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    Jan 14, 2003
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    THE sale of certain types of cannabis could be banned in the
    Netherlands amid concern that they have become so powerful they could
    have the same addictive and psychological impact as hard drugs.

    The Dutch Government said that it would ban the most powerful forms of
    cannabis, such as "skunk", after research showed that they had doubled
    in strength in the past few years and could now be classified as a
    hard drug.

    Levels of THC -- tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychologically active
    ingredient -- in skunk have almost doubled from 9 per cent in 1999 to
    15 per cent now, according to the Trimbos Institute, a drug research
    institute that monitors cannabis sales for the Health Ministry. The
    rise is due to new professional growing techniques. The institute
    said: "It has almost doubled in strength but we don't know what the
    effect on public health is."

    Skunk has now become one of the most popular forms of cannabis on sale
    in the Netherlands. Between 2.5 per cent and 3 per cent of the Dutch
    population regularly use cannabis and there are between 30,000 and
    80,000 cannabis addicts. However, it is not clear whether stronger
    cannabis means that more people are likely to become addicted or
    develop other psychological problems.

    The Dutch Cabinet agreed last week to commission research to determine
    whether skunk is as dangerous as hard drugs, and this week will lay
    legislation before parliament to ban its sale if it is found to be

    Opposition parties said that if soft drugs became illegal, authorities
    would lose supervision over their trade and use.

    The Government has agreed a series of measures to clamp down on the
    industry. Selling cannabis has been banned near schools and near Dutch
    borders with other countries, to try to stop smuggling. Police have
    closed half the coffee shops in Amsterdam in the past few years and
    ministers want to combat "cannabis tourism" by allowing cannabis to be
    sold only to Dutch nationals.
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    Nov 3, 2003
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    Say it isn't so!

    First Napoleon, then Hitler!

    Now, it looks like the f*cking UN wants to exercise sociopolitical storm-trooping throughout the Netherlands by way of failed bureaucratic policy.

    F*ck that!

    Just say "NO!"
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    Jan 14, 2003
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    There is no way that these right wing christian buttf**ks will get their way. I will personally dump seeds from a long airplane flight over the country if nessecary.

    They are currently telling so much lies that I doubt that they will make it trough the full period in power. The vast majority of the Dutch people will not accept it. No way!
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    Oct 8, 2011
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    heej moderator where is that forum about the netherlands
    and that they wanna put weed on hard drugs list?? because thc was 15% or so
    they discussed that also in 2005
    and that only dutch can buy weed with a special pass
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    Nov 3, 2004
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    This thread *IS* from 2004, and is in regards to when they first started talking about putting 'high potency cannabis' in a different category.

    Try looking in the Drug News forums, or maybe doing a "search this forum" in the Drug News forums for "netherlands" or "coffeeshop" (the feature is at the upper right of whatever subforum you are in).

    Also, please check the dates of threads before you post in them. We don't mind anyone posting in old threads, so long as it adds significantly to the thread. I've noticed you've bumped a number of threads that haven't been posted to in years & added nothing of substance to some of them. Please be more careful (& before you even say or think so, I had nothing to do with the rep you received in this thread). As I've stated previously, a re-read of the Site Rules and a browse through the FAQ would be very beneficial for you.