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my mouth hurts.

Discussion in 'Amphetamine' started by Dexy Mcfukfuk, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. Dexy Mcfukfuk

    Dexy Mcfukfuk Newbie

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    May 23, 2005
    i had my first experiance last night with taking too much speed. I have done speed a lot, and i have never felt that the amount i had in me was too much, but last night i learned what too much speed can do.

    I started taking about 15 mg of dexedrine for studying purposes, that was at about 2 or so, at which point i went to the library and worked for about 5 hours. At this point i took 15 more milligrams and was feeling really good, the first dose was wearing off (i thought) and the new batch was picking up the slack. about an hour and a half after that i decided that i wanted a bit more of a bump, i think it was about 9 pm or so at this point. I went to a feild nearby and smoked potwith some people there. Now im not sure whether it was the pot or the speed but all of asudden things started getting very frenzied. I felt as if i was somehow too alert, and too stimulated, which was weird cause normaly smoking pot mellows my speed highs out. Not this time. I began to get very agitated and over stimulated. Eventualy i excused myself and decided to go back to my room and finish up some work. I ended up laying down to sleep at about 1:30, and never really managed to fall asleep. Fortunately iw as able to smoke a bowl of mid grade weed (sleepy weed), this didnt help me sleep but it did calm me down.

    TOday i am feeling stil kinda tweeky, my eyes are all jittery and nervous looking, and i still feela bit "up"