Combinations - My Final Use; Salvia, LSA, Mescaline, Weed, Alcohol, Ecstasy, Nitrous, Mushrooms

Discussion in 'Drug combinations' started by Possessed, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. Possessed

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    Oct 1, 2005
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    This post portray a fictional story in which hypothetical scenarios are
    questioned =)

    Anyway, I'm having my last rendevous with drugs due to pressure
    from myself and friends to quit but I want to go out with a 'bang' if
    you will. I'm not really afraid of anything I don't suppose and am
    willing to try something new even if it's only a possibility it goes

    I was wanting to know which would be the best combination, and
    timing combination for these drugs.

    Here's the drugs available to me; Salvia, LSA, Mescaline, Weed,
    Alcohol, Ecstasy, Nitrous and possibley Mushrooms.

    My initial plan is this;

    Take the Ecstasy, LSA and Mescaline and the same point. Hopefully
    the Ecstasy boosts my mood before the Mescaline begins to come
    into play. This in effect will set me up for a good euphoric trip
    theoretically and hopefully the LSA will not start before I am coming
    up on the mescaline.

    When I begin to level out Mescaline wise I'm hoping the LSA will
    'colour' the trip persay and make it more intense, if need be I will
    prop myself up with another pill so to speak. I was also wondering if
    it would be wise to take Salvia orally at this point to induce 'another
    reality' effect?

    Anyway that'd be my most 'hardcore' route although I'm guessing
    the nausea would be unbearable? Would this also be an incredible
    strain on my heart? I'm fine with the incredibley intense trip aspects
    though as I've ++++'d a couple of times before. Also the pills are
    smileys (very softcore and more like Speed really) so are very easy to
    judge and handle.

    Advice anyone please? =)
  2. nanobrain

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    Apr 12, 2005
    from Australia
    boy thats pretty hardcore alright. i have another idea though.

    i suggest you forego the above in favour of a much more hardcore drug that is easily available just about anywhere.

    it is called Brick. cheap as, comes is rock form, hits very hard and fast, and its an extremely heavy head trip trip that will have you seeing stars.

    seriously. why the heck would you want to mix all these drugs - most of which are plant material based and thus not pure compounds, containing admixtures which while may not be active by themselves, may have unpredictable consequences when combined in such a haphazard fashion?
  3. Possessed

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    Oct 1, 2005
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    Hmm I guess you are right =\. Although I was assured ecstasy and
    mescaline were good together.

    The main reason is because in my area there really aren't that many
    drugs up for grabs, especially phycaedelics. I'm a trip kind of person
    you see so it's what I want to end on and apparently I have to rely on
    myself to find the materials.
  4. Benga

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    Aug 15, 2005
    from japan
    mixing LSA and mescaline is pretty useless.

    also think of the body load, your body might not like being bombarded like that and do weird things...

    go for simplicity and dose rather than quantity
  5. bonghed

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    Sep 25, 2005
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    Well usually when people plan out combinations like this they turn out completley different to what is expected. I would personnally recommend pills first than a little while after (bout a hour) bout 2-3g of shrooms. You shouldn't forget it quickly,