Newb could use some advice... For a friend.

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    I have never thought of himself as a newbie but recently he has seen and heard about some cool gizmos that I have no idea how to use!

    First some background...

    I smoked casualy with some friends for like 2 years. SWIM's friends hate SWIM now (long, LONG story) so I have new friends. SWIM's new friends just started smoking pot (< 6 months). They all turn to this SWIM fellow as the resident pro but I am just now noticing how nooby me's last group of friends were and thus how noobish he himself must be.

    Here are some questions (I am asking them on I's behalf)

    Also, before I get yelled at for not UTFSE... I did. I used Google, Wikipedia, and Urban dictionary.

    What is a grinder/presser/keef box???

    A mutual friend of SWIM and SWIM's new friends (henceforth known as The Group) was bragging about his Grinder and how great it is at producing Keef (?). The Group just smiled at this guy and agree'd with him but The Group was just smiling and nodding because The Group didn't really know what he was talking about.

    From SWIM's research I have concluded that a grinder is used to grind pot into a fine dust which is effectivly concetrated THC. A presser is used to press the grinded material into a more smokeable substance (without a presser a person could only sprinkle this fine dust on top say a bowl). Also, I have determined that Keef is either the name of the grinded stuff post pressing OR it's the name of some kind of box where people keep the last dregs of their stash. Clearly, I'm missing something.

    Are these things (grinders, etc) worth buying? Will SWIM get higher? Is it a way to have to buy less because it lasts longer?

    Also, I have some questions about different methods of smoking.
    I have a Bong and a pipe. They work fine for SWIM and The Group. SWIM and The Group would appreciate advice on other methods of smoking. For example, I did some Google searches and found a bunch of confusing stuff.

    What are the pros/cons of:

    Gravity Bongs
    The Bukket (a type of waterless G Bong)
    Columbian Bongs (I think this is the proper name for the multi chamber bongs)


    I have the money so I would like to make sure SWIM and The Group have the best paraphernalia.

    Because The Group would like to ensure that The Group always has fun and gets the most bang for their buck.

    If you or You have any information that would be awesome!
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    Oct 10, 2006
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    That little emot dude eating acid in line 5 was supposed to be a "(" and the sign for less than ">"

    The sentence reads:
    SWIM's new friends just started smoking pot (less then 6 months).

    Somebody should direct me to any edit button. Thanks.
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    im pretty sure newbies cant edit. You havnt used the forum search engine. but im feeling charitable so i can tell you that a grinder definately is worth buying, although it wont concentrate your THC, a honey dust grinder will collect THC crystals (aka keef) for swiys smoking enjoyment.

    A gravity bong and a bucket are interchangeable (depending on dialect) although as far as i am aware it is convention that buckets use water.

    Colombian bongs are a new one on me but i can tell you that a multi-chambered bong is a good buy.

    If you really want 'the most bang for your buck' then you will probably want to go for a vaporizer but take into consideration that different people smoke for different reasons and i dont know about you but swim enjoys the social aspects of skinning up and passing a joint round with his friends.. My point is you want pros and cons but it is a personal thing, if you have the money make the most out of it and experiment- find your own opinion.
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    grecian is right, you cant edit til you become a silver member. PM a mod and ask them to edit your post. Also please ask the mod of the cannabis forum to change your topic to a descriptive topic title that specifically mentions "cannabis".

    I think other members could answer swiy's question much better than SWIM can, and if you use the forum search engine and type in some of those terms it would probably help You out more than wikipedia and google ever could. We here at d-f are much smarter than anyone else in the online world, you see =]
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    SWIM suggest cooking, it is fun and good.
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    "Also, before I get yelled at for not UTFSE... I did. I used Google, Wikipedia, and Urban dictionary."

    Although swim like's to read UTFSE as "use the fucking search engine" It's actually "use the forum's search engine" lol.

    Anyway's there come's a time when every smoker get's introduced to glassware keef grinder's etc.

    I would suggest getting a glass pipe, that will soon take the place of alot of joint's and blunt's and effectively save money, but cant totally rule them out.

    When buying a pipe, try to make sure its symmetrical and pretty thick glass that way it's less likley to break.

    Everybody is different, but for swim a pipe provides a longer lingering high than a bong but not as a intense.

    A waterbong..definately worth the money, after you have your own and can use it whenever you want to you'll fall in love, the high feels a little cleaner than a pipe because alot of cannabinoids are filtered in the water but thc isnt water soluable.

    A grinder basically break's the weed down for you and some have one screen in the bottom some have two, swim really doesn't see much of a difference from the potency in the keef wether it have one or two screens the main thing here is just to make sure its metal and has a little weight to it. plastic teeth are shit or will turn to shit soon enough a metal grinder can grind right through stems and still perform good but id try to pick them out because once grinded you cant tell there stems. you dont have to grind your weed into dust just dont turn the grinder as much.
    The purpose of a screen is to collect all those crystals you see on the bud and the end result is beautiful , keef is much more potent.

    A gravity bong is soley used to force in huge ammounts of smoke into ur lungs which results in a high that cant be matched using the same amount of weed in another piece, I has posted some info articles on how to make them UTFSE.

    A bukket is basically a marketed lung, UTFSE to see how to make a lung. u can make one using a bread bag and a 2 liter bottle

    Vaporizer's hmm, I dont have much experience in that field other than a lightbulb vaporizer, I didnt like his lightbulb vaporizer it made him cough horribly, and in the end the lightbulb broke, but I has made many and sometimes does just to show people, Swim thinks that a bought vaporizer would probably provide a totally different effect and is probably more efficient than a homeade one.
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    May 12, 2006
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    Hope This Helps

    Grinder- thing that grinds up your herb (most actually tend to tear it apart) this means it burns more easily, its better than breaking up with yous fingers because you are not compressing it (and making it harder to burn completely) also you don't loose any THC (one of the chemicals in weed that gets you high) on you fingers.
    Most split into 2 halves, You puts his herb onto one half, puts back together and twists, or turns one half against the other. There are some electric battery operated ones on the market (2nd pic), where You just pulls a trigger
    Most are made of either plastic (1st pic), metal (4th pic), or wood (6th pic), some have a fine mesh leading to another compartment so that the Little sacks of THC (trichomes) will fall though, and collect (this dusty stuff can also be called keef, polm pollen hash etc)

    Keef- The small sacks (look like dust) that contain the chemicals that actually get You high, Keef is usually collected and burnt when trying to get especially high (its very potent)

    Keef box- Fine tobacco and cigars are kept in wooden humidity controlled boxes. Similar boxes can be bought to keep yous herb in, to be a keef box it will have a fine mesh screen false bottom leading to the real bottom or a draw, this means that any thrichomes that fall off will collect (Pic 3).

    Presser- Often known as a polm or pollen press. This is often a small tube with two stoppers that fit snuggly in the tube and meet in the middle. the keef dust is put into the tube and both stoppers put in, then caps are screwedover the stoppers, and tightening them forces the stoppers togeather compressing the Keef in the middle of them into a cake. this makes the keef easier to handle keep and use (pic 5).

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