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    Aug 3, 2005
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    Ok, I am going to post about my 2 DXM experiences and why I'm never going to do this shit again.

    1st Experience:

    Approx: 660mg DXM HBr (Robotussin Max Str. Cough)

    Weight: 160lbs.

    Gender: Male

    Stomach: Ate Dinner

    Alright, first of all I would like to say I have never had any
    experiences with any psychadelics. The only things I have done at
    this point was pot, alchohol and painkillers(mainly vicodin.) At first
    SWIM only drank approx. 250mg DXM and after about 45 min. I did not
    feel a thing, so SWIM drank a lot more ending at approx. 660mg DXM HBr.
    So after SWIM drank that second dose SWIM drove over to my friends
    house, and was feeling pretty normal. Eventually I started getting
    this dumbed down stoned sensation which wasn't disphoric but not
    exactly euphoric either. Later that night I smoked a bit of
    schwiggity schwag(crappy pot) and than I felt pretty good. Approx.
    twenty minutes after that I was lying on the couch trying to watch
    TV but unable to do so seeing as SWIM's vision was really fucked up and
    flanging hardcore. I remember staring at the ceiling as it flanged
    back and forth and feeling light trickles of air hitting certain points
    of SWIM's body. At one point I felt like I was going to die, and
    oddly enough that didn't really seem to bother SWIM too much. A little
    bit later on I had to leave the house with his friends and got into
    the back seat of someones car. At this point it was a humongous
    challenge to get from point A to point B because I couldn't walk for
    shit. SWIM also was getting a bit nervous because SWIM's vision and
    motor skills were really fucked up but I was able to keep a clear
    head and think properly. Later on I had to hop in his car and drive
    home which did not happen at all. SWIM put in the keys and drove for
    about 10ft. until SWIM's mind basically told SWIM "NO! YOU CAN'T
    PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY DO THIS." Now I have driven on multiple
    occasions under the influence of pot and / or alchohol and never had a
    problem. This was completely different, my mind and body completely
    and utterly did not allow SWIM to drive. SWIM called a friend to pick
    him up and take him to his house. At this point I could kind of walk
    and my mental functions were totally normal but my vision was
    kind of off balance. I eventually got a very bad headache but then
    the visual and motor skills problems wore off and I had SWIM's
    friend drive him back to SWIM's car so I could go home and sleep.
    After that experience I thought that I would never ever do that
    again. I thought it was very profound and unbelievable and worth
    experiencing but it was just too incapacitating and dysphoric.

    2nd Experience

    Approx: 760mg DXM HBr and also on 100mg Zoloft(sertraline)

    Weight: 170lbs.

    Gender: Male (Still lol)

    Well after reading all the positive experiences and interesting facts
    about DXM on this forum SWIM decided to have another go-round with DXM.
    SWIM drank about 760mg of DXM over a course of one hour and was driving
    around running favors for my friends before SWIM knew the effects
    would kick in. This experience was crazy. When I got home I went
    outside on his porch to smoke a cigarette and it really started hitting
    SWIM. I couldn't focus worth a good goddamn and was zoning out. SWIM
    managed to stumble upstairs and into my bed and called up my
    friend. At this point my vision was totally fucked up and I could
    barely keep up with what had happened an hour prior and what was
    happening currently. Time seemed to slow down, and SWIM looked back
    upon past events (in the last couple hours and days) and saw them as
    long moments of times like in a story book. Eventually one of my
    friends came and got to my downstairs door in which SWIM put forth a
    ton of effort getting to. SWIM sat down outside with my friend and
    smoked a cigarette(which was difficult and took like an hour) and
    listened to Pink Floyd(which totally took up a great portion of my
    focus.) I would say, "this is really fuckin wierd" to his friend
    numerous occasions this night. At one point SWIM's friend asked SWIM
    "Are you going to die?" and SWIM kinda laughed because SWIM already
    went over this in his last experience and replied "no." Eventually SWIM
    went inside and lied down on the couch for at least an hour just trying
    to stay coherent. Eventually SWIM told his friends to "get the fuck
    out" in a kindly fucked up sort of manner and went upstairs to bed and
    took a long ass time to goto sleep and had a very fucked up dream.
    Although these experiences may seem fun and cool to the reader of this
    post, the fact of the matter is neither of the experiences were very
    enjoyable, in fact most of the time I was very worried and knew
    there was nothing I could do to change my situation. Now SWIM
    believes that either time wasn't a waste, and that SWIM now knows a
    completely different mindset than others that haven't experienced this,
    because as I was saying, "this is really fuckin wierd." Now SWIM
    doubts that I will ever do DXM again, because it's not too euphoric.

    Now I have a question to ask you all. SWIM really wants to do some
    LSD and I want to know if it is anything like this. It seems to
    SWIM that on LSD I would trip and not have all these wierd things
    happen, because I never really "tripped" on this DXM.
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    May 18, 2005
    dont know about the lsd but i would so say no... cause no two drugs are
    near the same... sure some may have similiarities but most are easily
    distinguishing... but really i dont think u should give up on dxm at
    all.. u seem to have the ability to enjoy it.. but the doses you
    started at are way too high... u shoulda took half those amounts cause
    once they kick in u will enjoy them... but if u jump into high doses
    you get those more out of body or dissassociation with the world
    feelings... which i enjoy when i got to that point... but u shouldnt go
    that high to soon... try lower doses... this is were u hear all the
    good experiences and feelings coming from... its cause they built up to
    that level... start at 300 to 400.. and i bet u will enjoy it... but
    that is up to you... dont know what to say about lsd if u have the
    access to it.. then more power to you trying it... but ya it is a good
    idea to research before trying... good luck have fun!
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    Aug 3, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    Yeah, but I mean it seems like the effects from lower doses of DXM
    aren't really what I am aiming for. I mean SWIM can get pot for
    about 12 bucks a G and a 4 Oz bottle of DXM is about 5 dollars so
    realisticly the prices are comparable, and as far as music euphoria and
    whatnot, I think that pot is better because I have felt the lower
    dose effects at the start of my higher dose onset, and I feel
    that it does feel kind of good, but would rather smoke pot. Especially
    since I would rather not deal with the effects of dissociative use
    too much, and feels that pot is much less harsh on the mind and body.
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    Feb 19, 2005
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    Trying to get the same thing from pot and DXM just isnt going to happen friend. They are apples and oranges. Really. The doeses you started at are well way to high. Your dosing to go to the stages where being incoherent is what happens. Walking is hard because you dont wanna lift your foot and your all nervous. Also smoking ciggarettes on the times when i've tripped i have knoticed that they hit me MUCH harder, i like 1-2 drags of one, only after 2-3 hits off of a bowl.

    Also on your first dose you did a redose, pretty much. Because the DXM you took first was pretty much breaking down and giving you a little effect at the time you took the next. 250 + 410 does not equal 660 when redosing. The effects will be much higher. Be safe. Sounds kinda like you found out about DXM and ran out to get it. This isnt like weed where u do it every day, in place of bud.

    I think your looking for shit to morph into other things, and major halucinations, and that's not what your going to get. It's an experience where in it you can think a lot about things, enjoy doing things, but haigher levels are when things stop happening.

    Be VERY safe driving on DXM, i dont reccomend it at all. I've done it a few times and i hate it, only to be done when 100% necessary. But one time i saw something cool and stared at it, lucly my friend who was 1/2 drunk held the wheel straight, so all was well. And the other time i was driving my moms surburban just freaking out. also a few times with my parents, but that's because i wasnt bad yet.