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Nixon recordings with realtion to cannabis.

Discussion in 'Cannabis' started by Trebor, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Trebor

    Trebor Palladium Member

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    Jun 5, 2006
    30 y/o from ireland

    I enjoyed listening and so should you. Although it's not as funny as his recordings about Watergate.

    A sample taken from http://www.hightimes.com

    President Nixon: What is your feeling about this damned report, this thing?

    John D. Ehrlichman: A lousy report.

    President Nixon: Can we give an inch on this?

    Ehrlichman: No, sir. No, sir. There is no place—

    President Nixon: How was he able to sell all that [inaudible].

    Ehrlichman: Well, I’ll never understand what went on in that commission,
    ‘cause this guy, for instance, from Rockford is a —

    President Nixon: John Howard [inaudible].

    Ehrlichman: —rock-ribbed conservative.

    President Nixon: Well, what do you think about legalizing the use and
    possession of marijuana?

    Ehrlichman: It’s a crazy rule. What they’ve done is they’ve come half way. It’s this, it’s like liquor. There would be no law against consuming liquor
    at home, but there’d be a law against selling it. Now how the hell can you
    make that work?

    President Nixon: Well, I made it clear enough to him that I don’t endorse

    Ehrlichman: He’s not [under] any illusions, … and I made it very clear to
    him before he came in here so that he’s not under [any] misapprehensions.