New Year’s Kratom Chillout

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    Jan 30, 2005
    35 y/o from Germany
    On december 31st I decided to go to a friend's party.
    I ate like I always do, maybe even more than usual cause some alcohol
    was supposed to run down my throat that night and my tollerance is
    extremely weak, practically non existant.

    I was completely sober when a friend who was supposed to pick me up
    came over at 7:30pm. We hung around for a while and decided to leave
    around 8:00pm. I insufflated 5mg of Ritalin and we left. 15 minutes
    later we arrived at my buddys house who was gonna throw the party. Damn
    we were way too early, noone else had arrive and he had told everyone
    to come between 10:00 and 10:30pm.

    So we went ahead to smoke a small joint. I had my first beer and we
    listened to music until all the other people arrived. The night went
    on, I had another 5 joints and maybe 4 beers in the course of the
    night. I also had one line of coke at around 12:30am.

    The coke was really shitty though, there was lots of amphetamine in it,
    everyone else who had done it had extremely dilated pupils and seemed
    really paranoid.

    I left the party with 3 friends at around 5:00am and we went to another
    party, Goa and Hardcore. They decorated the place really nice, I was
    very impressed to say the least. But the people there sucked, very
    aggressive mood, very tense, hardcore party like. We left 10 minutes
    after arrival. Too bad our taxi had already left. An hour later we
    arrived at one of my friends' house.

    My friend L than proceeded to lay 4 large lines of coke, better coke
    this time. I hesitated at first because I actually wanted to catch some
    sleep later on, but was soon convinced to do another line as well. So
    we talked. Me and L left our two friends alone at around 7:00am, I got
    myself another taxi and went home.

    At around 7:05 I arrived home and decided I could not go to sleep, yet.
    Godamn amphetamines. The time seemed right for another Kratom
    experience. I thought about it for like 2 seconds, would it mix with
    the other stuff I took? Yes it would, so I prepared 12g of Kratom
    extract and put it in a glass with hot water.

    Oh my god, it tasted like ass! I remembered it to be a little bitter,
    but I never had problems chugging it down. This time it was really
    nasty! At 7:47am I had chugged it all down and at around 8:05 or 8:10am
    I was hit already! "Blow" was running and I was smoking another big one
    with my headphones on. I still managed to get up and type something
    into the IRC channel:

    [8:16am] <@cr00k> well im not asleep yet

    [8:16am] <@cr00k> but the kratom hiz me very very hard

    [8:16am] <@cr00k> NICE

    [8:16am] <@cr00k> dont think its the pot

    [8:17am] <@cr00k> so theres sth about coke & kratom (kinda speedball)

    [8:17am] <@cr00k> or alcohol & kratom

    [8:17am] <@cr00k> i had little cocaine though

    [8:17am] <@cr00k> 2 good lines

    [8:17am] <@cr00k> and like 4 beers

    [8:17am] <@cr00k> so not very much

    [8:17am] <@cr00k> lotsa joints

    [8:17am] <@cr00k> and 12g kratom

    [8:17am] <@cr00k> oh man the kratom

    [8:18am] <@cr00k> is nice very opiate like, together with the alcohol as i suspect

    [8:18am] <@cr00k> im getting very sick doing this, have to watch movie, blow

    [8:18am] <@cr00k> very sick

    [8:18am] <@cr00k> dizzy

    As you probably noticed, I was getting sick while doing this. I blamed
    the movement for it. I already knew this phenomenom from one of my
    previous Kratom experiences at 20g and another Poppy pod tea experience.

    Anyway I layed back down and thought: Wicked, didn't you have to go
    take a piss after you drank this? I realized, I actually never went to
    take that piss and there was no need anymore neither. Uppers usually do
    the opposite to me. This got me kind of interested in my bladder, so I
    went downstairs to check it out.

    Why was the need to piss suddenly gone? I really wasn't even able to
    piss anymore! "Funny" I thought and went back upstairs. Now this made
    me really sick. Eventually the sweating kicked in. In the next half
    hour or so, I would start sweating so hard, that my hair was actually
    completely wet!

    As soon as I got back into the room again and started looking for the
    trash can, my stomach content fought it's way outside and spread all
    over my carpet. Fuck! Now I had to clean the carpet with all this
    Kratom sickness. I couldn't ask one of my parents because I had already
    started smoking the doobie in my room.

    Anyway I proceeded to clean the carpet, did very good work to my
    surprise. I puked 5 more times or so and finally made my way back
    downstairs in order to empty the trash can. Unbelievable it is to me
    how I could manage all that. Before I layed back down on my bed, I
    actually succeeded to crawl to my PC again and type this into the IRC:

    [8:31am] <@cr00k> pukled

    [8:31am] <@cr00k> sh9t

    [8:31am] <@cr00k> sick+

    [8:31am] <@cr00k> not bad

    [8:31am] <@cr00k> no worry

    [8:31am] <@cr00k> butsuvks

    [8:36am] <@cr00k> hair wet if sewt

    [8:36am] <@cr00k> seweat

    [8:36am] <@cr00k> puking

    [8:36am] <@cr00k> shuldn have moved

    Ok, this pretty much speaks for itself I think.

    I paused the movie, at this point it made no sense at all to keep
    watching it, since even opening my eyes was pretty tough. I grabbed my
    MP3 Player, crawled back to my bed, puked again into the empty trash
    can and switched on "Air - Talkie Walkie". How I did all this - It will
    always remain a mystery to me.

    So back down I went and the actual Kratom experience started. Some of
    the effects I'm about to describe I already felt while puking or even
    before. But the actual euphoria hit me after I had puked.

    I recall the next 3 hours as being very nice. I found myself in a state
    somewhere between sleep and conscious thinking. Sometimes I thought
    about something and it would connect to a picture like memories that
    pop up through association when you think of something.

    These pictures were not my memories though. For example I would think
    of a person and a picture of the party last night would pop into my
    mind with me talking to that person. Just that the person wasn't even
    on the party in reality... Very weird. I guess everyone knows the state
    right before he falls asleep or the feeling of being half asleep in the
    morning after having woke up 5 times or more already.

    Also, while listening to the music (Air) it sometimes felt like parts
    of the music, were coming from another source. I once thought there's
    people standing around me laughing quiet loud, most probably at me.
    When I opened my eyes, noone was there and I realized it was just the
    music. Anyway I couldn't really "think" of anything, it was just very
    lose associativity I guess.

    Very pleasant. Doing anything, even if it was the easiest task like
    scratching myself or just opening my eyes, was almost impossible in
    these three hours and still very hard afterwards. It took extreme
    willpower to move. Sensual input was generally felt as being
    distracting or unpleasant.

    I also thought about writing a report about it, lots of details that I
    could include came to my mind and were usually forgot the instant I
    stopped thinking about them. Very frustrating. So my memory of the
    actual experience seems to be very cloudy. But still I had a pleasant
    time and this combination (Alcohol + Kratom) might come in very handy
    in case I want to forget about my troubles one day. These were my last
    words before I finally passed out and slept for another 7 hours until

    [11:37am] <@cr00k> just awoke of a tranc3e state

    [11:37am] <@cr00k> couldnt make notes

    [11:37am] <@cr00k> but very nice

    [11:40am] <@cr00k> OMG still sick when i move

    [11:41am] <@cr00k> my heart starts beating and sweat cpome pouring out of every pore

    At 6:37pm the joint was still lying there. I finished watching Blow and
    every single toke brought back waves of nausea and pleasure. This could
    also be connected to the alcohol intake though.

    Today I still feel very calm and relaxed and enjoy listening to very smooth music.

    The sickness is completely gone and I feel hungry again. Appetite was
    present, eating during the experience was possible, but both eating and
    drinking made me sick in the first hours and sometimes led to more

    Have fun with Kratom and order some as long as you can. I'm sure the stuff will be outlawed sooner or later, my guess is sooner.

  2. mattp

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    Jan 28, 2005
    great report. did you try smoking some nug when you were feeling sick?
    that commonly helps with the nausea on kratom for me. sounds like you
    had a fairly fun night. cheers.
  3. crOOk

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    Jan 30, 2005
    35 y/o from Germany
    Mmmm... I don't really remember. But I just read through the last lines and it seems like I mentioned smoking nugs. :D

    Mmmm... I think I'll have some Kratom tonight... :) Need to buy some of
    that Kratom alkaloid extract, I hate the taste, makes me sick!

    Btw what are yourthoughts on mixing it with alcohol? To me it felt
    thousand times better than twice the amount of Kratom without any


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  4. mattp

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    Jan 28, 2005
    i've mixed kratom with booze and it makes me pretty sick actually. but
    i have a high tolerance for alcohol. so, a 12pack of beers and some
    kratom extract is usually pretty nice. yeah, i have noticed it hits
    stronger. i never thought about that though. maybe mix kratom into a
    white russian? that might mask the flavor because of the heavy amount
    of milk + kaluah (spelling).
  5. Lacognac69

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    Jan 24, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    hey im curious what is a good amount of kratom if you can smoke it and drink it or what? Also what is a good amount to take? I've also seen it sold on a lot of websites so im wondering if its worth getting, how much does it cost for enough for one person for a good night with it (a normal dose for one person). Im trying to figure out quickly if its cheap enough to get or if it would be expensive. thanks
  6. lokisprophet

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    Mar 11, 2005
    i've tried kratom at what was supposed to be a normal
    to high dose. i don't really know if it did any thing to me or
    not i had had a few beers and just watched a movie and i
    was pretty chilled out . but it wasn't a worth while experiance for me
    and i don't think i'll try it again unless i can get it for free.
    other stuff is better
  7. moldie

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    Jan 31, 2005
    You guys actually get positive effects from kratom? I've tried all sorts of kratom and kratom extract and have never once felt a single thing good or bad. The first time I tried it was during a trip to bangkok where I got into a cab and the driver was chewing these leaves, which when I asked he told me it was kratom. He gave me a handful and then dropped me off at the love house. He told me it would help me to fuck longer, suffice it to say it didn't help too much. Stateside i've run into it several times and usually drank it as a tea - with no noticable effects either.

    I have a relatively high opiate tolerance though (around 80mg oxycodone to get high). Would this make it pretty much impossible to catch a buzz off kratom?
  8. betsym

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    Jun 4, 2004
    Korky8097, iamshamen does have very good stuff. Try Super strength though. Moldie, a high opiate tolerance will affect swiy's experience with Kratom. You can also try the Super strength and see if You can get any results with that. You should feel very laid back and relaxed, almost like they've had a drink or two. However, it is not advisable to drink alcohol with Kratom since both depress the central nervous system.
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  9. anabolictrio

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    Mar 30, 2005
    from italy
    kratom did nothing to me everytime i tried it.
  10. GoaM

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    Apr 7, 2005
    Damn. I actually got euphoria off kratom that I cant get from codeine or OC. I'm one of the few that thinks it's better I suppose. Love those mu Receptors getting tickled. ;)

    Oh yeah, too much Kratom will definitely make you dizzy and nauseaus. So can combining with alcohol.
  11. work

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    Mar 2, 2005
    43 y/o from U.S.A.
    Just tried it for the first time yesterday and except for intereesting
    and vivid dreams not much to relate. Might try Super later, but don't
    want to get ripped off. Can it be inhaled through a Vaporizer with