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Effects - Most insane/intense/crazy/ineffable/otherworldly/etc. drug combo

Discussion in 'Drug combinations' started by Sumeru, Feb 20, 2011.

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  1. Sumeru

    Sumeru Silver Member

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    Dec 24, 2010
    SWIM has recently taken an interest in the possibility of attaining one of the most, if not the most otherworldly, spiritual, mystical or "out there" high. SWIM has difficulty articulating the state of consciousness she wants to obtain. While SWIM regards enlightenment as a state of consciousness not achieved by chemical means, SWIM is still peculiar about what combination of drugs (most probably of the hallucinogenic class) would produce, in effect, the most intensely mind-altering experience possible. SWIM realizes that the effects of various psychotropics are highly subjective and many will say that a near-enlightenment experience cannot be obtained by the use of specific drugs or any drugs in general. In any case my current postulation is on an intravenous combination of high doses of the following:

    • Ketamine
    • DMT
    • 5-MeO-DMT
    • Salvinorin A
    • Harmaline
    SWIM feels the tendency to shy away from other dissociatives and deliriants in general despite their profoundly psychedelic or more broadly hallucinogenic and perception-altering effects. Would SWIM be wrong in this assumption? What other info or tips can SWIY give me, or what opinions does SWIY have on the combination and what their personal thoughts on what psychotropics, if any, can produce the most insightfully reality-displacing midnfuck?

    Sumeru added 4 Minutes and 23 Seconds later...

    Also, what does SWIY feel the effects of this combination might be or relate to?
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  2. S.J.P.

    S.J.P. Titanium Member

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    Jul 29, 2010
    SWIM's most intense drug experience consisted of:

    - 2C-B (insufflated)
    - Alcohol (oral)
    - Alprazolam (oral)
    - Amphetamine (insufflated)
    - Cannabis (smoked)
    - Heroin (insufflated)
    - Ketamine (insufflated)
    - LSD (oral)
    - MDMA (oral, insufflated)
    - PCP (insufflated)
    - Psilocybin mushrooms (oral)
    - Tobacco (smoked)

    The PCP and ketamine had me completely dissociated, while the 'shrooms and LSD added a more psychedelic aspect to the trip... and all this on top of a big euphoric dose of MDMA. Everything else was just like an extra candy coating. :)
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  3. brettoner


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    Sep 16, 2009
    k holeing on two blotters was amazing swims bed turned to jelly and he fell in he found him self floating in space at first then a bunch of random erotic cartoons (down side is alot random stuff 75% of the trip was random images) the best part is whe he found him self in a while room with a giant east indian godess and normal sized east indian painting style people he remembers talking to the godess but couldent remember a word the last part of the trip was random images he couldent make out it felt like mabie 5min-15mins tops but was about an hour there was no fear at all during this time good for a less stressful void
  4. noah.vos

    noah.vos Newbie

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    Mar 8, 2011
    Although it can last for far too long and is something that may well never be recovered from. I'm going to say, a phenomenon that western Drs. would call "Stimulant induced psychosis" but I refer to as premature Kundalini arousal is far and away the most powerful exp. one can have next to NDE's.

    If you don't believe in a Great Spirit or an Ultimate Reality, you will be brought to Her threshold(and your knees) during an amphetamine psychosis/Kundalini arousal. A close friend of mine instigated this reaction in himself by smoking recklessly large doses of crystal coupled with sleep/food deprivation and CONSTANT sexual stimulation. His chakras were abruptly opened, the exp was all things at once and his body, mind, emotions have never been the same. And to be certain, the exp was by turns beyond euphoria and beyond fear, the single most powerful exp ever. And this individual has eaten 1/4 ounce of mushrooms and eaten an extreme amount of acid, smoking very potent ganja right as he peaked on both of these trips. The key to making it through w/o developing schizophrenia is to catch the the delusions before the Snake tricks you and to flow with the exp and not fight it. My friend stated that the euphoria when embraced by the Great Spirit was unlike anything he had ever exp. and this exp cause him to radically alter his lifestyle, he was truly "born again." He heard voices for months after he ceased using crystal and says he spoke directly to God.
  5. DXMpsyco

    DXMpsyco Newbie

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    Nov 9, 2011
    I for one really enjoy dissoviatives and deleriants. I haven't used all the drugs I want to yet, but I have done many and am pretty sure of himself, but anything could happen. In a couple weeks I'm going to attempt a safe HBWR, DXM, DPH, Amanita Muscaria, 5f-pb22, 5f-akb48, and cannabis. I still have much research to do as far as interactions, dosages, and schedule, and I might throw some nutmeg in there too. What does anyone think? Tips?
  6. Jordan34660


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    Feb 4, 2013
    AFOAF would say Ketamine and PCP
  7. Maranatha


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    Jan 8, 2013
    A Plateau Sigma dose of DXM would provide exactly what you're looking for, without venturing into questionable/dangerous combos. Read the DXM FAQ for info on the experience as well as how to dose it. I personally find Plateau Sigma very rewarding and fun. Every time I journey there I learn SO much about myself and the Universe as a result of the intense personal realizations and having extensive conversations with the entities that come to me.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2013
  8. joefear

    joefear Silver Member

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    Jan 18, 2013
    100mg MXE insufflated at the peak of 1mg 25i-nbome ethanol solution insufflated!

    I thought I was Jesus in a government experiment controlled by dimensional aliens.
    I'll not repeat that again.

  9. Diabolicaldoll

    Diabolicaldoll Titanium Member

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    Feb 1, 2013
    I do not see how a thread of this nature could add anything positive to the forum.
  10. lilblueguy

    lilblueguy Newbie

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    Feb 5, 2013
    A friend of mine took 60mg of 4-Aco-DMT, a capsule of MDMA, a ton of weed, and nitrous oxide.
    He said that it was the most euphoric thing he has ever done, until he blacked out and forgot most of the experience.
  11. dzeyer

    dzeyer Newbie

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    Nov 12, 2012
    I wouldn't mix DXM and nutmeg, SWIM thinks nutmeg can be enough of an MAOI to kick things sideways with DXM.
  12. TheSalineCanine

    TheSalineCanine Silver Member

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    Jun 14, 2012

    I know this is an old post I am responding to, but I just had to - the above sounds like my recent experience:

    As a middle aged-ish some-time regular potsmoker but during a break (I just decided to clear my head), so after not taking any drugs for several months, and a greatly reduced caffeine intake I was feeling fairly well - had lost that burned out/slowed down feeling of the too regular pot smoker and was comfortable - it hadn't been any trouble to change my mode...

    Well about 2 months down the line and a few weeks after a confusing family row when I kept my calm but walked away to blow my top in private, well just about a week after this had all seemingly blown over, I started getting nervous, but in sensation only - I felt mentally and emotionally quite normal but the electrical/nervous energy in my body was driving me nuts.

    This intensified with cognition changes and a sense I was running for my life/safety with my persuer right on my every thought and movement. Shortly after that my whole world just exploded in a kaleidoscopic, crystaline cluster-f'k - was like a too heavy mushroom trip in my visual field.

    I was all fear/electricity and one huge eye on the world. I knew nothing, but was being taken fully to task and shown too much. Far Too Much.

    I was a part of the information flow of my rapidly changing and expanding perceptions. I could see round corners physically and metaphorically, and although I was walking forwards through time physicaly, it was as if my experience, my consciousness was living backwards through time. I knew what was going to be said by those in the room/the people on TV and it was all part of all and part of me.

    None of this was the euphoric experience of a shamanic awakenening or such I've read accounts of. All this revelation was accompanied by a terrifcally raw and base electric vibe and emotionally I was beyond brought to my knees. I could not escape the feeling of utter worthlessness I had. I'd done so much harm, hurt so many, and I owed so much - more than my life was worth x a million - nothing I did cold lift me thopugh I refused to believe it - I tried to raise my head up but ever time was struck down.

    I was presented with many of the faces, the aspects of 'She' - Naure, the mother, the sister, the daughter. The Lover, the Bitch, the Whore and the Crone - I will never forget the evening sky full of her crows feet, each one a testament to her long suffering at the hands of the callousness of men. I didn't know what it all meant but I recognised her every time. When she'd done with me she threw my remains to 'He', and he skewered me and rode me around the globe on a whim.

    I was dead. I was burried. Every day they took my mind's eye to my grave stone. Freinds and family called at my house to grieve. And been taken to the hole and back so many times...

    From the onset I'd cried, deep pain-wracked sobs for the first 3 days almost solid, and it probably took me a couple of months or more to stop crying every day at all. I hardly slept for 4 months and hour, two or 3 a day at most. I didn't 'come down' for over a year, despite abandoning all caffeine and other drugs but tobacco.

    I had to fight to regain some material perspective in the end, had to force myself to 'forget' so much 'truth' just to be able to cope with everyday life.

    I wish I'd had the temperament to hold on, dismiss the 'snake' and associated delusion and ride it to a better way of life.

    I'd long knew/understood and discussed the true one-ness and connectedness of everything. I knew that all boundary is illusion. I tried to live this way as best I could, but once I got to see it all and had no choice but to live experiencing the world this way, well let's say I need my f'n FILTERS to survive.

    Ayways, my lessons are still unfolding, and I'm in a real good place these days.


  13. Gradient

    Gradient Chem|EB|DMT Staff Member

    Reputation Points:
    Nov 9, 2007
    As fun as they may be, threads like this always end up with long lists of ill advised combinations, and tend to popularize the idea that dangerous combinations are taken commonly.

    Sorry folks - closed.
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