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Health - my options to comedown from meth safely after relapse

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine' started by QuirkySneaker26, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. QuirkySneaker26

    QuirkySneaker26 Silver Member

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    Sep 4, 2012
    Female from U.S.A.
    I have had problems with all different kinds of drugs in my life. Meth being one of them and I relapsed yesterday on it. I am young but have a lot of health problems. My main concern is what I can take to comedown and sleep, I have epilepsy. I also have back problems from a past trauma and usually take a small amount of suboxone for some pain relief. I'm not sure if with the epilepsy if that's safe to take while on Meth.
    I have bad insomnia, and have many different prescriptions for it. I dont know which of those is safest: trazodone, zolpidem, and other less potent medicines. (I already have serious problems sleeping, waking 4-8 times a night)
    I do have xanax and klonopin and was wondering if those are safe for me to take also. (not both, one or the other later on, I've already taken .5mg xanax)
    I can't smoke weed after doing Meth, I have a seizure every time.

    So I'm wondering if I can get feedback on what I can do to comedown without hurting my health. I know I have to wait longer for the drug to wear off more. I just need advice on what people think would be safe for me, or if I just should suck it up and not chance any bad reaction. I'm just miserable in pain and wish I had the options other people do when coming off Meth. I do this every time, think its gonna be such a great fuckin idea and regret it the instant the euphoria is less than amazing and I know what I effing did.

    Oh the joys of being an addict. At least I didn't stick needles in my arm like I originally wanted to. Psshh

    Any and all feedback is very welcome. Thank you for reading my ridiculous problems I created.
  2. Poppi

    Poppi Titanium Member

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    Oct 8, 2013
    Female from U.S.A.
    Hi there Quirky! You're not alone in your struggles with meth addiction, and there are many helpful posters on this Forum besides me who can chime in on your (not stupid) problem. I must add the caveat that I am not a physician, and so am only offering my anecdotal experience with meth and the inevitable comedown. I also do not have personal experience with epilepsy.

    I am also prescribed Xanax and Trazadone, and I generally find that it is safe to take a small dose of Xanax (.5mg or less) after a certain time has passed in which I feel the stimulant's high and major phase of intense effect is over (because I'm a daily user, that's around the four-hour mark, for a casual user--or in your case, a single relapse--at least eight hours after ingesting the meth). I think Xanax works better than Trazadone for a couple of reasons: Xanax has a faster onset and--more importantly--also has the sedative effects that Trazadone at low doses for insomnia doesn't. In addition, I don't feel exhausted and weary the next morning the way I do with Trazadone.

    I would imagine that if you are able to take these medications safely, you should be able to take them with the meth despite meth's CNS stimulation versus Xanax's CNS depression effects, having waited a long period before dosing with the Xanax should prove successful in letting you get some rest.

    Good luck, feel better, and hop back on the road to recovery--meth isn't worth it!
  3. QuirkySneaker26

    QuirkySneaker26 Silver Member

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    Sep 4, 2012
    Female from U.S.A.
    Poppi, I was honestly hoping for your reply seeing you in other threads! Thank you! I am hoping for a quick comedown although that may not be for a while, knowing this through much past experience (although then I had no epilepsy or EXTREME insomnia).
    As of now I'm just laying on a heating pad (my toes are dancing quite the waltz) and I took a tramadol. I haven't used for 11 hours but don't feel anywhere near being tired, not surprised.
    I'm hoping I can shake this need for mood-alteration, ive been dealing with it for almost 15 years on and off. Don't really care what it is, if it gets me high ill take it.

    I'm hoping as time goes on into tonight I can avoid seizures, (I feel it there but just lay down and it doesn't come) although im sure I won't sleep most of the night and I tend to wake up high again w/o use (why?). I wish I could speed this up and pass out. Then work on staying off it. Meth was my original love drug, but I shook heroin addiction and IV cocaine use for more than a year now!

    Any one know if it would be safe to take zolpidem (ambient) 10mg later?

    Again thanks for any input.

    QuirkySneaker26 added 445 Minutes and 15 Seconds later...

    Still wide awake. Its been 18 hours since I smoked. Lots of back pain, and involuntary muscle movements (never happened before) and the strangest is my bladder keeps releasing small amounts of urine, not much at all but I don't know why that's happening.
    Ive taken a couple melatonin to try to get down to a point where I can attempt trazodone and maybe sleep but not there at all.
    I have managed to eat some meat, carrots and potatoes, had to force it down but knew it was necessary.
    I'm going to try .5mg of klonopin soon and see if that helps.
    I wish in the future when I feel like it would be a good idea to tweak, I could experience this moment for a minute or two. I'd be like fuck that.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2014
  4. hoopidiupi

    hoopidiupi Silver Member

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    May 2, 2013
    Male from California, U.S.A.
    My suggestion would be to not take any further drugs at this point and just wait to fall asleep. You'll feel better when you wake up than if you had put any more drugs in your system.
  5. SlamDunk

    SlamDunk Newbie

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    Jul 8, 2013
    Male from Germany

    I have quite a natural technique that kinda works for me. I hope by the ending you find yourself suitably chukling more than anything else, but lets start off my technique that helps me no-end when "needs must"

    OK so you need a Box of green tea bags, and a tube of effervescent Multi vitamin tablets(not sure in the states what you have but in the UK we have BEROCCA (google it)

    You see what this stuff does to your pipe when it re sets, yeh? so think what it is doing when it sets in your blood/organs when it comes down to circa 37.5c...!? So yeah, you have had enough , you pop the pill then bam your out for however long it is but its usually a fair chunk...and yes its gonna work everytime but when you get up, its as near to what it can be in your corners of your arteries/stuck in your back of your kidneys, liver, so when you get up thats why the bottom right hand side of your back is all sore and you are all congested in the throat where most of the body is pushing it out all that nasty discharge left over all the so when it is still all milling and you are generally dry as a bone and aching in various areas, right?

    I mean i guess this could also more relevant to the more recreational (i.e up from friday to sunday night/monday morning) which is i guess what i am, but you can give it a go anyway maybe...

    So basically you just have to let as little of that stuff re set in your system as you can. Keep it hot keep it flowing just some nutriants in there and others things to reduce as much pressure as you can so you can piss/sweat as much of it out...

    So usually i would get the kettle on first, then while that is heating up i would take a large glass of just regular cold water and i have one of the multi vits and a seperate effervescent magnesium one too. plop them both in together and just sink the whole thing in a few gulps... so then get your self a large mug pop in a tea bag (or two if you want) Dont have it right from boiling though, let it cool down a bit first. You can also through in as much sugar as you want to. The anti oxidants in it along with the vitamins (mainly the vitamin C but there should be B12 in ther and all the usual others) will work as a natural blood pressure suppressant,(you can even through in an orange too - go crazy! lol) then the hot water will wake up the older shit from the start of the session that has all dried up- I mean you should start to feel and it all coming together working and I want you to be peeing a good few times then so you know you got most of it flushed out (you should be having 2-3 cups of it at least) and it should be the same colour as the toilet water ideally (if you make it that far lol)

    So yeah anyway, get as chilled as possible - at this point you should be horizontal, in your bed , messing on your phone/laptop/tablet/partner/fuckbuddie lol and you should naturally feel the pressure ease,your bladder will be filling up and the heat from the tea will of course you are waking up some of the stuff again so at the same time you are going to be feeling (and here is where i may just be speaking for myself here) a little 'promiscuous re-surge' too at the same time..but of course this still the dregs at the ed of the day so it should never be any great amount to get you feeling super high again and you will just be flushing it all out with the hot water multivits and anti oxidents anyway, so we take this little feeling and we ermmm,use to our advantage (cough cough)...

    SO.... Here we get to the killer blow/fun part/or sinful part depending on your religious upbringing...depending on what you have been up to over the course of how many hours you have been up or whatever, if you are alone or with someone else the whole end part to this is to also have the most natural release of tension a human being can have. ;) So find your favourite person, gadget, motion picture or if you have none of that, your own happy place in your mind "on Digital" - (haha) and do what you need to do to get to where you NEED to get...!! Then Bobs your uncle! It's as simple as peas! (",)

    I swear my eyes have been closed before it has had the chance to finshing its desired landing one time. You just feel the pressure just sink right out of you from head to toe like an egg timer sometimes...one other time i managed to get there and my entire upper body skin just instantly drowned me in a pool of sweat. (by the way i am not ALWAYS on my own at the end btw just to make that clear haha) ;) but it does help if you can do it as quickly and sharply as possible with as little effort as possible LOL.

    So yep, there is my Au naturelle guide to dealing with, flushing out and therefore eradicating as much of that come down...

    This is really quite epic because i actually just signed back in here for the first time to post about something very similar to the OP (about a completely and unique bad reaction i had had earlier in the night and i took an oxycodene as it was the only thing i had but i was unsure if it would work in the same way and all i could see online was people taking it in combination of the high - lol so i popped it anyway after thinking it cant be any worse and it naturally slows everything down - kills the pain and gets the BP down so i was like "fuck it." But of course i felt like i was having heat stroke did the token freak out then i just seen this post and now i have spent all this time writing this so intensely and along with my above mentioned methods i am now completely ZEN, ive pissed about 4 lit ires and i have just finished my last cup of tea and my feeling and temp has returned to normal, so i thank YOU quirky for writing this in the first place - it helped me to initially just get my mind completely off what was happening. Hopefully you will give my method a try and let me know how you get on... (but not in that perv freak way i hope you know - just a general do you think you would even give it a blast and if it helped/worked) that goes for all the community, i mean i have been lurking for a while and this is really my first real proper post... lol No, erm, nice to meet you all too who may feel like commenting/reviewing/critiquing/slating my proposed method haha

    And now in my diluted but still semi-promiscious state, before i crash and burn there is only one thing left for me to do... (I do apologise)


    P.S. I'm not proof reading it either btw. no way jose in this state. So its prob all over the shop. What a fucking (extended) weekend its been.