Combinations - Mushrooms and Oxazepam

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    Ola people

    I read that an antidote for shrooms is Valium. Valium is a diazepam and so is Oxazepam. So does this means Oxazepam is an antidote for shrooms too??

    Any Information is welcome...

    Thank you very much

    Shroomer from Holland
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    Valiumis the brandname forDiazepam. Valium and Oxazepam are different substances. I do not know for sure if Oxazepam deminishes shroom effects, but since the work in simular ways, i'd guess so.
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    Different substances, but either one will help calm your trip down if you're having a rough time:

    (10mg Diazepam [Valium] = approx. 20mg Oxazepam)
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    Just so you know neither of those substances will end a trip, they will only help relax you so you don't have a bad one.
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    Re: Oxazepam

    I was with around six of his friends some day in a very distant galaxy, his friends are all cardboard like beings that live in a new planet they just discovere, poor guys soon they will be attacked by the Bush and co.
    Well, SWIM shall not ramble anymore, they had all eaten around 40 grams dried cubensis, so almost 6 grams each. They were tripping really hard, looking at the grass grow like when shown in fast motion on tv and all the different objects making different shapes, SWIM's girlfriend even saw a tree turn into a crocodile when she wandered off with her best friend, the girls got freaked out of that one! But then when they came back they all had a good laugh.
    Then they noticed that one of their friends was missing, so they went looking for him in the house, up to then they had been at the beach right in front of his house. They found him in the laundry room, sitting on the floor crying, he was having a really bad trip, saying he wanted to go home and talk to his mom, and then he even asked for a priest. Luckily, I am very well-prepared and always when he does a massive dose of shrooms he takes some diazepams with him just in case they are needed, and this time they truly were, SWIM gave one 10mg pill to his friend and in about 30 minutes he was back again with them laughing at how he had freaked out so bad and basically having a great time while still tripping balls.
    So, it is completely true, say's SWIM, that diazepam will mellow the worse of the trip, but that doesn't mean it will terminate the trip, what it will do is relax the person who is freaking out to the point where he can actually let go and enjoy the ride.
    Since oxazepam is also a very effective anxiolytic, and I have used it for anxiety and also recreationally, he is pretty sure it will work much like the diazepam described in the above account. Although the dosages will obviously vary, diazepam a good calming dose would be 10mg, in the case of oxazepam it should be around 20-30mg
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    Eating a clonzepam/xanx prioir to mushrooms reduces that anxiety, negative thought, etc. But if the trip starts to go awol, oxezepam works the best. Within half an hour or hour youl stop tripping but with resideual effects of the shrooms, mad body buzz still headhigh without tripping