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Nightspots drugs blitz

Discussion in 'Article Archive' started by jholmes800, Jan 8, 2007.

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    Oct 4, 2006
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    WARRNAMBOOL partygoers can expect more drug raids despite a police swoop on nightspots failing to produce any drug offenders.
    The Saturday morning blitz detected 11 patrons as having had contact with drugs but no charges have been laid.
    The operation involved 19 members - including Warrnambool police, the dog squad and the Victoria Police regional response unit from Geelong and Ballarat - who walked through venues looking for evidence of narcotic drug use.
    Senior Constable Gary Greene, of Warrnambool, said police used a passive alert detector dog to locate traces of drugs on people, their clothing and bags.
    ``We are really pleased (with the operation). It is the second operation we have done - we did one early last year targeting licensed premises people frequent,'' Senior Constable Greene said
    ``On Friday night police detected 11 people as having been in contact or in the vicinity of narcotics. Police spoke to them, (but) no one was arrested or charged. No one was in possession.''
    Senior Constable Greene said police were looking for ecstasy and cannabis.
    ``We want to send a message to people trafficking ecstasy or cannabis that if they continue this activity they will be caught and prosecuted.
    ``Police will continue to do random operations in the future to ensure venues are safe and drug-free.''
    Senior Constable Greene said the venues did not appear as busy as in previous weeks and random operations were ``hit or miss'' depending on the people inside the venue at the time of the operation.
    He said it was not necessarily disappointing that no charges were laid because police were sending a message that traffickers would be apprehended. The operation had the support of venue operators.