friends
  8. psychobill90

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    Jan 5, 2007
    personaly, I has used, swisher sweet mini cigarlos(they are like ciggerts, they have a filter and same size as a ciggeret, and they only come in soft pack but they are wraped in a blunt wrap, and they come in differet flavors) and swim just cuts a strait line down the middle and uses ciggeret roller... and spit...and comes out with perfect mini blunts every time...