My time spent on flys.

Discussion in 'Amanita' started by Adam battison, Jan 30, 2020.

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    Jan 29, 2020
    34 y/o from Uk
    I have had quite a nice experience once again.
    the trip was strong at
    some points but still
    very mild.
    all in all I took 5 caps.
    4 small and 1 medium.
    had a wonderful relaxed
    sleep with vivid dreams.
    I might take some more today
    but I am not certain if I
    will yet.
    all in all it was a good experience.which I would
    try again.
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    does anyone know how the strenghs differ from country to country with the fly agaric?
    Is it better to pick your own for a better experience?
    Like i say i have only picked them from the wild once and the strengh of them was quite high.
    Compared to my online purhased ones i would say that the ones i picked in my own country where better in a number of ways.
    They just seemed to relax me more and where more powerful.
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    Apr 3, 2016
    from new zealand
    How did you manage not to puke? Lol

    I don't know what the online amantia are like I've only ever picked them myself. What I can say is that with buying online you have no idea when it was picked, how old they are, how it was dried or how long they have sat for.

    I still don't know the differences between different locations or if there is any indication on what they do. Like are the red ones better than the ones that have yellowed? Are spots better than no spots? Sometimes they stay one size and sometimes they grow really quick; size isn't an indication of age.
    When you can see live specimens there is lots to ponder :)

    Amantia can vary from locations within the same city its part of the magic you never know what you get. Usually what I go off is by what they tell me, yeah I'm weird I talk to plants. Other than that my main rule is usually eat as many as you can and not puke. Be careful though amantia trips can get pretty bad, I've been traumatised quite a few times.
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    Dec 18, 2012
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    Fungi aren't plants though. They are a completely different kingdom to plants, just share the same Domain.

    @Adam battison I read that you were thinking of trying Amanita pantherina.

    Read up on Repetitive Motion Syndrome. It is a potentially very dangerous effect of this genus of Amanita specifically. If you can, listen to or read the work done by Paul Stamets the mycologist.