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Opinions - My friends idea on how to fake a pill count.

Discussion in 'Adderall' started by halozilla, Mar 23, 2015.

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  1. halozilla

    halozilla Silver Member

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    Mar 7, 2014
    22 y/o from U.S.A.
    When I say a friend I mean a friend....
    I'm worried my friends going to royally fuck him self.
    Here is a little back story:Me and my friend both take adderall we both take 30 mgs xr once a day. I usually take my prescribed amount and he will take 2-3 times his prescribed amount.
    Well a few weeks ago he got caught with other drugs and because of that his doctor is making him do pill counts.

    And here is the problem Of course despite the pill count hes decided to abuse the medication...
    According to his logic Hes thought up a some what "clever" way to fake the pill count.
    His idea is to take the caps off save the adderall beads and fill them with his acid reflux medication(theyre extended release aswell so they use beads slightly larger than the ones in adderall except there white not orange).

    My guess is that when they do a pill count they know the tricks and my friends "genius" plan is nothing more than a well known trick of the trade.
    I probably wont be able to convince him not to do it but I think that if someone else here has tried this and failed that it will make him less likely to do it.

    He also has plans to do this when he tries to get a higher dose prescribed. His thoughts are that the doc will probably want to personally dispose the extra pills him self and that if they look like adderall there's no reason for them to check further.

    Only problem with this is I'm guessing that if someone has to get rid of an extra adderall script when it gets disposed they will probably just take the pills back and put them in someone Else's pill bottle and check if they're the real deal before doing so.

    I know this seem desperate but I feel there's no other way to convince him.
    Do you guys actually think this will work?
    Or have any of you tried this and got burned?
    If you have tried this and it failed please make some highlights on the legal implications if there were any.

    And once again this is not me its truly my some what "intelligent" friend.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2015
  2. idfma

    idfma Titanium Member Donating Member

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    Jun 30, 2013
    from U.S.A.
    I think he is depending on the sloppiness of others, and that's always a risky proposition.

    Policies are going to vary by doctor/pharmacist, and I hope someone who has worked with the policies weighs in, but he's definitely taking a risk. For liability reasons I don't think they will be giving his pills to someone else--unless they are as sloppy as he is, and I definitely wouldn't count on that--he can be pretty sure there. As you indicated, they might have seen that before, and they should definitely be alive to the possibility, so they aren't going t just transfer his pills to someone else.

    If they do reuse the pills they will give them back to him, and he will have fucked himself, right? They will assume he has enough for x number more days, and reduce or delay his refill based on that count.

    As I said, policies are going to vary, but he certainly could get his ass caught. He think should about it this way: if he likes them that much, might want to try cutting back because he is right on the edge of losing his legitimate access to them. If they are watching him, he should respect that--I know there are some clueless doctors out there, but they are the exception-usually they are very smart people who are paying attention, so your friend should pause before thinking he's smarter than they are--he's probably not.

    Not only that, he is putting the doctor's license at risk too, and that's kind of a dick move. The black market is for that kind of use, because the last thing your friend should think about is that that kind of behavior ruins it for people who need drugs but can't get them because your friend and people like him tried to get over.

    Tell him to get his extra adderall at the extra cost on the black market so he doesn't fuck up a good thing for everyone--mostly himself.
  3. halozilla

    halozilla Silver Member

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    Mar 7, 2014
    22 y/o from U.S.A.
    "I think he is depending on the sloppiness of others, and that's always a risky proposition."

    That is a very true statement about him. He always assumes hes the smartest person in the room and in my non-medical opinion he is pathologically egocentric.(I might have to remove and add back this part later since I will be showing him the reply's)

    Another problem that goes along with that is using any sort of social/emotional reasoning to not do this will be dismissed by him probably saying and I presumptively

    "My singular actions will not decide the future of the way these medications are prescribed and even if it does it wont effect you (meaning me) and even if it does determine future actions. What do you think they will do get rid of your medication as-well? Why should I or you care?"

    Ive heard this sort of dry reasoning from him since the antiquity of our friendship.
    However the part about buying extra adderall has already crossed his mind....(begging me to give him my script for money) The entire reason hes doing this is because I won't give him my script.
    I wonder if his fall back plan is to blame me for not giving him my script if his plan fails?
    He loves to cast blame on anyone but himself.

    Sorry about the rant I'm just trying to give you guys some more info on his character
    so you can craft an even better response to his sudo-logic.

    Ive been looking all over the place for people faking pill counts with his method.
    I havent found anything yet so unfortunatly this only reassures him its an original idea that doctors won't see coming.

    And last but not least thank you for your quick and well though out reply. :),

  4. Healer

    Healer Silver Member

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    Mar 29, 2013
    from Crypto
    I used be like your friend. IMO drug abuse only makes people like this think they're sneaky. Do you know how many days after his script gets filled his pill count is? I'll bet he will fuck up and forget to fill a capsule and will be short on his pill count. When the beads are in the capsule they have a pretty distinct sound if you shake them. Any good doctor should probably notice the difference in sound if they shake the pills to be sure there are beads in them. If he over fills the caps with other beads than there wont be much shake at all.

    The capsules would have a pretty specific weight. Since they know the caps can be emptied I'd bet they will check the contents of the capsules instead of just counting them. Don't tip your friend off to any of my ideas because he might just find some loop hole. It sounds like you're friend is just a regular addict because he wouldn't be trying to find loop holes like this.

    When he tries to get a higher dose of his medications and goes to his physician about it this will probably make the doc think twice and investigate into it more. You're friend will probably say the wrong thing or make it pretty obvious as to what he's doing. And It is likely your friend will try and steal your adderall or even empty your own caps and fill them when you're not looking so keep those hidden.

    How did his doctor find out he got in trouble with other drugs? Was it by their ordered urine or blood drug test? I can't imagine if he got caught by police there would be a way for a physician to find out. The sad thing is he might be able to see another physician and have them oblivious to what his current one knows. Just let him do his own thing and eventually he will fuck up.
  5. halozilla

    halozilla Silver Member

    Reputation Points:
    Mar 7, 2014
    22 y/o from U.S.A.
    Despite my efforts he ended up going through with it......
    The worst thing is that it worked,he is now boasting his chest saying how his plans never fail blah blah blah I'm so much smarter than everybody around me.

    I was worried about him going to jail now I just want him to shut the fuck up.
    I admitted my assumption was wrong yet he still continues pester me about it.

    Anyways I'm in no way condoning doing what he did even though it worked.
  6. ibegeeze

    ibegeeze Silver Member

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    Feb 17, 2014
    from U.S.A.
    If your friend has a dependence and builds tolerance, he is just digging an ever-deeper hole that can never be filled.

    It is very impulsive and short-sighted for your friend to think he can sustain his habit by this subbing ruse. A serious tweaker with his shit together would find a source and a way to get them for lower price.
    An amateur who has a habit will not think beyond next week or month. Those inept addicts will have their ass handed to him on a platter, inevitable failure and regret.

    Your friend will be in the latter category. Hopefully you don't ever build your tolerance like he did, unless you have a consistent reliable source.
  7. TheBigBadWolf

    TheBigBadWolf Imperial Wizzard Gold Member Donating Member

    Reputation Points:
    Apr 11, 2010
    from Germany, Federal Republic of

    Please don't get me wrong on what I am trying to Say now

    This friend you should better get distance to.
    When they're the kind of tricking their doctor into prescribing them substances they clearly misuse they are the kind of person who doesn't accept any rules at all - being in the middle of an addiction they are in clear denial of. They will probably indulge in any other shady activity that - in their tweaked off mindset - seems a good idea at that point.
    And get caught eventually. With some little shit first, nothing big will come from that, which again will make them believe even more in their ingenious mind.
    And get caught with some bigger shit.
    Maybe the doc finds out they have tricked them - which means no more pills.

    And you know the consequence, no script means buy street methamphetamine.

    If you stay around this friend you are in danger to get into this shady stuff.
    Judges would not believe YOU if your friend told them you knew about it all.
    Conspiracy. Ever heard?

    This individual's behavior is not only endangering them themselves but are also a danger for everybody around them.

    24 hours into withdrawing from their drug of choice will make them sign anything a LEO wants them to sign.

    I saw bigger criminals become small kiddies once they didn't have their ego booster substance.

    Anyway - this is only my guts feeling.
    But - I'm a ex-heroin addict of quite some street knowledge, and I know my stim abusers.

    And No, this is not prejudice. This is what they call experience.

    Stay safe.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2015
  8. Phenoxide

    Phenoxide Super Moderator Staff Member

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    Oct 11, 2009
    from United States
    Doctor manipulation topics is beyond the scope of this forum.
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