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NEVER heat up a shot!!!!

Discussion in 'Amphetamine' started by jaspurr, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. jaspurr

    jaspurr Newbie

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    Oct 15, 2004
    from Australia
    NEVER heat amphetamines!!

    HEAT KILLS AMPHETAMINES - it destroys the potency so you are throwing away your money.

    Just add water and dissolve - no need for candles.

    If the stuff is hard to dissolve just add more water and you can stir the mix or crush the mix with the needle plunger either the soft rubber end or the other end respectively, depending on how rocky the stuff is.

    Pure drugs dissolve in water, don't believe what you see on TV and movies, the candle ritual is just done to make viewing more interesting.

    Did you watch Pulp Fiction? People who OD on heroin are NEVER shot up through the chest with adrenaline, this is just movie nonsense to make the story interesting.

    Never heat up a shot, you will end up dissolving crap that is mixed in with the drugs. The crap will harden again once in your veins and when your veins block you will get gangrene and have to have your arm(s) amputated.