Effects - Mushroom Effects After 5-MeO-DMT Use?

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    Oct 6, 2006
    roughly a week ago, SWIM experienced his first 5-meo-dmt trip and was blown away. even for the days after his venture he was still filled with a calming, peace at mind, feeling. yesterday, I went for a 4 gram mushroom trip in the park. during the peak of the mushroom trip, SWIM kept feeling that same overwhelming feeling of wanting leaving his body that is associated with the usual dmt trip. he actually had to talk himself into staying inside his body. he's only experienced this feeling from shrooms once before and it was from roughly 6 grams. he has now been doing 4 gram doses on a regular basis with no out of body. could the 5-meo-dmt have possibly changed the way my mind deals with psychedelics? cuz if so, I am excited for the next voyage. any views or opinions that could possibly give SWIM some insight?