Mouth and Throat Cancer

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    I know this may of been covered, but has there been any incidents of mouth and throat cancer? with weed directly not concerned with lung cancer. some of the drug sites will say it does which is quite conflicting to what swia reads else where.

    Maybe swims paranoid, occasionally having thought she may end like her friend. Who has throat and mouth cancer but he did smoke tobacco alot , drink etc. Are mouth and throat cancer rare? comparing to lung cancer?

    Swia herself doesn't smoke tobacco. she did in her 15's up 19's. She doesn't smoke joints very often as she prefers to to chug back her pollen or weed in one go in one hit. Hold it in then slowly exhale and in envelop in the warm weed high. This is sometimes repeated depending on tolarance 3-8 times a day not all day long. I know there are vaporiser out there and water bongs. But nothing compares to a lung.also swim knows most people will kill an eighth in a night, where as swia and boyo as we smoke hits in one go , we can make an 3.5 gram 8th last 3 days. One hit doing the lung methoud seems to be good at saving weed.

    swia feel any response greatly appreciate the boyo also smokes pretty much in the same fashion as swia.

    Any help at all, opinions etc

    swia doc and dentist always laugh everytime i get them to check my throat,. lol

    WE know the obvious thing would be to not smoke, or eat it instead.
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