Experiences - Mushrooms Unlocking a Different Part of the Brain?

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    When Ralph was a young boy nothing was special about him. He went through life thinking nothing but the physical world was real, and all of that hocus pocus crap didn't exist. He believed in God, but did not believe that there was another world around us, and that it could affect him. Then one day he turned sixteen. He decided for the first time in his life to take shrooms. Sure he had been smoking weed for about a year before, and the gateway drug was pulling him in. So he purchased his pyschedelics in the form of a chocolate bar, and consumed at a party he was visiting. He went downstairs in a 8 by 10 room all to himself, and sat indian style in the middle of a pitchblack room. After about 2-3 minutes later he began to hallucinate. His field of view was filled with purple spider webs constantly moving. He can see them vividly and it makes a coherent picture. He is even able to look around the room without them disappearing. He lookes straight forward in the spider webs and begins to see a dark hole opening up in the center of the room. The hole takes on a diamond shape and begins spinning outward. At first, nothing can be seen in the whole until it is big enough to stick your hand. Then he sees a dogheaded figure. The figure is angry and is roaring at the boy. Then the darkest dark shadow the boy has ever seen begins swarming onto him. Pass after pass is made, but yet the boy is unafraid, and is quite enjoying the ride. Then without warning another person comes in the room and turns on the lights. The girl offers ralph some marijauna, and he graciously recieves. Later the boy, extremely high and shrooming, walks out into the back yard and proceeds to a normal looking brick wall at the back of the house. Immediately neon multicolored lights begin flashing in and out of his vision, and travel along the lines of the bricks in an odd manner. Then, as night begins the fall, his vision is clouded by hundreds of small snowflake like geometric patterns.
    After that trip when the subject began to get high, he would still see the snowflake like patterns, and the shadows would always change shape when he stared out into the night. Subject is now 18. He also noticed that a small red constantly changing object like a squiggly would appear in the middle of his vision. Sometimes he would see eyes staring back at him, or large red spinning geometric shapes in the form a circle/wagonwheel would appear. Then the subject rolled on X a few times afterward, and all it seemed to do was intensify his abstract reality. When he would go outside on cocaine and weed he would hallucinate and peoples faces would change in the shadows and red/purple objects would appear. He began to feel like there was a prescence around everything, but could not explain what it was. Recently he popped another tab (speed based) and began to put everything he had experienced together. Ralph looked online and read about meditation and the third eye (pinneal gland). The third eye is said the be the physical connection to the soul. Once activated you have greater intuition, and will be able to see things you never thought of before. He noticed that a lot of drawings and the discussion of the appearance of eyes. He also noticed that a lot of people don't see darkness when they close their eyes. They see colors and objects, almost like a stage in your head. Now, I ask you, is this boy developed a pyscotic break in his brain or did he unlock part of his brain? What's the answer here, any input would be awesome.:confused:
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    Re: Shroomings unaswered questions, (story inside!)

    I do not believe in some sort of other world that gets exposed by using psychedelics and he certainly doesn't believe weed is a gateway drug as Ralph says. The mind is a complex thing and psychedelics can allow one to peer into its complexities visually and emotionally. I don't think Ralph has unlocked anything in his brain permanently as such, he's probably just a little more aware of hallucinogenic perception after his experiences. Nothing to lose sleep over and far from a window into the "soul". In SWIM's opinion, obsessing over mystical intrigue by continually abusing psychedelics can be a slippery slope to descent. Be careful. Reality and cynicism can be one's only true foothold living in such a society as we do. One would be foolish to believe psychedelics can solve all the mysteries of the universe because all they can do is give a little insight at best. It's important to ground oneself at times.