Experiences - My salvia divinorum trip report.

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    Dec 23, 2004
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    A few days ago I ran down to the garden centre and asked if he had any
    Salvia plants. He took me through to the green house where they were
    all cultivated and I looked for Divinorum. I found it, it was about
    about 1 foot high (including pot) and I bought it for £14. I then
    snipped three large leaves and left them in the green house in our
    garden for a few days.

    I went back to them and they had a musty smell, and they were very dark
    green to brown in colour. I picked them up hastily and they crumbled in
    my hand, so I had to sweep them up.

    I ran up stairs and grabbed my bowl, and ran back down to garden. I
    packed a bong with about half of one of the leaves, and lit up.

    I took about 5 moderate hits and then placed the bong onto the ground.
    I spent the next minute staring at a plane passing the sky. As it was
    about to leave into the cloud, a huge swarm of fire-flys invaded the
    sky. I was annoyed at this so i tried to grab for them, but they were a
    hallucination. I had hardly realised this. A couple of seconds later
    the whole ground morphed into brown, murky water and the reclining
    chair I was on was my float. I balanced it and soon fell off, and lay
    on the grass. Everything was rippling by now, and I was enjoying it. I
    wanted it to last as I had heard a salvia trip doesn't last very long.
    I took three more hits and ran to get a bed cover. I placed it upon the
    'water' and it appeared to change into a float. I steadily lowered
    myself onto it and lay there, for about 10 minutes, my mind expanding,
    staring at the fire flies. All through the trip I was thinking up
    extravangt inventions in my mind, such as 'the moon magnet'. A huge
    magnet placed upon the moon that sucked up your money in an attempt to
    end inflation.

    It was a truely mind expanding experience, and I still have 2 and a
    half leaves under my bed. I'm totally looking forward to the next time
    I can trip.