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Discussion in 'Ketamine' started by bishman, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. bishman

    bishman Newbie

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    Jan 13, 2006
    35 y/o
    Hi, thought i'd join this forum, see what other people experience on Ket :).

    Going to pick up enough tonight to cook up about 3 grams of powder so that should be cool, haven't got any for about 3 months now so i'm a little exited.

    anyway, the reason i'm posting is because of what happened the last time i did some K.

    The best effect that me and a few mates have achieved is to get all the chairs/sofa in my living room all facing the same way, then over the other side of the living room is my pc with 2 large monitors connected to it, load up winamp with milkdrop (i think) plugin running the visuals and put some Drum & bass in the playlist (nothing to heavy but a nice liquid mix or something about an hour long)

    The first time me and a mate tried this it fucking blew us away, we both had the same experience of the 2 screens looking like massive cinema screens - but just a long distance away, and the armchairs we were sat on felt like they were 20ft off the ground with out legs dangling down and i kept going off on little journeys into the visuals and basically just feeling like a fucking king. I felt privelidged to be able to experience such a spectacular light show and at one point felt that this is the peak of enjoyment. I couldnt of cared about winning the lottery or becoming a millionaire, This is all i need!

    Anyway about 4 in the morning there was still a fair bit of K left on the mirror but i wanted to get to bed, i felt shattered so i started to think about getting up and going to bed but i was trying to work out in what order i needed to do everything, (get up, go for a piss, turn all the music off, say to my mate i'm going to sleep then sleep:))
    but i kept forgetting what i was trying to do then i would think, i'm fucking tired i'm going to sleep then i started thinking about what order i had to do everything again but each time getting confused.
    To cut a long story short i felt like i was in some wierd time warp or something cos i remembered going through the same thought proccess over and over again but not getting anywhere then i realised i was in hell, it's not some devil with a pitch fork in my ass and flames everywhere but being trapped in some never ending loop in a small part of the universe and it really scared me.

    Anyway the next day i felt fine again so i finished off the rest of the beer and ate the rest of the K in a rizla so i can hang the mirror back up (<
    i'm fucked if im going to waste it.