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Discussion in 'Salvia divinorum' started by wednesday, Dec 9, 2004.

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    Feb 10, 2004
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    i was having a great salvia trip today
    i was part of a building and i was completely soorounded by beautiful air, while it sounds weird in words the thought on salvia makes sense i was just a wall with good around me and i couldn't breathe it i kept trying so hard but i couldn't breathe it and then i jumped up off my bed gasping for air...that was fun

    so i thought hmm lets try this again so i smoked a little bit more and easily broke right through again and thenit started all over this seemed more like cosed eye visulas you would see on acid always moving backwards just paning back showing more and more complex images

    then at one point it ust stopped and i saw a flower
    it looked delicious so a fire started under it and instead of consuming the flower the smoked turned into pedals on the flowerso the flower ended up having tons of pedals and it was the most beautiful flower ever until it was stepped on without even noticing by a huge guy maybe it was just my point of view but he was just so so tall

    and then i saw an out of body view of myself on my bed and then i stepped out of myself and i took a knife well more like a chain saw and cut right through myself so i woke up again then and now im feeling the salvia gravity

    i thought i should share i hope this all looks ok...i wrote this staring at the keyboard the screen hurts my eyes

    i left it on post before i started smoking so i could post what happened

    have fun everyone salvia is a lot of fun