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  1. Bonnie

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    Imagine my delight, after moving to the UK from Australia to find that
    I have my own local hydro shop 10 minutes walk away. My weekends thus
    far has therefore been a discovery on all the items on their menu. I
    have so much fun when I eat mushies that I have given up the alcohol
    and just really enjoy the pleasures and euphoria that I get when I
    munch them down. Some of the trips that I've had have put me into
    creative minds and I've painted fanstastical paintings, taken me to our
    local park where I discovered my child hood again, and allowed me to
    see the beauty of people and really enjoy peoples company. Every type
    of shroom has taken me on a different trip and although they have been
    mostly low doses so far (I haven't halucinated wildly or seen people
    turn into lions, clowns and have orgys - as what happened to my friend)
    I have really just enjoyed being myself on these occassions and relish
    life. As I start to up the doses as I work through the menu, I'm sure
    more suprises are in store for me. And I can't wait!
  2. pacamohu

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    Dec 14, 2004
    from U.S.A.
    That sounds amazing...I want to visit the UK so badly especially London.
    Not just because of the shrooms but also because of the culture and and
    history...Its all so cool to me. I hope you enjoy it all.
  3. poweredbyhate

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    Dec 17, 2004
    from Canada
    Great post Bonnie. It's good to hear people speak of how much
    mushrooms affected them in a positive way, rather than hearing about
    people just wanting to get 'messed up'.

    Like you, I have enjoyed the pleasures of mushrooms a few times.
    Each time was a fascinating experience. I learned a lot about
    myself, and saw things in a whole new light. Each time has been
    exciting and educational... truly mind-expanding.
  4. ACiD TRiP xxx

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    Dec 26, 2004
    from U.K.
    Poweredbyhate, I couldn't agree with you more. I hate it when I see
    people abusing shrooms, hell, when I first started using them I must
    admit I took them specifically to get messed up, but now it's gone
    beyond that.

    Shrooms are a sacred plant, and should be treated with nothing but respect!
  5. Bonnie

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    Not only that, but they are 100% natural, safe and healthy! What more
    could you want from a drug. No lung cancer from these. And I reckon it
    would be near possible to have an overdose of shrooms (especially from
    fresh shrooms, because you would just be too full). Does anybody know
    of somebody having an overdose of shrooms and have had to be admitted
    to hospital?
  6. Sway

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    Mar 22, 2005
    The highest risk for anyone that eats shrooms is that they are eating
    the right shrooms. The LD50 of mushrooms (providing that it actually
    contains any toxins, which I am unsure of) would be so high that you
    would have to eat probably more than your body weight, the fact is that
    you couldn't eat that many without throwing up a good few times.

    In places where mushrooms are illigal, one of the easiest ways to come
    by them is to pick them, this is risky to people who aren't sure,
    weather they think they are or not, what they're doing, and this causes
    far more illness' and deaths that actual magic mushrooms.

    Thankfully places like here, the UK they're legal and anyone over 18
    can buy and consume fresh mushrooms (though dry mushrooms are still
    illigal) this means when I personally buy mushrooms, I know for a fact
    that I am getting REAL magic mushrooms, not some toxic mushroom that
    looks similar, what pisses me off is that the government are
    "reviewing" this law, I'm not sure exactly what good they think they
    will do by making shrooms illigal but there will be a lot more people
    in my position forced to go mushroom hunting for themselves, this is
    just going to increase the danger of using mushrooms.