Experience Report - Modafinil and alcohol experience report

Discussion in 'Nootropics' started by lyingspeed, Jun 17, 2018.

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    Feb 13, 2013
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    Today I took my daily 200mgs and a 200mg booster at around noon (thats my prescription). I also took like 2000 or so mgs of gabapentin, another script of mine. Can't remember the prescribed dose of hand.

    Later on I bought a beer and one of those mini shots of vodka (this is a ritual of mine; every time I drink a beer I do that). My dad had a beer so I decided to get one too, I guess.

    so I did that, not even thinking about the interactions, and about half way through my beer I started getting an amphetamine-type of buzz. I ended up taking another 175mgs modafinil at around 4 to keep it going and finished the drum piece for a song I had been working on for a few days-I'm a music producer, my major in school is audio engineering-and played some kickass games of halo. Then I went to dinner with my family, had a margarita, but it made me feel kinda blehh so I had a couple 5hr energies like 20 mins ago. Now I'm back to that amp buzz

    This was a very positive experience! if you think you can moderate your alcohol intake that is. Maybe not that much modafinil since I have a tolerance.

    [side note-gabapentin stimulates me for some reason, probably because of my bipolar]