Experiences - My first experience with Kratom "classic Bali powder"

Discussion in 'Kratom' started by Bree Davenport, May 31, 2014.

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    May 31, 2014
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    Greetings DF. I am a longtime lurker/new member. This is my first post. I thought I would kick off with my first experience with Kratom today. If I'm breaking any forum rules please let me know, as I did read the guide and did a search, but didn't see anything about plain old Bali...just "premium" and "super". I ordered 10gm "classic bali powder" after researching many different sources and I'm sharing what happened. The seller also sent some complimentary "Tawa Tua Indo" and "Red Vein Thai" so I will update when I try those.

    I have somewhat of a tolerance to Percocet, nothing major but definitely a moderate tolerance. I average 30mg/day.

    3:35 5 mg mixed with vanilla yogurt on an empty stomach washed down with green tea
    took 1.5 mg xanax a few hours before and 30 mg perc at 7am prior.

    4:20 strange bright blind spot in my right eye in the shape if a circle around the
    same time I started to feel the effects, pretty mellow. The vision thing is bothering me. It's like when you squeeze your eyes shut
    really hard then open them and see that weird lightning type thing. Its hard to explain. I am having difficulty reading.
    It's spreading to my peripheral view and getting bigger but easier to see now that its moved away from my direct line of vision.
    Looks like star burst

    4:45 slight mellow warmish feeling, nothing over the top. Wondering if I should take the other 5gm.
    Vision thing is out of my line of vision in the upper area now. Seems like its fading off. (hopefully)

    4:50 eyes back to normal (whew). Painful stomach cramps.

    5:50 All effects wore off took another 5mg same way. Had a small burger 1/2 hr ago
    Felt nothing from the additional 5 gm

    Tomorrow I plan on taking 10gm with either yogurt or coffee on an empty stomach. I wanted to start the dose low for my first time since I've never tried it before and didn't want to deal with feeling sick or freaked out.

    Does anyone know if it will dissolve in the coffee or will it be grainy/gritty when I drink it?

    Anyhoo, that's my story. =)
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    Kratom is just powdered leaf material, so no it wont dissolve.

    I think you should try a different vendor.
    I find vendors that sell small amounts with silly names are often over charging you for mediocre kratom.

    I would either mix it into something that will mask the texture, i find pesto good, or toss and wash the powder if you can or you could always make kratom tea by boiling the powder in a pot with some water and a squeeze of lemon juice for 20 minutes and then straining out the powder and drinking the liquid.