New/old endorphines´ stimulant?

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    Feb 14, 2005
    The sweet, sweet rush given by endorphines gallopping towards mu and kappa receptors, as can be experienced , for exemple, lying in the sun after a prolonged sport ´s effort,or after making love with someone loved; and the sense of well being, peace and wholeness that these neurotransmitters confer to our bodies, are certainly some of the most pleasurable and rewarding feelings anybody can experience. Therefore any system or substance that could boost the production of these marvelous endogenous molecules is bound to attract the attention of a wide section of humanity and probably the totality of the members of this forum.
    Therefore I am quite suspicious of the claims made in this article:

    Source Link deleted

    What do you think ?
    Is it worth to try?
    Does anybody knows anybody who did try it?

    An endorphines´ stimulant, if powerful enough, could be a first little step towards the blissful utopia to which this site is dedicated:
    Try to check it out .

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    Feb 25, 2007
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    definitely curious to try it after reading that article. Being a swim who loves the spicy foods, seems right up swims alley.
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    I have ingested capsaicin via other routes (e.g. orally) and he sure wishes it provided some sort of amazing high. Unfortunately it just burns like hell. :rolleyes:

    P.S. why is this any different than the old "hit yourself over the head cuz it feels so good to stop?" Yes, it really does feel GOOD to stop. And yes, there's a good reason why people aren't lining up to hit themselves over the head.