Setting - Most enjoyable Enviroment on 2C's?

Discussion in 'Phenethylamines' started by TitusCrow, Dec 31, 2006.

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    Nov 22, 2006
    SWITC has experienced with a few 2C chemicals many times.

    With 2C-e SWITC found that he most often enjoys being with less than 3 other people, doing something that involves music or going outside ( such as driving with someone who is not under the influence ). SWITC also likes to be alone sometimes on very high doses, in a dark room with a headset.

    With 2C-b he came to the conclusion that he likes to be in a loud musical enviroment with as many people as possible. He feels this is where 2C-b is much like E because it gives him the 'party' feeling.

    SWITC thought it would be interesting if everyone had their monkey include what they enjoyed most on 2C chems and what their idea of the best enviroment is on their favorite 2C chems.
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    Dec 2, 2006
    Parents, straight people, or police encounnters can really ruin an Research Chemical high. Swim usually flys solo, listens to all the new house music releases on a 5 speaker stereo system. Music truely takes on a whole different sound more pleasing to the ears. I take breaks by lying on the couch absorbing the buzz and visuals. I also like watching a new movie on the DVD. Clubs are also a fun place to hang out, but getting there is difficult because I had a rule - do not drive when under the influence of an RC.
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    Feb 15, 2005
    Naked with the person you love, but I'd say that applies to so many situations that it shouldn't need stating...
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    Jan 13, 2007
    A good Research Chemical experience should be casually regimented. You should take it late at night with just one other person, indoors with music that you find relaxing and aurally pleasant. Take a midnight walk halfway through the trip.
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    Apr 12, 2005
    from Australia
    2C-T-21 is superb for paragliding, SCUBA, gardening, kundalini yoga, as a powerful amplifier of the 'come hither' vibration aka 'telepathic chick magnet', as an adjuvant for the therapist during a psychedelic session, yada yada,

    do not try this at home, above was performed by trained and experienced psychos, oops, i meant psyops, oops, i meant professional psychologists / type-Ts.

    2C-B-FLY is great for playing 30+ hour sets in the wilderness, outdoor bush doofs and thoughts of Anne are seconded in re that it obviates MDMA. also good for musical composition. or gastranomic extravaganzas. or making people come up to the experimenter demandind to have whatever it is they are experimenting with, please, please

    2C-D almost demands social interaction which must be of a fairly highminded order and filled with light. its properties as a catalyst for deepening the experience of many other sacrements without distorting is second to none.

    2C-B demands MDMA as a primer.

    2C-I warrants a vomit bucket, as does 2C-C, and a warm, non-irritant blanket to retreat post upchucktum factum.

    2C-TFM demanded to be remade.

    2C-T-4, 2C-G, 2C-P and even 2C-E have indicated that they require a certain state of spiritual and kinesthetic development on the host's part and thus asked to be left alone till such a time, should it come.

    all 2C members seem suited best to majestic outdoor settings - think mountaintop sunsets, Angkor Wat, Telluride, Byron Bay, etc, in the company of persons of trust and a healthy dose of apriori intent for optimal benefit. music may become waay to jarring, but not nature's music. wind-borne pheromone communication is an eye opener, as are nonprimate linguistic / other communication modalities.

    if you play video games or watch TV or attend smoky sweaty germy kiddie clubs while experimenting, your time and the drug is wasted. as such, you should quit doing drugs as they have clearly damaged your brain.

    a deep tissue trained Thai massage practitioner (better yet, two lithe, aromatic, masterfully aware, strong 20 year old maidens w/waist length hair and frozen grapes to feed by hand) is a godsend. dont forget to retop on supps such as Mg, K, Na, H2O and x-oxidants, DA precursors if you care for such. beforehand, a clean colon helps avoid much GI distress.

    love the world and it cant do otherwise to you as it is only a reflection of your, yes your intent/action, rippling, refracting, becoming light. fuck entropy.
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